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The Race Is On(line)! How to Create a Winning Real Estate Lead Generation Strategy

By Matthew Bushery


Placester real estate lead generation online leads infographicLearning how to get real estate leads easily and inexpensively requires adoption of the inbound marketing methodology. No more are the days in which cold-calling is the primary (or even secondary or tertiary) means of generating home buyer and seller leads. Rather, to find modern real estate leads who are interested in purchasing or offloading homes in your market, you need to enter the online race to secure them.

Whether you choose the marathon method of earn new leads (consistent publication of search-optimized content on your website and elsewhere online to grow your digital presence), the full-speed-ahead approach (creation of pay per click ads to be posted on search engines and social media channels to get immediate traction back to your site), or a combination of the two (the most popular — and fruitful — real estate marketing strategy to implement), what’s important is designating the bulk of your marketing time, energy, and money to winning this digital race.

You’ll find proof that the internet is now the ultimate real estate lead generation source in the detailed infographic below, which includes the latest online lead data from Inman News, the National Association of Realtors, the Content Marketing Institute, and other esteemed organizations.

Placester real estate lead generation

Learning how to generate real estate leads means learning how to master and optimize the most beneficial lead generation sources, including email, social media, and, of course, your website — all of which you can discover how to use to the best of your abilities in this insightful Placester Academy post.

What real estate marketing strategies have you implemented to earn more leads? What specific tactics do you use to nurture them from top-of-the-funnel, semi-interested prospects to ready-to-buy-or-sell, bottom-of-the-funnel real estate leads? Share your lead gen best practices with us below!

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