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The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Industry Conferences and Events

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Industry Conferences and Events

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The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Industry Conferences and Events

Each year, there are countless real estate industry events that help real estate agents and brokers gain new insights, expand their expertise, and build their businesses. Some of these events attract just a few hundred real estate pros, while others bring together thousands of attendees.

If you’re on the lookout for some of the best ones to RSVP for, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the most revered industry events, conferences, and expos that can enhance your real estate marketing and sales efforts and expand your social network.

Inman Real Estate Connect

Next Occurrence: January 27-30, 2015, New York City

One of the most respected real estate news names out there, Inman is no stranger to the conference circuit. Its headlining event is Real Estate Connect, which brings together the best and brightest in the industry and those affiliated with it, including various marketing professionals. This year’s event, held in San Francisco, was a big success. Attendees heard from well over 100 speakers — mostly agents, brokers, evangelists, and executives — who provided words of wisdom on everything from website design and video marketing to the mobile movement and client satisfaction.

National Association of Realtors’ Conference and Expo

Next Occurrence: November 13-16, 2015, San Diego

National Association of Realtors Conference and Expo

Also known as the “If You’re a Realtor, This Is the Event of All Events to Attend” Conference and Expo, this event is a must for Realtors everywhere. Agents and brokers get to mingle with appraisers, auctioneers, property managers, and those in the commercial real estate space, providing them a chance to network with like-minded professionals and learn about new codes, rules, regulations, and laws that impact their bottom lines. Topics to be discussed at this year’s event include drone use in marketing, adapting to the modern real estate landscape, green housing, and global opportunities.

Reesio’s RealTech Conference

Next Occurrence: TBA

Reesio RealTech conference

Want to hear from some of the top tech and real estate minds out there on topics like the keys to branding in the digital age, how to leverage analytics in real estate marketing, and the future of consumer search? You’ll hear all about these matters, among other major trends and topics, at RealTech. Whether you’ve been in the real estate business for two years or 10, you’ll discover the latest tech tips and tricks that can take your agency or brokerage to the next level.

The Negotiation Institute’s Art of Negotiating Real Estate

Next Occurrence: TBA

The Negotiation Institute Art of the Negotiation

Though The Negotiation Institute offers its services to other industries in addition the real estate sector, its value proposition aids agents and brokers all the same — and its one-day conference proves just that.

“The currency of real networking is not greed, but generosity.”

Everyone involved in real estate can seemingly benefit from attending the event, which features top-performers in the residential and commercial arenas who relayed how fellow pros can gain “the edge” in their respective fields. If you’re looking to become the best in the business, register for this premier real estate function.

Real Estate & Technology Conversations (RETSO) Conference

Next Occurrence: TBA

RETSO conference

Real estate agents from all over the country trek to RETSO annually not only to explore the state of the industry from fellow colleagues and executives, but also to listen to actual buyers and sellers themselves, which certainly offers real estate pros a unique perspective on the sector. This year’s event focused on an array of subjects, including focusing on quality, real estate lead generation tactics, recruiting with purpose, and using data to drive your decision-making. At RETSO, you’re bound to find tips that’ll help your day-to-day and aid your long-term business plan.

Coldwell Banker’s Generation Blue Experience

Next Occurrence: TBA

Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Experience

The best of the best real estate agents pen this event in their schedules long in advance, as the event boasts a who’s who of the industry and a chance to network with every single one of these esteemed professionals. This year’s festivities will take place in Southern California (Coldwell Banker is certainly playing up the Hollywood theme well), and the focal points of the conference are taking shape. Expect to hear the most recent insights on talent attraction, business strategy, storytelling, and much more at the 2014 event.

Keller Williams’ Family Reunion

Next Occurrence: February 7-11, 2015, Orlando

Keller Williams Family Reunion

Okay, so this conference is certain to distinguish itself a fair amount from your own actual family reunions, but regardless, you’ll want to register for this event if you’re looking for a simultaneously informative and entertaining time. Thousands of agents and brokers venture to Family Reunion annually to experience a wide variety of speakers, including Gary Keller himself, along with discussions with fellow pros and even some musical acts. Equal parts enjoying and enlightening, this conference offers a broad range of information for agents and brokers to take in.

RE/MAX’s R4 Convention

Next Occurrence: March 2-5, 2015, Las Vegas

RE/MAX R4 Convention

From training sessions to charity events to an awards celebration to an auction, you may literally find it all at the R4 Convention. The multi-day event boasts a diverse agenda that affords attendees various choices of how to spend their time at the conference. Both a laid-back atmosphere and an educational environment can be found at the event annually. Case in point: This year featured a talk from author Simon Sinek, of TED Talks fame, who dispersed his vast business wisdom to the packed house.

Century 21’s Global Conference

Next Occurrence: February 22-25, 2015, Washington, D.C.

Century 21 Global Conference

Yet another top-notch conference that annually takes place in a great tourist destination. The 2015 iteration of this event will take place in Washington, D.C., meaning many of the country’s leading agents will be heading to the nation’s capital to converse, network, and learn about everything from new tools and apps to how to transform into a real estate sales superstar.

“Don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better.”

Wherever the Global Conference is being held, you can be sure you’ll hear from some of the most experienced real estate minds who can help you develop and advance your sales and marketing processes.

Xplode Conference

Next Occurrence: January 20, 2015, El Paso; February 2, 2015, Houston; March 19, 2015, Greensboro

Xplode Conference

There’s a reason technology is at the forefront of many of these conferences: That’s because without adopting new technology, like responsive real estate websites and the latest big social media strategies, agents’ businesses won’t reach desired levels of success. Come to one of Xplode’s numerous conferences held each year and you’ll come away with a new mindset regarding how to integrate tech into your real estate marketing. Members from some of the world’s top MLS sites and aggregators speak at Xplode events, meaning you’ll get plenty of new insights into the housing market and where it’s headed.


Next Occurrence: April, 26 2015, Nashville


No, REBarCamp events may not be as big as some of the aforementioned ones, but that doesn’t mean you won’t learn just as much by attending these user-generated events. REBarCamps are literally by the people, for the people and lead to plenty of conversations among real estate agents in every corner of the country. Who better to talk to than fellow real estate pros who deal with the same issues you do? Join in on one of several informal REBarCamps held annually to discover the keys to solving your real estate problems and help others with their dilemmas.

Hear It Direct

Next Occurrence: TBA

Hear It Direct

Another organization that holds countless events each year is Hear It Direct. The point of these mini-conferences, which take place at some of the larger events mentioned above, is to do just that: Hear directly from consumers, the heart and soul of your real estate business, to find out exactly what’s on their mind. Just by attending one of these events, you can determine what factors go into the modern buyer’s and seller’s decision-making. It’s this type of event that can dramatically shape (or reshape) your real estate marketing.

Make the most of your time at these events and others by checking out our infographic The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Money’s Worth from Conferences.

What real estate conferences or events are you looking forward to the most this and next year? Share which ones you’re excited about below!


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