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Twitterati Tracker: The Best Tweets from Real Estate Connect San Francisco


By Sandra Manzanares


Best Tweets from Inman Real Estate Connect SF

Below is a roundup of the best tweets from Real Estate Connect San Francisco. Want to join the conversation?

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Sounds lovely.

Time for some R&R.

The folks who made this week great.

Luxury chat.

Look for the right signals.

And the winner for best dressed is…

Say it isn’t so.

It’s a thing of beauty.

Nighttime escapades, ICSF style.

Find that special something. Then, communicate it.

Are your hands tired yet?

Tech is the talk of town.

Prioritize intelligently.

Help. Your. Client.

Networking in action.

Women, empowered.

Just do it.

Learning from the negatives.

Eager learners.

Remember why it’s called “social.”

If it isn’t photographed, it basically didn’t happen.

Busy bees at ICSF.

Some great reminders…

And we are all completely enchanted.

Bringing real estate to the beach.

The room is mixed on ‘Coming Soon.’

Wisdom from @susankfeldman.

Uber safely agents!

This seems to be a trend…

Full house.

Things are getting strange AND creative.

Smiles = $

@jaredsimon kicking things off day 2.

ICSF knows how to party.

Cue the “oohs” and “aahs.”

Who doesn’t love a little tech lesson in the morning?

No pain, no gain.

That skyline #wow.

Parties are in full swing.

ICSF attendees are on cloud nine.

Watercooler talk.



Call it educational comedy.

Whatever you have to do to stay warm.

The “Wizard of In.”

The talk (and the walk) is good company culture.

Sessions everywhere.

More #techtalk.

In this game, visuals are everything.

And the presentations play on.

A work of modern food art.

A collective head nod to @pistachio‘s presentation.

We’ll wait to hear the results on this one…

Because true power comes from grammatical flexibility.

The things @peteflint said (and didn’t say).

Sometimes you just gotta vent.

Some great energy around creating meaningful user experiences.

Inspiration comes in many forms.

So ‘uber’ is trending for more than one reason.

Isn’t it, though?

Hey, Mr. DJ

@ahellmanDC imparting wisdom.

Have you seen @seancarp‘s ‘grams?

Oh, how cruel!

Such wisdom. So close.

@bradinman bringing lots of great takeaways.

Everyone is mesmerized by the ICSF sign onstage.

Kicking things off right.

How about those lights?

What #conferencebuddies are for.


All in a day’s conferencing.

A foggy day in San Fran.


Morning real estate rituals.


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