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The Best Real Estate Marketing Plays from 2017

By Carolyn Berk



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2017 was an exciting year in real estate marketing, as real estate professionals far and wide grew their businesses with cutting-edge technology and digital know-how.

While there were plenty of digital marketing trends to keep track of, only a few have the potential to become a major part of real estate marketing in the future.

The following are the best real estate marketing plays from 2017, which are sure to remain a staple in 2018 and beyond.

1. Real estate marketing videos vault to new levels

In 2017, real estate marketing videos were captured by phones, drones, and everything in between! For real estate professionals looking to show off property listings in visually stunning ways, the sky was the limit.

Many agents literally took their videos to the next level by using drones in their property tour videos. Aerial views of properties and jaw-dropping landscape shots were a key aspect of some of the best real estate marketing videos in 2017; a go-to method for presenting and promoting unforgettable new listings.

The video above from Green & White Realty in Southeast Ohio immediately grabs viewers with aerial drone footage that provides a complete, 360-degree perspective of the entire property. By highlighting not just the home’s interior, but also its peaceful and secluded surroundings, this video communicates the many values of the property that need to be seen in order to be believed.

However, not all property videos need to employ dramatic and sophisticated filming technology. In fact, just about every real estate professional holds the key to stunning property videos right in their pockets.

Simply filming a property with your smartphone’s video capabilities can lead to an immersive virtual tour that makes viewers feel as if they’re exploring the listing right by your side.

This video from Marc of Distinction Homes in Washington, D.C. doesn’t use any tricks or flash to draw interested viewers. The property tour is simple, panning across rooms and giving viewers a thorough understanding of what this home is like. None of the shots featured here require anything more than a quality phone camera and a steady hand.

However, this video does go the extra mile towards the end when it shares views from the community. A nearby marina and golf course are strong selling points for home buyers who may be considering not just moving in to this property, but exploring the surrounding region as well.

2. 3D tours provide eye-popping property promotion

As if these property tour videos weren’t astounding enough, many real estate agents literally put prospective home buyers in the middle of the action by providing 3D home tours – either by investing in a camera like Matterport, or using a service like HomeJab or Circle Visions.

3D tours allow viewers to move through a home as if they are physically there. By providing a virtual realty experience, real estate professionals can communicate the true beauty and value of a property by showing, rather than telling.

3D home tours also help bridge the gap between a lead investigating a house online and in person. They are ideal for convincing relocation or luxury clients that THIS is the house for them.

While 3D tours are still a fairly new technology, they’re already booming in popularity and show no signs of going out of style in the years to come.

3d tour - best real estate plays 2017

The 3D tour of this Portland, OR home communicates the unique dimensions of the property better than any written description or image. Interested home buyers can get a clear idea of the flow of this distinct historical property, including its quirky layout and distinctly cozy rooms.

The staging and style also directly reflect the home’s description on the Inhabit Portland website. This consistency adds an extra layer of polish to the listing agent’s marketing approach.

3d property tour - best real estate plays 2017

This 3D property tour blows visitors away with a seamless, immersive experience that highlights JC Advantage’s expert staging skills. Because a 3D tour lets visitors get up close and personal with a property, they can see each room from many different angles.

This means that properties need to be clean, well lit, and thoughtfully decorated. Not-so-flattering elements, such as dents on the wall or dusty shelves, will be apparent to people taking a virtual tour of the home.

Remember: home buyers taking a 3D tour can be just as important as those visiting in person. If you want to harness the full value of a providing a 3D tour, first ensure that the ensure property is perfect down to the last detail.

3. Community pages find a home in real estate marketing

In 2017, showcasing surrounding communities wasn’t just an important part of property video tours. In fact, an increasing number of real estate professionals chose to share the experience of living in their neighborhood via community pages on their websites.

When home buyers search for a new property, they’re not just evaluating available homes. They’re also examining the surrounding community and deciding if it’s a community they’d like to be a part of.

Real estate agents and brokers are in the perfect position to provide insider information about a town through a community page dedicated to shedding light on what makes it so special.

community page bridle path - best real estate plays 2017

Bridle Path in Simi Valley, CA is quite the unique neighborhood (or as the many horses who also live there would call it, a NEIGH-borhood!)

This equestrian-loving community is described as a horse-lover’s paradise on realtor Lydia DeMent’s website. She wisely dedicates an entire page to sharing the special and unique qualities of Bridle Path, subtly nudging readers towards her services by sharing that she is also a horse enthusiast who understands the specific needs of her fellow equestrian home buyers.

Included at the bottom of the page are property listings in the area, providing a natural next step for website visitors who are exploring the area to determine if it’s where they should move.

community page portland - best real estate plays 2017

Paris Group Realty in Portland, OR also provides visitors with plenty of valuable community information. Their one-stop resource page provides links for everything future home buyers would ever want to know about living in Portland – from fun things to do in the area, to each neighborhood’s walk score, to tips for living an environmentally-friendly life in the city.

An informative community page deserves a “best real estate marketing” tactic badge because it’s the perfect approach for dominating local SEO. Doing so gives real estate agents a leg up on the competition, getting them directly in front of interested home buyers just as they start researching an area.

4. Social proof remains an invaluable aspect of real estate

It’s one thing to say you’re a great real estate professional. But it carries a whole new meaning when someone else says you’re great.

Rave ratings and reviews were more valuable than ever for real estate agents in 2017. No matter how good you are at writing about your skills and services, an actual client singing your praises will always resonate more strongly with leads.

That’s why an increasing number of real estate professionals have chosen to make glowing client reviews a major part of their real estate marketing. Providing this social proof to leads who are considering using your services is a major part of winning their business.

social proof slide show - best real estate plays 2017

As you can see in the example above, Park North Real Estate in San Francisco, CA makes social proof a centerpiece of its website home page. An animated slide show flips through reviews from several happy clients, providing website visitors with solid evidence that working with Park North is a smart move.

The company wisely features these positive reviews prominently, allowing their past clients to make the strongest argument for why website visitors should become clients themselves.

testimonial page - best real estate plays 2017

Banfe Real Estate in Palm Beach Gardens, FL dedicates an entire page on its website to sharing the praise of past clients. On this testimonial page, short and snappy quotes make it immediately clear to readers that the real estate agency is as good as they claim.

The site is cleverly designed so that a lead capture form is positioned alongside the social proof, making it extremely easy for convinced website visitors to get in touch after reading all the rave reviews.

5. Stunning websites add wow-worthy splash to real estate marketing

Providing leads with an extraordinary visual experience isn’t limited to home tours, of course. In 2017, some of the best real estate marketing came from agents who embraced the importance of eye-catching website design.

Your website is often the first place where new leads will learn about you and your real estate prowess, and home buyers and sellers tend to shop around online for agents, so providing an excellent first impression is key.

A well-designed website can help make you more memorable in the eyes of potential clients. If 2017 proved anything, it’s that real estate professionals can’t afford to represent themselves with anything less than a polished digital presence.

website design - best real estate plays 2017

The Robin Group in Mandeville, LA instantly captures the attention of its website visitors with a crisp, detailed image slideshow covering the entire width of the home page. The clear, unfussy design makes for an impactful experience, as online viewers are instantly transported into the opulent rooms of impressive properties.

As website visitors scroll through the page they also  encounter many navigational options that speak directly to their needs, such as helpful content about buying or selling a home, information about the region and its schools, and many options for getting in touch.

The design of this site instantly captivates visitors and puts them in the mindset of buying or selling a home.

site design - best real estate plays 2017

On the flip side, the The Alice Chin Team out of Naperville, IL uses its website homepage to instantly connect with potential clients by putting a team photo of friendly and experienced real estate experts front and center.

The site also gets right to the point with featured listings accessible right from the front page. Website visitors interested in buying a new home will have no problem navigating to exactly what they’re looking for – their dream home!

Are you ready to take your marketing strategy by storm in 2018?

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