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Optimizing Videos for Local SEO

By Molly Moriarity


Local SEO VideoVideo has become one of the most powerful tools available to business owners. Video adds more dimension and personality to visual listings and your brand, and the Internet public is hooked on videos. Statistics don’t lie: Making videos is another great way to build your reputation online, share your professional perspective and increase your search rankings and leads.

Why should a real estate professional care about video hits? Because real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without videos. For a local business trying to elbow into the market surrounded by giants of their industry, video production and optimization is vital to business growth.

Let’s start with a brief recap of video creation. Video content production teams can certainly amplify your brand image, but video doesn’t have to be beautifully edited by an expert team if the content is clear and easy to take in for the viewer. There are a few key points to remember for making a quality video for your brand that will be prime for optimization:

  • Plan your videos carefully and fill them with relevant and informative content. Use a script or talking points, focus on one main message per video, and edit down to the essentials.
  • Your audience needs to understand everything you say the first time you say it. Pay attention to how you enunciate words and don’t speak too quickly. If using music, make sure it’s enhancing to the content and not distracting or too loud.
  • Viewership decreases significantly after 4 to 5 minutes, according to Wistia’s Video Analyticsso try to keep it short and sweet.
  • Videos should be fun to watch. Leave a lasting impression of your business and also hook the viewer into wanting to know more.

How do you optimize your video? Use these tips as a guide to making your video easy to find and ready to reach the right eyes:

Use YouTube.

There are many reasons YouTube is the best place to host your video content online: Youtube is owned by Google, it’s the #2 search engine in the world, and it’s extremely reliable for streaming (essential in today’s short-attention-span market). Also, Google recognizes that videos are harder to create than just written content, so they weigh video differently when computing their web page rankings. Using this service ensures videos are seamlessly integrated and supported in their search results. If your business already exists in the Google places domain (check out your Google+ Pages, you should see your business there), you can easily interlink between these two Google technologies. Your YouTube home page allows you to customize and promote your business activity.

Local SEO Video

Geotag your video.

Geotagging associates your video with the GeoCoordinates of your business’s location. This is useful, as it helps search engines pick up your data on area searches that are most relevant to you.

Local SEO Video

“Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and effort.”

— Jeff Bullas

Leave your NAP information in the video’s description.

When someone performs a keyword search and arrives at your video, you want to make it easy for them to connect with you. It should be extremely easy for them to find your NAP: name, address and phone number. You don’t need to include every piece of your physical address info in every box; maybe insert the phone number in one location and then the address in another.

Local SEO Video

Use your NAP information within your actual video.

Your script can include a period where you say your name, address or phone number out loud in the video. The video scripting that Google creates of videos posted on YouTube (which contains your actual location information) will be useful in picking up on your business information.

Add your site’s link to the video in the description.

It may seem silly to repeat the link into the description when it’s readily available at the top of your page, but leaving it here will increase the likelihood viewers will visit your website. Many people won’t be bothered to take the extra step of copying and pasting the URL into a browser. Don’t lose their business after they see your awesome video; send them right there with an easily accessible link.

Local SEO Video

Pick a knockout title.

It’s the first thing your audience will see, so make it stand out. Entice the audience with something engaging, but also relevant to the video’s content. Some great examples of titling:

Using strong adjectives like “beautiful” or “breathtaking” to describe the addresses you’re planning to show in the video are helpful to pique customer’s interest. Virtual Innovative Design uses clear, imaginative language to draw their audience in.

If your videos have a stronger general background, it can be useful to try a catchy phrase or unexpected question to draw in your audience. Boutique Realty Group captures viewer attention with video titles like “Our Story” (see image above of their YouTube page). It’s mysterious and interesting, and it makes you wonder — what is their story? The subscribe link is present throughout the entire video, while a shot of their storefront, with all their contact information is displayed around 1:25.

You can also choose a traditional route, with a listing’s name, your business name, or location-specific terms.

Tag your video for keyword search optimization.

YouTube’s video manager page allows you to set keyword descriptions for your content (see #2 in image below). Using specific and relevant keywords (and possibly some of the YouTube-suggested terms) will offer outstanding results for how often your video is not only found in search results, but also how it is found by the right people and how it becomes associated with other related videos that appear in YouTube’s sidebar feed.

Local SEO Video

“Clarity trumps persuasion.”

— Dr. Flint McGlaughlin

Embed your video.

Once you’ve finished creating the video and saved it to your YouTube page, you can click on the video and select the “Share” button (see image below). This will allow you to take the embed code and plug it into your site’s HTML code. Having your video on an established landing page on your site enhances your SEO potential that it will come up in searches. Visitors to your site also will be accessing this new content and may be drawn to subscribe to your feed on YouTube.

Local SEO Video

Share your video on social platforms.

You’ve spent a significant amount of time creating and editing this video, so promote it! Share on all your social media outlets, and often. Be sure to use the social share links specific to each platform (provided in your video’s page) for best viewing. 

Here are some great examples of socially connected real estate videos:

Virtual Studio Innovations uses decorative language for their property video titles. Their high-quality videos exude luxury, which corresponds to the high-priced properties they help sell. There are not as many links within the videos (this video displays their website at 5:50). VSI’s YouTube page is visually appealing and draws you into viewing multiple locations just to see how beautiful they are.

The Boutique Real Estate Group has fully integrated social into their video stream on YouTube. This unique take on a promotional video draws a viewer’s attention quickly and sustains it for the short video duration. The subscribe link is present throughout the entire video, and all their contact information is displayed at the beginning (:04) and the end.


This video shares a local agent’s perspective. It details a great neighborhood that appeals to someone with a family. When introducing Richard Silver as the speaker (0:12), his agency is noted as well. This is another small but effective way to direct business to your site. He speaks clearly on the great school systems of the area, the positive shopping and transportation perks.

Above all, be creative, stay true to your brand image and make sure each piece of your optimization speaks directly to the purpose of your video content.

Have these tips helped you track improvements in your local SEO rankings? Let us know in the comments below! (We’d love to see your videos!)

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