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23 Types of Real Estate Videos Agents Should Create ASAP

By Matthew Bushery


Real estate videosThe real estate video marketing strategies that win new leads and clients are those that take advantage of the numerous varieties of video that exist. Listing videos remain the most popular video agents produce. Having said that, there are so many more genres of video you can create to make your audience more aware of your business and generate new leads — including the 23 listed below.

So, allocate some of your real estate video production time and effort toward creating some of these unique video types to add another layer to your online marketing presence.

1)  Listing Videos

As noted, listing videos are the reigning champ of real estate videos. Showing off the properties you represent in stylish fashion via video is an effective means of impressing top-of-the-funnel leads who are learning about the properties in your market, as well as moving middle- and bottom-of-the-funnel leads into telephone, email, and in-person meetings.

The great thing about listing videos is you don’t have to just put photos in a slideshow to showcase them anymore. The sheer number of new apps, cameras, filters, and devices that can help you film award-worthy clips is seemingly endless:

Moreover, while the legality remains murky for drones (or “unmanned aerial devices,” if you prefer) to capture listing video, agents nationwide continue to use these gadgets to get amazing aerial real estate video and images of the homes they represent. Whether you work in a beach town where you can capture beautiful shots of waterfront properties, a rural community with vast, open fields, or a suburban area with modern and attractive new-builds, drones offer a unique opportunity to obtain stellar footage.

2)  Interview Videos

Buyers and sellers you’ve worked with in the past, respected business people with popular ventures in your area, professionals working in other facets of real estate (e.g. mortgage lenders, architects, construction company executives) — these are just some of the many people you can interview. The one thing everyone you speak with for your real estate video marketing needs to have is relevancy: that is, whatever they plan to talk with you about has to be relevant to your audience.

In the above real estate video, Keller Williams Realtor Beverly Meaux interviewed some of her past clients to see what drove their decisions when finding the property that best fit their needs and the agent who could help them find that property. Notice how Meaux’s clients do the bulk of the talking and list the pros of working with her to complete their home purchase. Sometimes, the best promotion for your business is word of mouth — just be sure to catch those words on camera for your audience to see.

3)  Live-Stream Q&A Videos

As mentioned, live-streaming has caught on with agents and brokers around the country. With Periscope and Meerkat, arguably the two most popular live-streaming apps, all you need to do to allow your Twitter following to see you via your mobile device in real-time is click the broadcast button and voila: anyone with a link to your stream can join in and hear what you have to say and see what you want them to see.

A common use case for Periscope and Meerkat for the real estate community is to give live listing tours, though plenty of agents and brokers have leveraged the apps at industry conferences, local community events, and company outings. Think of what aspects of your business can and should be shared with your audience as they happen and you could have another means to create unique real estate agent videos.

Additionally, should you host the occasional webinars through software like GoToMeeting or apps like Google Hangouts that can be easily recorded and shared, you can transform what were initially live chats and advice-giving sessions into long-term videos you can use on your real estate YouTube channel. The more traction you get from past webinar recordings you share online, the more registrations you can get for future live editions.

4)  Blog Post Recap Videos

Turning one old piece of content into several new pieces of content is not only smart because it saves you from having to constantly create new work, but also because it can help you discover new audiences. When it comes to your blog posts, an ideal solution to double their impact is to transform them into short video rehashings of your written content.

If you crafted a post around the latest home design trends, for instance, creating a video that shows off the design news and updates you mention, along with images to explain in further detail what you’re talking about (popular paint colors for the year ahead, trendy decor for the living room, etc.), you can reach people who better absorb visual content than copy-oriented posts.

5)  Home Buyer/Seller Advice Videos

Direct, 2-minute recap videos that briefly explain the optimal means to save for a home purchase, ideal ways to research mortgage lenders, how to determine if it’s a seller’s market, and other similar topics for your YouTube channel can turn you into a reliable resource for buyers and sellers in your market. Look no further for a prime example than Tennessee real estate agent John Jones’ YouTube presence, including the above clip in which he offers insights for sellers on how to make the right home offer.

Sure, many of the buyer and seller tips-and-tricks video concepts you come up with may serve you best in written format on your real estate blog, but truncating these articles into digestible clips can also prove valuable for your niche audience. Think of it this way: Not all leads will have time to consume your blog posts, so offering the same advice by a different format can ensure you cover your digital bases, so to speak.

6)  Special Offer Videos

No, we don’t mean special offers in the sense of you have a gift card or cash prize you want to give your audience, but rather a unique piece of content they can download on your website or a limited-time free buyer or seller consultation offer — something your audience truly needs and that can make you stand out in your market.

Ideally, when you produce these kinds of videos, you’ll include a call to action (CTA) link within the video or in the email in which you promote the offer that leads your prospects right to your real estate website — specifically, to a dedicated landing page for the offer in question with a form they can fill out for the chance to “win.” The reason behind this is simple: to enhance your site’s lead generation capabilities.

7)  Local Business Review Videos

Think of the best stores and restaurants you patronize: Maybe there’s a bakery you enjoy buying croissants from, or perhaps you and your friends go golfing at a great par-3 course nearby. Whichever establishments you and those living in your market enjoy offer an ideal focus for your real estate marketing videos.

Yes, you don’t directly promote yourself with this video type — in fact, quite the opposite: You put another local business in the limelight. However, by highlighting local brands that provide valuable services and bring joy to residents in your market, you prove to those looking to purchase there that you are deeply embedded in your community and understand the places and people that make it worth moving to. As a bonus, you can get promotional love in return from the businesses you review, meaning you get some free word-of-mouth marketing, which agencies of any size can always use.

8)  “About Me”/Explainer Videos

The awesome thing about many of these videos is you can take the exact same copy you use from different aspects of your real estate agent website and use that as your script for your recordings. This one is an excellent example: Take what you wrote for your site’s about page and use the same copy, or modify it somewhat, to explain who you are, where you’re from, what certifications/designations you have, what your sales history is like, and any other professional and personal tidbits you want to share with your audience.

The Boutique Real Estate Group provides plenty of interesting and useful information on its team members, background, and mission in the video above, leaving no major details about the brand unspoken. This is the kind of social proof that shows there are real humans behind the agency — ones with great attention to detail and dedication to the job — and that can go a long way in resonating with buyers and sellers.

9)  Neighborhood/Community Videos

Real estate property videos are essential to show off every facet and corner of your clients’ homes. But one important factor practically every home buyer takes into strong consideration in their final purchasing decision is the neighborhood and community in which a listing resides.

Your listing could be the only one with an in-ground swimming pool, spacious patio, and large built-in playground in town, for example, but if prospective buyers — in this case, the target audience being growing families — can’t see what the neighboring homes look like or don’t know what local schools are like, then you may not entice them to see the residence in person.

The answer is simple: Dedicate a portion of your shooting schedule to exploring your market. Either hire a professional videographer (the optimal avenue to take) who can spend a few days capturing footage of notable businesses, parks, developments, and other facets of your market or get help from a friend, family member, or colleague to help you film these shots. Once you have them in hand, you can use them in every listing video you create and develop standalone videos to highlight the market as a whole.

10)  Case Study/Review Videos

Happy clients are invaluable because they can provide input regarding their satisfaction with your work on camera and persuade leads to sign on with you as well. Of course, you can’t force buyers and sellers you’ve worked with to do this, so have a plan of action in place at the end of every deal you close to request feedback from clients that you can use in your real estate marketing strategy — and specifically, for your video marketing efforts.

The key to getting buy-in from clients is to make the process of securing their commentary on your business as quick and simple as possible. Set up your lighting and camera wherever it best suits them to shoot (your office, their new home, etc.) and have questions ready to go so you don’t take up much of their time. Once you have what you need, you can put together videos featuring just those buyers or sellers and a clip featuring all of the feedback from clients who participated in your mini Q&A sessions.

11)  Brand Promotional Videos

High production values are a must with any real estate agent video you produce, but none more so than brand promotional videos. The reason is simple: This is the most versatile video you can use in your marketing plan. It can be the main clip that autoplays on your YouTube page, used during listing presentations, played at conferences to explain your business, and in numerous other capacities to spread awareness of your brand.

Another way this type of video separates itself from others listed here is that it should end up being one of your longer recordings, as you will want to relay every positive attribute about your company in the clip, including what makes your business special, how your firm is one of the best-performing ones in the area, and how you’re a fixture in your community — all of which can’t effectively be relayed in less than 4-5 minutes. RE/MAX Integra New England developed just such a video that elucidates everything anyone could want to know about the brand in a very engaging fashion.

12)  Client Process/Update Videos

Meant only for your clients to see, these videos swiftly explain the status of their home sale — including how many people you’ve gotten to attend open houses for it, the total number of private showings given, and what marketing activities you’ve put into place to promote it — and what specific listings you’ve found for buyer clients that feature all pertinent data points regarding the homes for sale, like sale price and how long each residence has been on the market.

You can certainly go with standard slideshow presentations and print materials to relay this information as well, but sometimes, the “wow” factor is needed to show how resolved you are to help your clients sell their homes quickly and for the right price.

13)  Whiteboard Videos

The premier example of this video type comes from expert marketer and Moz Founder Rand Fishkin, whose Whiteboard Friday series has become the ultimate explanatory resource for marketing pros everywhere, as it touches upon numerous intriguing and trending topics in the industry. You can emulate this format with ease, given all you need is a camera, whiteboard, marker, and topic of interest to your audience.

From the best times of year to list your home, to what goes into mortgage lenders’ interest rate offers, you can cover any and every housing-related subject that buyers and sellers in your market are dying to know about. Just use your real estate content marketing editorial calendar to find what topics you’ve written about for your blog in the past that have performed well, and boom — you have your source material for these videos ready to go.

14)  “How-to” Videos

Don’t have a whiteboard at your disposal? Not a problem: You can still share your wisdom with leads in other ways, one of the more popular of which is to record your “how-to” tips and tricks and then put together informative slides after the fact that relay the high-level talking points you made.

Searches for “how-to” content on YouTube have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, so by simply titling your real estate videos with this moniker, you enhance your chances of being one of the top-clicked videos for your niche topics — just make sure the ones you cover don’t have lots of competition in your market.

15)  Housing Market Update Videos

Chances are your real estate leads and clients don’t keep up with the latest news regarding the local housing market, like new-home construction and recent sales data. So, do the dirty work for them by regularly compiling housing data from the area (this could be for your town, the entire county it resides in, or even on a statewide level) and repurpose it into educational videos.

If you’ve ever created a PowerPoint presentation or SlideShare then you know the easiest way to gather and showcase data from your area in a concise, easy-to-digest format. All you need to do is add those slides to video editing software, add in a CTA for your niche audience, and upload it to your website and YouTube channel and you’ve added another piece of marketing collateral with practically no extra effort required.

16)  List-Based Videos

Listicle posts remain one of the most popular content types professionals and brands in just about any industry can produce. People just love to read about things in list form, particularly when people, places, or things are ranked in some fashion (see: every BuzzFeed post ever published). While this makes it obvious you should write list-based posts for your blog, don’t forget the power this bite-sized content can have on your YouTube channel.

Think of it this way: Just as your audience enjoys consuming posts about the “27 Ways to Get More Offers for Your Listing” and “35 Tactics That Can Improve Your Credit Score Before Buying,” transform this written content into videos that relay the same message but in a more visual manner — one that’s proven to resonate more with consumers than any other content type.

17)  Team/Office Culture Videos

You might not think local home buyers and sellers would be interested in seeing the day-to-day life at your firm’s office, but you’d be surprised what can help demonstrate the competence, character, and charisma of those working at your company. No, we don’t mean for you to show water-cooler talk in the kitchen or strategy sessions for new leads. Instead, plan scenes in which you and your colleagues/employees are shown talking with clients, pitching prospects, and conducting online marketing activities — in other words, the things buyers and sellers want to see from firms who could represent them.

Moreover, agents looking to make a move to a new real estate brand can look at these videos as a peek at what it’s like to work at your business and get a glimpse of how agents perform at the agency, meaning you have yet another recruitment tool in your arsenal. Take a look at the Boston Connect Real Estate video above as a superb example of a video that appeals to both prospective hires and clients.

18)  Humorous/Themed Videos

A good sense of humor can not only help you in your recruiting efforts for new hires and with potential clients, but also in telling the story of your brand. Whether you decide to capitalize on the latest memes to take over the internet or have an original idea you want to move forward with, script, film, edit, and share it with your audience — just be sure it doesn’t offend or embarrass anyone, and positions your agency in a positive light.

Even holiday- or event-themed real estate videos can humanize and personalize your brand. Halloween affords you and your team the chance to dress up and make (relative) fools of yourselves, while the Super Bowl gives you the opportunity to showcase your fandom for your area’s pro team. Take a look at event calendars online, like this one, to see which happenings and holidays you can take advantage of with your video efforts and plan your footage accordingly.

19)  Year-in-Review Videos

Show how well your year went. Share stats like how many deals you closed during the year and the total earnings for your agency, then show images and clips of your clients in their new homes or in front of their “sold” signs.

In the clip above, the Outer Banks Resort Realty team in North Carolina celebrated its 12 months of success in 2013 by offering highlights from the year, including noteworthy properties they sold and leased, its new real estate website, new members who joined the firm, and its merger with another company. No dialogue is necessary for these quick-hit recordings: Just make them visually appealing and informative and you have new collateral to share with your email lists and YouTube subscribers at the end of every calendar year.

20)  Event Videos

Heading to one of the many great real estate conferences that take place each year around the country? Maybe you have a local market meetup coming up that you plan to speak at? Whatever events you plan on attending, just know these gatherings are perfect opportunities to record and incorporate into your video-for-real-estate strategy.

If you will hit the stage and offer your unique insights and advice to an audience, set up your smartphone or tablet on a tripod and record your session or, if you have the fiscal wherewithal, buy or rent a professional camera to capture your engagement. Even if you don’t plan on speaking at an event, you can still film others and curate their thoughts and opinions into videos of your own.

21)  Thought Leadership Videos

When planning marketing strategies using video, real estate agents tend to solely focus on branding their business. This is the right move as it pertains to most of the footage they shoot and share online. But some agents want to become well-known as great business minds nationally and not just great agents locally. If you fall into the former category, this is the video type for you.

Think about what you want to be known for in terms of thought leadership — for example, some real estate entrepreneurs, like Barbara Corcoran, became thought leaders for their business acumen and risk-taking — and then develop specific content ideas that can position you as one of the most knowledgeable people about the topic.

A word to the wise, though: Becoming a thought leader never happens overnight, so view creating these videos as one branch on the giant tree of marketing activities you need to perform.

22)  Listing Presentation Videos

It’s important to understand these videos should act as supporting collateral for your actual listing presentation, not as a replacement for it (after all, it would be kind of weird to show a prospective client a video and then not say a single word after, right?). In just 150 seconds, California-based Realtors Mike and Robyn Zingg were able to succinctly (and humorously) explain their value proposition, including what clients can expect them to do in terms of real estate marketing ideas they have for promoting their homes for sale.

It’s completely understandable if you don’t want a superhero-themed listing presentation video, but you have to admit, this clip is clever and is certainly an attention-grabber — something that can separate you from the crowded pack of agents pitching the same leads.

23)  /Instagram Videos

Okay, these don’t really align with the other types of real estate videos mentioned, as these are medium-based videos, but these are important to take advantage of nonetheless. The limitations in terms of the maximum amount of time you can record footage via these popular apps is why many professionals steer clear of them altogether. That’s mostly because they assume every marketing activity has to have a significant, tangible ROI, and when it comes to 6- and 15-second videos, that’s clearly not going to earn you new leads in and of themselves. But that’s not how you should view these resources.

Rather, they should be used as a supporting brand awareness channel — another outlet to exhibit your listings, provide super-quick tips, and just show off your personality. The next time you’re checking in on a home for sale you represent, for example, shoot short clips of the different areas of the home and edit them into one cohesive video. It’s this kind of attention to detail and thoroughness with elevate your real estate video marketing metrics and earn your brand bonus attention, in a manner of speaking.

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