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The Guide to Earning New Business with Your Real Estate Video Marketing [Ebook]

By Matthew Bushery


Placester real estate video marketing ebookYou don’t have to be an expert with video production to create stellar real estate video marketing collateral for your website visitors, social media fans, and — most importantly — leads. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or easy-to-use camera and some knowledge of what your niche audience wants to learn.

Given there are many types of real estate videos you can produce, it’s more than understandable to be hesitant with starting your video creation. With our guide for agents, though, you’ll discover 12 top videos you ought to develop for your core demographic — and just how easy they are to shoot, edit, publish, and promote.

Download our “12 Essential Real Estate Videos for Your Online Marketing” ebook today to further improve your lead generation and nurturing goals, and continue below to learn how videos can help you close more deals with your top prospects.

Placester real estate video marketing ebook

Videos in lead nurturing emails lead to high open and click-through rates … so be sure to add yours!

Add a video preview to an email sent to your top prospects (a.k.a. those you’ve nurtured all the way down to the bottom of your marketing funnel), and the odds of them opening and clicking links within the email are high. In fact, 55% of brands said video in their emails increased their click-through rates, while 44% said video led recipients to view their emails longer.

Simply put, adding a listing, neighborhood tour, recorded live-stream, or some other popular video to your emails is highly beneficial for your marketing.

Test out different kinds of emails to feature in your drip and manual emails to home buyer and seller leads. Examine the data for each send and determine which ones tend to help you get more email engagement (and which ones don’t), so you can gradually modify your video-in-email strategy over time.

Live streams — when promoted heavily in advance — offer an offer an opportunity to engage.

The primary reason brands love using live-streaming video to generate and nurture leads? Because it allows them to engage much more authentically with their audiences than most other online marketing efforts. Add in the facts that live streams can be recorded (meaning they can be used over and over again after the initial stream) and humanize brands and the people who work there, and you have more than enough reasons to use the modern marketing method for your agency today.

Think of the types of information your website visitors and existing leads regularly crave regarding their search: the right listings to check out, agents to research further, and communities in which to potentially buy, etc. Use those details to build your live-streaming strategy.

For instance, if you find many of your site visitors favorite the same unique listing you represent (maybe a very old and historic residence in your market), conduct a live-stream tour of the property. Just be sure to promote any live streams like this one a) well before you conduct it and b) across your entire digital presence (mostly your website, social media accounts, and email campaigns) to ensure you get a hefty-sized audience to view them.

Share all of your real estate videos on your website, YouTube channel, and social media accounts.

Facebook has certainly proved worthwhile for marketers to share their brand videos — everything from instructional how-to clips to brand explainers — but it’s vital to share your videos on just about every online channel, outlet, and platform on which you have a strong presence.

Start with your IDX real estate website. Add relevant videos to related blog posts. For example, embed a video that showcases the top 10 homes for sale in your market during a given month with an article that highlights the state of the local housing market during that same month).

Once your site is set up for video success, turn to YouTube. If you don’t have a YouTube channel for your agency, it’s time to set one up so you can share all of your pertinent videos. The great thing about the popular video-sharing service owned by Google is you can enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy just by adding all relevant details to each video.

Optimizing your YouTube channel for SEO is very similar to doing so for your IDX site: identify the best long-tail keywords searched by buyers looking at your market and sellers looking for agents in your market, then add those terms and phrases to the most applicable pages on your site and track their performance. Keywords, titles, and meta tags that help attract new viewers for your videos ought to remain that way. Ones that don’t work as well should be modified with better terms so you can increasingly get in front of the right audience.

Start (or revamp) your real estate video marketing strategy by downloading our free ebook for agents and brokers today!

What kinds of videos help you generate the best real estate leads and nurture your premier prospects? Share your video tips with us below!

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