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The Four Big Benefits of Drip Real Estate Emails for Your Marketing

By Elizabeth Christensen


real-estate-emails-drip-marketing-campaigns-benefitsEmail is the ideal way to communicate with your prospects for a number of reasons.

For one, most consumers prefer to receive information from companies they plan to purchase from in their inboxes: Data from DMA shows nearly 50% of consumers want to receive promotional emails at least once a week.

Secondly, as a real estate agent, you need to connect with a lot of people on a daily and weekly basis, so you need to stay organized. Thanks to drip email automation capabilities offered by CRMs, you can schedule your messages to many potential clients all at once, which can help you be more productive.

For examples of the best messages to send to every type of lead, plus advice on how to get started creating your own drip email campaigns, download Placester’s guide, “Drip Email Templates: A Visual Guide to Enhance Your Real Estate Email Marketing” now.

For quick advice on how you can enhance your email strategy, continue reading for tips and tricks.

Why drip emails are important for you as a real estate agent

You already know email is a dynamic, speedy way to communicate with your prospects. But drip email campaigns are also time-saving, systematic, and organized, all thanks to automation. Experimenting with email drips if you haven’t before will allow you to prioritize lead nurture without it eating up a huge chunk of your time, so you’re able to focus your energy on other tasks.

There are many positives to email marketing. So many that an entirely separate post could be written on just that topic, but for now we’ll focus on the top four benefits for both real estate agents and their prospects.

Staying Top of Mind. 

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes for a moment. They’re likely searching for homes online and thinking about the logistics of moving, not to mention juggling the stresses of daily life, just like you are. If you’re able to send a virtual nudge straight to their inbox reminding them that you’re available to answer any of their questions or provide help, not only will it be much appreciated and speak to your attentiveness, you’ll be remembered when it comes time for your real estate leads to actually select an agent to represent them.

Checking in with your leads, especially with personalized messages, is so effective because it makes your prospects feel valued.   

Consistently communicate.

It can take more than 13 touches before a lead converts into a customer, which means it’s important to create a number of opportunities to nurture each of your leads. Staying in contact with prospects you hope will eventually convert into clients is a huge part of your business, if not the most essential part.

Remember, when a lead is just beginning the buying or selling process, you’re competing with other agents for their time. By putting in the effort to automate check-in emails, you remain a valuable and reliable source of information to your prospects.

Create and share great content.

Email messages are only as good as the content they contain. One of the great things about real estate emails though, is the variety they offer agents who have prospects with different needs and wants, at every stage of the sales cycle.

For example, within one drip campaign targeted toward your top of the funnel buyer leads, you can send along a series of brand explainer videos that give an overview of your business, and what’s valuable to you as an agent. Within another designed for middle of the funnel seller leads, you can include a home valuation guide that lets your prospects compare the value of their home relative to others in the neighborhood.

No matter how you choose to structure your drip email campaigns and schedule your sends, you can use your messages to experiment with the types and amounts of content you share with your prospects to educate and inform them.

Higher Conversions.

There isn’t a more powerful channel for conversions than email. For one thing, emails can easily be tracked and measured, and they’re dynamic. 

If you’ve set up and executed a successful drip email campaign that provides your most qualified leads with targeted content to encourage them to make a decision, you’ll see higher lead to client conversions overall. Be sure to personalize messages to your leads and segment your contact lists to provide the most relevant content to specific groups of people.

Want to learn more about creating real estate email campaigns? Be sure to download Placester’s guide “Drip Email Templates: A Visual Guide to Enhance Your Real Estate Email Marketing” to get started with your own messages! 


Do you have a favorite way of engaging your leads with email? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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