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Top 10 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Top 10 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

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Top 10 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Top 10 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies:

Best for First-Try: Zbuyer

Best for Quality Buyer Leads: Zillow Premier Agent

Best CRM: Market Leader

Best Conversion Rate: Zurple

Best for Time Saving: Connection Plus by Realtor

Best for Seller Leads: RedX

Best for PPC: Lyfe Marketing

Best for Hyperlocal Agents: CINC

Best for FSBO and Expired Listings: Offrs

Best for Inheritance / Pre-Probate Leads: USLeadList

Lead generation is the core activity of any profitable business. Generating qualified leads puts the whole conversion machinery in motion, resulting in more closed deals and successful relationships. Real estate agents and brokers cooperate with lead generation companies that can connect them with potential customers and help them convert into clients.

With so many lead generation companies to choose from it can be tough to decide which is right for your business, especially if you don't know what you're looking for exactly. For that reason, we have put together a list of 10 real estate lead generation companies you should take into consideration.

What Real Estate Company generates the most leads?

Different lead generation companies focus on different types of leads. You should choose a company that provides the type of leads that best suits your business goals. See the list below.

Best Lead Gen Companies

Best for First-Try: Zbuyer

If you’re not sure whether or not you want to work with a lead generation company and are reluctant to sign for a long time commitment, Zbuyer is a go-to solution.

Unlike many other real estate lead generation companies, Zbuyer works on a month-to-month contract that you won’t have to extend if you are not satisfied.

That’s not the only advantage that this marketing platform for real estate professionals has to offer. Zbuyer provides real-time leads at affordable prices which you can purchase immediately after they are captured.

However, Zbuyer does not provide exclusive leads, which means that many agents will get the same leads as you at the same time.

Best for Quality Buyer Leads: Zillow Premier Agent

As the biggest real estate marketplace, Zillow needs no introduction. As a platform, it is widely used by potential homebuyers who willingly leave their marketing information there and that’s what makes Zillow Premier Agent leads high quality.

Zillow Premier Agent leads are not exclusive - they can be reached by multiple agents. However, ZPA facilitates connection between the homebuyer and the real estate agent by displaying the agent's direct contact information which can bring you more exposure to potential customers.

Best CRM: Market Leader

Market Leader offers a guaranteed quantity of exclusive real estate buyer and seller leads from your desired areas monthly, powered with marketing automation and an advanced CRM that will help you organize and nurture your leadbase.

There are three plans to choose from, which makes Market Leader a suitable solution for individual agents, teams and brokers. One of its biggest advantages is a customizable CRM with advanced filters that lets you contact leads smoothly and easily. You can also connect the Market Leader CRM with your MLS and send out listing information automatically.

Market Leader pricing is not disclosed as it is set individually with every customer according to their business needs. 

The company has been appreciated by its clients for the support they offer in their plans. You can benefit from real estate training guides, live chats with experts and a knowledge base.

Best Conversion Rate: Zurple

Zurple’s end to end software goes beyond standard lead generation as it markets itself as a client generating platform and offers advanced lead nurturing features that power conversions.

The software provides agents with an extensive analysis of lead behavior including their location and the types of properties they’re interested in to ensure a relevant follow-up. 

Based on its patented algorithm, Zurple will notify you whenever the lead is more likely to be a real home buyer in the future based on their behavior and search behavior correlated with buying a home.

Zurple’s marketing automation ensures personalized follow ups to your leads that are sent for you. The messages reference specific preferences displayed by the lead, which has proved to be an effective strategy in building trust and conversions.

Best for Time-Saving: Connection Plus by Realtor

Connection Plus is an all-in-one system that connects real estate agents and teams with buyers and provides agents with an automated text and emails system that ensures a speedy followup with the lead. The system allows you to create personalized follow up messages or use smart suggestions that guarantee relevancy.

Connection Plus provides  full lead  information that includes a consumer profile, properties of interest, search history and even their social media profiles. It’s easy-to-navigate dashboard helps agents organize their tasks and leads and keep track of the ongoing transactions.

All of that is available on mobile devices as well which means you can nurture your leads anytime and anywhere.

Best for Seller Leads: RedX

RedX is a software company that connects real estate agents with homeowners who are actively looking to sell. They offer five different plans for realtors:

  • Expireds - provides addresses and phone numbers of expired leads. The plans comes in two versions: Expired ($59.99/month) and Expired PLUS ($118.98/month), with additional features such as Market Trend Data, Homeowner Financial Insight, Home & Building Specification and Lifestyle Insight
  • GeoLeads - allows you to target any neighborhood and personalize your search so that it is optimized for your business needs. Standard GeoLeads plan ($59.99) will provide you with up to 2500 leads per month. GeoLeads PLUS ($119.98) will give you up to 7500 connections monthly and additional features.
  • FSBO Leads - this plan guarantees daily delivery of accurate FSBO leads. Choosing the standard plan ($39.99/month), you will be provided with the leads phone mobile number that are cross-checked against DNC, while the FSBO Leads PLUS plan ($59.98/month) will also provide you with the leads’ email addresses. 
  • FRBOs Leads - provides you with vacant properties’ landlords and investors who are likely to sell. FRBO Lead ($59,99/month) will provide you with accurate leads’ mobile numbers, while FRBO Lead PLUS ($79,98/month) will also give you their email addresses and provide you with additional tools.
  • Pre-Foreclosure Leads - This plan allows you to reach distressed homeowners who are highly motivated to sell their properties. It comes in two versions: standard ($39,99/month) and Pre-Foreclosure PLUS ($79.98/month) that will provide you with the lead’s e-mail address and additional tools.

Best for PPC: Lyfe Marketing

PPC (pay-per-click) is a digital advertising method where advertisers pay a fee to the publisher every time their ad is clicked on. PPC ads are designed at driving traffic, lead generation as well as enhancing visibility and strengthening brand awareness.

Lyfe Marketing specializes in Google and social media complex PPC advertising for real estate professionals, offering four different plans starting from $500 a month. Their services include Google Search Network, Google Display, Ad Creation & Development, Account Management, Video Ads, as well as Geotargeting and Local Exclusions which are crucial for realtors’ successful marketing campaigns.

Apart from extensive service offer, Lyfe Marketing provides realtors with consultations with experts and multiple add-ons, including photography, video production and graphic design.

Best for Hyperlocal Agents: CINC

If you’re a hyperlocal agent, CINC will help you target submarkets such as neighborhoods, school districts, high schools, geographical landmarks, cultural touchstones, golf courses, streets, and zip codes through Google Ads at a relatively low price.

Apart from providing you with the leads you want, CINC all-in-one-platform will help you organize data and nurture conversions. With four available subscription plans, the solution fits both individual agents and multi-local teams of more than fifty members.

Best for FSBO and Expired Listings: Offrs

Offrs is the best solution for agents who want to target FSBO and Expired Listings market. It provides realtors with 30 exclusive FSBO and expired listings leads per month that have a high likelihood of hiring an agent.

Offrs uses Predictive Analytics to assess the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data with a high accuracy rate (72%) and it provides verified data from multiple sources

However, this solution will probably not satisfy agents and brokers who would like to have an all-in-one platform subscription that will help them organize their leads and nurture them through marketing automation - Offrs has no CRM or any other follow-up marketing tools.

Best for Inheritance / Pre-Probate Leads: USLeadList

USLeadList is one of the biggest and reliable pre-probate leads providers, whose lists are known for accuracy and very high quality.

Why is that?

USLeadList creates their lists on their own. Before a list of pre-probate leads with the property address, mailing address, owner information and property details is sent to an agent, it is meticulously cross-checked for its relevance and against past lists, ensuring leads’ high quality and accuracy.

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What is the cost of a lead from a Real Estate Lead Generation Company?

The cost of a lead in the real estate industry ranges between $40 and $200.

The price depends on the lead type and classification, the information that you are getting (whether it's only a mobile number or a full prospect profile) and lead exclusivity (some companies provide realtors with exclusive leads which means that they are the only ones who get the lead, others offer non-exclusive leads which are cheaper but there is a lower chance of convertion).

Is it worth it to work with a Real Estate Lead Generation Company?

Absolutely yes.

Working with a lead generation company will save you time and energy that you can use elsewhere to grow your real estate business.

A good lead generation company will provide you with qualified leads that are ready and willing to purchase a property now or in the near future. Lead generation companies also have access to current market trends, as well as up-to-date information about properties for sale, which can give you an advantage when it comes to staying ahead of the competition.

Additionally, they will often have a database that can provide you with leads in specific areas or even neighborhoods, which can help you find potential clients who are looking for properties in those locations.

How do Real Estate Lead Generation Companies collect their leads?

Lead generation companies have various ways of collecting real estate leads that are later provided to agents. Some of them (like Zillow Premier Agents) use their own databases, other use various external sources.

There are lead generation companies that focus on PPC lead generation - in this case, they will use Google Ads and Facebook to capture new leads and generate traffic to your website.

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