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5 Real Estate Agents Nailing YouTube Marketing

By Matthew Bushery


Real Estate Agents Nailing YouTube MarketingYou’ve started publishing lots of great blog posts, trend articles and evergreen content regularly. You’ve beginning to master your social media marketing by staying activity engaged with followers. But have you tackled video marketing for real estate?

Though the aforementioned marketing techniques are assured to make your online presence well-known, video marketing is yet another avenue you’ll want to take a stroll down.

There’s a reason that, with each passing year, more and more marketers utilize YouTube to market their brands: More than 50% of prospective home buyers use YouTube as their primary video research. This means that if you’re not showing off your IDX listings, providing digital property tours or offering other valuable information for this audience, you could be missing out on a massive business opportunity.

To give you the sense of what you can accomplish when creating real estate YouTube videos (for instance, using videos to bolster your brand), take a peek at these five real estate agents below who have definitely mastered their video marketing skills on the user-generated site.

5 Real Estate Agents on Top of Their YouTube Marketing Game

1) Mario Jannatpour

“Honest Real Estate Agent” provides life and work tips. Talk about dedication. Mario here has been developing real estate YouTube videos for nearly five years, meaning he invested a little time and effort in the video site’s infancy (before it blew up and was later bought by Google) to see if it was worthwhile to post to the site.

His patience and effort were certainly rewarded, given YouTube’s substantial user base, including consumers on the hunt for new homes and agents searching for ways to become better at their jobs.

While the frequency of his videos may no longer be what it used to, Mario has clearly made a name for himself with his channel, and it seems that success has led to a book that he wisely promotes in his YouTube profile, along with links to his website and blog.

VIDEO TIP: If reputation management is something you want to focus on, then you’d be wise to start a YouTube channel today. Mario is proof you build a strong brand with semi-regular videos featuring worthwhile content for your audience (though it doesn’t hurt to brand yourself as the “honest real estate agent” either).

2) Kevin Ward

Confident training coach expertly relays agent tips. In addition to be a longtime and well-respected agent and broker, Kevin is also a revered real estate coach and speaker who offers up an array of training to real estate professionals looking to better their skills.

What better way for an industry thought leader like Ward to share his brand of expertise than with short-form videos his audience can access with ease?

Not only is Kevin clearly knowledgeable about the real estate market and how agents and brokers think (see: “When and How to Leave A Message when Prospecting or Following Up”), but he’s also adept at giving agents positive reinforcement and confidence with his broader life advice (e.g. “How to Go From Mediocrity to Opportunity,” “Your Dreams and Your Success”). This mix of content widens Ward’s audience and gives him more visibility on YouTube — not the easiest feat to achieve.

VIDEO TIP: Before getting started with video production, closely analyze what kinds of content your audience wants, whether it’s tips for fellow agents and brokers or the ins and outs of purchasing homes for sale for buyers. Then, determine the details: how long your videos should be, how to best communicate your message, etc. Ward clearly takes the time to figure out his messaging, which is why his videos resonate with so many viewers.

“Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.”

— Seth Godin

3) Jessica Riffle Edwards

On-the-go Realtor makes time for unique videos. Think you need to rent out studio space or hire lighting and boom mic assistants to create interesting videos? Think again. Take North Carolina Realtor Jessica Riffle Edwards, for example.

Though she has some real estate videos on her YouTube page in which she clearly sets a more elaborate scene, a great deal of her published content is simply her speaking into a tiny camera while she’s in her car (presumably coming to and from open houses and client meetings). Her videos are quick, simple and to-the-point, while showcasing her personality.

VIDEO TIP: When making videos, remember to relax! You don’t need to be stiff as a board to be authoritative. Have fun, show off your personality, and even infuse some humor where you can. People want to see authenticity when watching advice/thought leadership videos, so make sure to loosen up before hitting record.

4) Greg Harrelson

Visuals aid this informative agent’s profile. In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, agent Greg Harrelson is focused on using his YouTube profile to provide training, tips and tricks for agents and buyers. But what separates him from others who create these types of videos is his use of visuals.

While he may not have unique graphics pop up on-screen to help get his points across, he does make use of a simple but effective tool any agent or broker can use in video marketing: a whiteboard. All it takes is an idea, a marker and a blank canvas to clearly tell a story or offer some advice to your audience.

VIDEO TIP: Look into what kinds of visuals can help you best communicate your messages via YouTube videos. This could mean slides that you speak over, graphics that pop up over the course of your video or simply handwritten messages, like Greg’s whiteboard. Video marketing allows for the artist to come out of you, so use your creative side to jazz up your video as much as possible (without going over budget, of course).

5) Goodlife Realty

Teamwork leads to high-quality content. Okay, we’re cheating a bit with this one since it’s more than one agent helping to put together the videos for this channel, but that’s exactly why we’re including them.

The Goodlife Team definitely seem to have a lot of camaraderie with one another, which tells us they’re in the real estate business together, as opposed to working separately.

So here’s a message specifically for brokers: Unite your teams. Get them working together. Have everyone at your firm partake in the YouTube channel. Think of it this way: The more capable agents you show to prospective buyers, the better your chances could be at landing their business.

VIDEO TIP: Got a great team working alongside you? Round up everyone to help create one unified YouTube channel on which you and your colleagues can take on different messaging in videos. Determine what each agent enjoys discussing and is most passionate about regarding real estate, and start developing great content ideas.

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