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Real Estate Social Network: 20 Useful Social Media Groups in 2024

Real Estate Social Network: 20 Useful Social Media Groups in 2024

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Real Estate Social Network: 20 Useful Social Media Groups in 2024

Social media and real estate have gone together like two great tastes since the advent of social media. If you’re new to a social media platform (or to real estate), it can even feel overwhelming. But there’s no need to be intimidated; the whole point is to learn. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help both new and seasoned agents.

Social network for real estate agents

These are networks or accounts that are created and crafted to help real estate agents with different aspects of their jobs. Some specialize in marketing tips, others are for referrals, and others are to help you troubleshoot tech issues.  There are many reasons to join a real estate social network; the best one to join depends on your goals and what you’re hoping to improve right now. There are three main social networks where you’ll want to consider establishing a presence as a real estate agent: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Facebook - As one of the oldest and broadest social networks, Facebook is a must-have for agents.

LinkedIn - LinkedIn is more buttoned-up and business-like than the other social networks, and that’s a good thing for agents who want to meet other professionals! That’s the LinkedIn superpower.

Instagram - As a platform largely focused on gorgeous images, Instagram and real estate were made for each other. Start your own account to post listing photos and “day in the life” information about yourself

Real estate social media networking

The ideal place to network with these individuals is through online communities - known also as social media groups.

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Real estate social media groups

Take a look at the educational and engaging real estate social media groups below to join the conversation and grow your network. When visiting these boards, though, consider the following:

  1. Unfortunately, there will be the inevitable spam posts in many of these groups (why agents post local listings to communities dedicated to conversations about the industry and their careers we’ll never know, but it happens often).
  2. Open real estate social media groups are open to everyone, while private and closed groups on social networks can only be joined by requesting an invite from an administrator or group member.
  3. And remember: While these online communities are a great place to gain new real estate agent knowledge and connect with like-minded pros nationwide, they’re also an ideal place to identify locals working in your market and with your niche audience.

Real estate Facebook groups

Here are the top Facebook groups that agents might consider joining.

National Association of Realtors

The official Facebook group for members of the National Association of REALTORS® and association executives. It’s managed by NAR staff and has 23.3K members. Ask questions, network, get recommendations for products, and more.

Lab Coat Agents

With the tagline “explore the science of real estate,” there’s a reason why Lab Coat Agents is one of the most popular groups for real estate agents to join, with almost 150K members. You can dial in your lead generation efforts, learn about different technology tools that might be useful, get optimization tips from other members, and much more. 

Raise the Bar in Real Estate

This group was formed to discuss professionalism in real estate and issues that affect the standards of service. It has 22.6K members.

Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents 

With a small but mighty member count of 16.4K users, this group is specifically for questions about Facebook, WordPress, Google, and any mobile apps you might be using.

What Should I Spend My Money On?

Curious whether the return on investment (ROI) on a platform or tool is worth it? The 14K members in this group can share how much they’re spending on tools, what they’re raking in as a result, and then you can decide what to spend your money on.

New Real Estate Agents

Brand new to the real estate business? This group is comprised of 76.7K members (many new, some seasoned) and is a good place to ask questions and get your bearings—and meet other people in your new shoes!

Canva for Real Estate Agents

Do you use Canva to create social media ads or banners? Other resources or assets? This group of almost 33K members is a good place to learn tricks of the trade on Canva!

TikTok for Real Estate Agents

Have you picked up TikTok and are wondering how other agents are making it work for their business? This group of about 15.5K other TikTok aficionados is the place for you to find out!

Real estate LinkedIn groups

Luxury Real Estate Network

The 97.5K members of this network are interested in luxury real estate—from property development to sales.

Real Estate Professionals and Vendor Network

For plain old networking, it’s hard to beat this group of 106K agents and vendors. Looking for someone specific on LinkedIn? Odds are decent you can find someone who knows them in here!

Real Estate Professionals Group

Dedicated to discussing professionalism in real estate, this group of almost 110K members is a good place to hash out issues with other agents who share your high standards and ethics.

Real estate Instagram accounts

Give these accounts a follow for some good advice about how to market and work in real estate.

Chelsea Peitz

Chelsea Peitz is a social media marketing expert, focusing specifically on Instagram, who offers a podcast, video tutorials, and workshops to help agents nail down their marketing. Follow her for funny and insightful videos and posts about why your follower count might have plateaued, or ideas for marketing campaigns.

Katie Lance

The real estate social media guru Katie Lance has an Instagram presence, where she posts videos and photos about her daily life. You’ll learn about Instagram and Facebook techniques, in addition to more details about Lance’s bootcamps and educational offerings.

Tom Ferry

The approachable and wise real estate coach offers videos and insights from his clients who have achieved massive business growth. You can ask him questions, read success stories, and more on his Insta account page.

The Broke Agent

Need a break from working on campaigns for a brief laugh? The Broke Agent’s account is full of memes and jokes about life in the real estate industry. Most are agent-specific (you wouldn’t share them with clients) … but you’ll have your agent friends wondering where you keep finding all those dope memes.

Etiquette in real estate social networking

Social media marketing for real estate is about more than just promoting your listings, blog posts, and website — it’s also about engaging with your customers and industry peers. Beginner real estate agents may not realize this at the start of their career, but networking with industry pros (other agents, mortgage lenders, appraisers, and inspectors) is one of the best ways to grow your business. Follow these five tips and you will be successful in creating new social media connections. Good luck!

Real estate social media etiquette
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