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13 Examples of Perfect Real Estate Branding


By Matthew Bushery


11 Examples of Perfect Real Estate Branding

Real estate branding differentiates your agency and helps people understand why they should do business with you.

Successful real estate branding can’t be accomplished with just a fancy logo or a catchy motto. The real secret behind strong real estate brands is a combination of creative elements and on-point messaging into a coherent identity. And if you want to become a real estate branding champion, it takes valuable content, a strong media presence, and regular interaction with your audience to convey that identity.

Each of the agents and brokers listed below (in no particular order) has mastered the art of branding in some aspect, so check out what makes their brands unique and memorable, and learn how you can emulate their methods to bolster your own real estate agent branding.



Lisa Archer and Laurie Weston Davis, “The Geeky Girls”

Lisa Archer Laurie Weston Davis Geeky Girls It’s hip to be square. The Geeky Girls Archer and Davis have taken this mantra to heart with their real estate branding approach — one that’s made them well-known in the world of real estate. The social proof is in the pudding: Just take a look at the duo’s Placester website homepage and you’ll see a multitude of industry members sporting Geeky Girls gear.

A bold color scheme to accompany their creative logo and a sense of pride in their unique business persona have earned the pair quite a following. Want to emulate success? Don’t feel obligated to label yourself as “The [Insert Adjective Here] Agents.”

Instead, focus on what separates you from other agents in your market and blend that information seamlessly into your real estate marketing. For instance, if you mostly sell great beachside properties, use language in your marketing messaging to denote your status as one of the premier beachfront property sellers in the region. A catchy moniker, like The Geeky Girls, is simply gravy.


Brown Harris Stevens

New York City brokerage Brown Harris Stevens’ branding has always been synonymous with luxury and exclusivity.

But those two qualities are quite different in the 21st century as the city landscape has changed, and Brown Harris Stevens needed to update their branding to reflect that.

Working with New York City branding agency Pentagram, they set about updating all their assets to communicate a consistent brand experience.

The light grey and bold orange accents for their logo and color theme work well in different situations, including:

  • Website
  • Printed materials
  • Promotional materials
  • Yard signs
  • Billboards


Matt Beall, Hawaii Life

Matt Beall Hawaii Life Matt Beall is a prime example of real estate branding done right for several reasons. He built his agency, Hawaii Life, rapidly — more than 200 agents and brokers have joined the firm’s 11 offices in just four years. He’s hosted a brokerage-sponsored real estate conference called Worthshop that has featured numerous big industry names. He positions his firm online as the preeminent brokerage in the state. And, on top of all that, he’s even managed to get his agency some airtime on HGTV, thanks to the aptly named series “Hawaii Life.” In other words, Beall has put in the work needed to build a powerhouse real estate firm and is now focusing on maximizing its potential by getting its name out through various channels.


Michael Thorne and David Fauquier, “Mobile Agent TV”

Not all real estate marketing strategies need to focus entirely on getting in front of consumers. Directing your marketing tactics at your peers can position you as a thought leader in the agent community. Take Thorne and Fauquier, for example: Their RE/MAX-sponsored “Mobile Agent TV” webisode series entails them interviewing the best and brightest in the real estate sector.

These shows (like the episode above featuring Placester’s Seth Price) inform agents and brokers all over on how to better their bottom lines with the latest and greatest sales and marketing efforts, emerging technologies, and general business tips. Additionally, though, the series has transformed them into knowledgeable agents in the eyes of their local market. Each and every episode of “Mobile Agent TV” enhances Thorne and Fauquier’s status as a go-to resource.


Jill Hertzberg & Jill Eber, “The Jills”

Jill Jertzberg Eber Jills It pays to work in one of the hottest (literally and figuratively) housing markets in the nation, but even that is no guarantee for success. Miami-area agents Jill Hertzberg and Jill Eber, who have capitalized on their first-name branding opportunity, understand that it takes some special marketing to stand out from the crowded field of real estate professionals operating in sunny Miami-Dade County.

Thus, the dynamic duo has worked hard over the last several years to cement themselves as the premier agents not only in South Florida, but across the U.S. and world. Nearly every usage of their simple-yet-elegant logo is accompanied by copy denoting their status as “the #1 agent team worldwide.”

When you’ve got the numbers to back up your claims, it’s an easy decision to take advantage of such a title. The Jills don’t rest on this logo and tagline, however — they also make sure to optimize their joint real estate website, produce detailed real estate videos, and take advantage of speaking engagements and other promotional endeavors.


Century 21

Century 21’s bold redesign has lifted them from a tired and aging 70s style to the modern 21st century.

But while the new logo is bold and elegant, it’s equally at home across the real estate market from new starter homes to affluent secluded dwellings.

Their brand mark is also strong enough to stand on its own:

Using the new logo and brand mark, they’re able to maintain a consistent identity with their global agents, whatever the situation. For example, take a look at:

  • Print materials
  • Business cards
  • Tote bags
  • Yard Signage
  • For such a bold redesign, that’s quite impressive!


Travis Greene, CountryWide Properties, Inc.

Travis Greene real estate Branding for real estate businesses is primarily accomplished online these days, thanks to a bevy of inbound marketing tactics agents and brokers can implement. But offline marketing methods can also make an impact.

For instance, REALTOR and Placester customer Travis Greene has added his real estate agent branding to his truck, meaning he can promote his business simply by getting behind the wheel. Offline marketing techniques like this can go wrong (very wrong, in some cases), but Greene manages to incorporate his online branding into the real world effortlessly and attractively.

Having a strong internet presence is vital to real estate marketing success, but spending some ad money on things like this can still offer reputational benefits. Personal branding real estate agents


Sue Adler, “Hear It Direct”

As we’ve discussed on the Academy before, agents have a wide array of real estate conferences available to them. Some of these conferences cover broad topics, like technology’s role in real estate and how to better organize your team. Others take a different approach — like Hear It Direct, a series of consumer-meets-agent events started in part by Sue Adler.

What better way to market yourself than to speak with buyers and sellers in your area and answer their questions? As with the RE BarCamps that have become popular among agents nationwide, Adler’s Hear It Direct conferences have helped close the divide between agents and consumers, and make it simpler for both sides to understand one another.

Adler can take a lot of credit for how successful Hear It Direct has become and deserves recognition for her selfless real estate branding. It’s a novel approach to a fundamental idea: Speaking and networking directly with those you want to work with.


John Hesse, Accelerated Realty Group

Jon Hesse real estate branding You have to go to great lengths sometimes to develop effective real estate agent branding — literally and figuratively. Sacramento-based Realtor Jon Hesse, for instance, flew a great distance to meet up with a branding firm he hired to get his photos taken for promotional images. The results? Well, just look at the “about me” infographic above, which features one of the images taken by the agency.

It’s simple, yet shows Hesse is serious about his business because he’s willing to take the time to get professional shots taken. The same branding is used atop his real estate website and on all of his major social media accounts, meaning he’s taking full advantage of the branding services he secured.

It can cost a pretty penny to get photos taken by seasoned pros, but if the fruits of that labor end up making you look reputable in the eyes of your audience, it’s more than worth the expense.


Raj Qsar, The Boutique Real Estate Group

Qsar’s brokerage has been a leader in the video marketing sphere for some time now — so much so he could be designated the King of Real Estate Video (should such a designation exist).

From hiring excellent video marketing vendors to help him capture some amazing listings, like Hale Ali’i, to shooting his own recordings featuring his agents and the properties they represent, Qsar has shown a knack for crafting wonderfully attractive and charming videos that make you want to watch over and over again … even if you don’t happen to be in the market for homes for sale in SoCal.

The videos have now become a trademark of his agency, and it’s thanks to some nifty real estate branding savvy from Qsar.


Marguerite Giguere, “The Skydiving Agent”

When you think “skydiving,” you may think “risky,” but perhaps that’s exactly what Giguere wants you to think: that she’s willing to take risks to help her clients close deals and provide excellent customer service. Look closer at her real estate branding, though, and you realize she’s much more than a gimmick.

Giguere has charm and personality to spare, and clearly shows she cares about her clients. Email is a core element of her real estate marketing plans, as shown in this Academy post, while she also spends a great deal of time on her blog to inform the local community about interesting events, venues, restaurants, and other goings-on.

Simply put, Giguere goes all out to make herself as personable and relatable as possible — and she passes that test with flying colors.


Julian Pilarski, Royal LePage Real Estate Services

To become a local, trusted brand name, real estate agents must implement some creative real estate marketing.

A high-quality, appealing logo can be a great starting point for establishing your brand, but the real secret to broadening awareness and generating interest in your business is to use your brand marks in as many places as humanly possible. That means doing what REALTOR Julian Pilarski has done, creating a beautiful real estate logo (like his below) to use on every page of your site, in your email marketing, atop your social media accounts, on flyers, in ebooks, and any other marketing collateral you create. Julian Pilarski real estate branding

Pilarski specifically does an excellent job of using his logo in his real estate videos, as evidenced above. The branding is prominent at the beginning and end of his videos, and is even used in the corner of the screen mid-video. Seemingly small touches like these used hundreds of times over will add up over time and resonate more and more with local real estate customers.


Judith Weiniger, The Weiniger Group

Judith Weiniger real estate branding mailer Some agents forget to have a print real estate branding strategy in addition to online tactics. Look to Judith Weiniger’s marketing, for inspiration: She has mastered the art of the real estate mailer.

Weiniger sends out print collateral like market reports and a home seller’s guide that are perfectly branded. They feature her agency’s logo, have a unified color scheme, and, most importantly, feature lots of valuable content that educates her audience.


Takeaways section

Here are some key takeaways from the 13 real estate branding examples shown above.


#1 – Carve out a niche

One way to differentiate yourself from the thousands of real estate agents is to carve out a niche.

For example, you can establish yourself as the “go-to expert” for a specific neighborhood, a type of sale, such as first-time buyers, or a type of community, such as urban or rural. These are the sort of things that can set you apart from the rest.


#2 – Invest in your online presence

As an agent, you have to be prepared to invest in your online presence, especially your website. With so many buyers searching the web for their next property, you have to make sure they can find you straight away.

Creating a mediocre website and leaving it to gather dust won’t cut it. You need a modern design with the latest news and listings for your area. Plus, you’ll want to include testimonials from satisfied clients to show visitors you’re knowledgeable and successful.

Using Placester, agents and brokers can get started with a beautifully designed and conversion-optimized site in minutes with IDX functionality built-in.

Bonus resources: 

  • 49 Best Real Estate Websites for Agents and Brokers
  • Custom Landing Pages: The Key to Real Estate Website Lead Generation


#3 – Target the channels your clients are using

Aside from a website, you’ll want to promote your brand online through social media. The key here is to target the channels your prospects and clients are using. With so much noise online, it’s best to focus on a couple of channels where you can make an impact.

Mix your content between listings, community news, and behind the scenes in your business. And make sure to listen and respond to conversations as well as posting.

When it comes to offline activities, apply the same logic, and target the areas your prospects use. For example, it may be applicable to promote your brand with direct mail, cold calling, or by hosting open houses.

Bonus resources:


#4 – Be consistent across all channels

Whether you’re online or offline, it’s essential to keep your brand consistent across all your marketing channels.

That means your logo, colors, tone, messaging, and value proposition all need to be consistent. Use the same graphic designer for different media, such as email templates and banner ads, so that your branding is consistent.

Also, you need to be relevant, authentic, and genuine to who you are. Your personality is as much a part of your brand as your logo and brand colors. And customers expect a consistent level of service from start to finish.

Word of mouth referrals is still an important source of business. You want potential buyers and sellers to choose you based on the experience they heard about your brand from their friends and family.


Get more advanced branding advice tailored for agents and brokers in our new “Become a Real Estate Marketing Superstar” ebook.

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