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Top 5 Posts on SEO for Real Estate

By Seth Price


seo for real estate feature image template.002Love it or hate it, search engines are driving more traffic to your website than any other online channel. In fact, when it comes to traffic, search beats out social media by more than 300 percent! To help you understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO), we’ve rounded up five of our favorite posts on the topic. (For those who are entirely new to the world of SEO, take a quick look at our Little Black Book of SEO Terminology so you can get familiar with all of the different terms).

In no particular order…

1) Top 10 SEO Tips for Real Estate

by John E. Miller (via Geek Estate)

If you’re looking for a quick read where you can get some solid SEO takeaways, this post is for you. The top ten list offers easily digestible insight, with tips that range from using internal links and obtaining backlinks to creating content and virtual tours. Quote: “Utilization of videos and pictures are incredibly important in increasing SEO for any website; however, they are even more important for real estate SEO efforts.”

2) Winning the local SEO game

by Jeff Bernheisel (via Inman News)

An incredibly detailed post with a narrower focus than the previous entry, “Winning the local SEO game” offers practical advice for optimizing your site for local search. The three main points author Jeff Bernheisel explores are 1) how to tag your site properly, 2) how to get indexed by different sites and social networks, and 3) how social media sharing and “buzz” can help improve your search rankings. Quote: “Many in the SEO world believe that this ‘buzz’ will eventually become more important than the old-school methods of building backlinks and worrying about keyword density.”

3) 3 Pillars of SEO for Real Estate Pros

by David Friedman (via Realtor Mag)

The “3 Pillars” post opens with some great facts and figures as to why SEO is crucial for real estate. Author David Friedman then goes on to thoroughly explain each of his three pillars: keyword strategy, website technology, and optimizing your content for search. Quote: “…when you invest in SEO, you’re constantly building on your earlier investments. This is like buying a home instead of renting. Your dollars build equity.”

4) Guide to Real Estate SEO

by Emily Cote (via Outspoken Media)

An insightful post from the boutique SEO consulting company Outspoken Media, “Guide to Real Estate SEO,” does a great job of setting up the challenges that real estate professionals face when optimizing for search. Author Emily Cote then does a deep dive that covers everything from strategy and content to IDX technology and URL structures. Quote: “SEO is vital to a successful online presence for both brokers and agents because higher rankings can translate into significant sales increases—especially when each transaction is in the $100,000s.”

5) 7 Reasons Your Real Estate Website Isn’t Ranking in Google

by Colin Ryan (via Real Estate Marketing Academy)

We’ve decided to include this popular post from our Academy on the list because it offers a slightly different approach than the other entries. Instead of focusing on new techniques that you can implement to improve your SEO, it covers seven common flaws that plague SEO strategies. It’s a great tool for evaluating the potential shortcomings of your SEO efforts. Quote: “Trying to rank for “Boston real estate”? You’ll be competing with hundreds of other companies, as well as big publishers like Zillow and Trulia. Instead, do your research: Use Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool…”

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