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How to Build a Keyword Pyramid

By Colin Ryan


a visual guide for keyword researchAfter hours of keyword research and competitive analysis using Google and other tools, you have an exhaustive list of search terms you’re interested in targeting. Now, it’s time to organize those keywords into a cohesive strategy. Here’s how to do it.

List 1 – Primary Keywords

These are 3-5 of your ideal keywords: the shortest, most popular, and most competitive phrases you’ll target on every page on your site. While ranking for your primary keywords is your long-term goal, you should start out by concentrating on the comparatively easier-to-win terms of the next two lists.

List 2 – Secondary Keywords

These are 3-5 slightly more specific keywords with lower competition than your primary keywords. These may be targeted all across your site, or on specific pages. Because you have a better shot at winning these terms, you’ll be pursuing them more actively and aggressively than your primary list.

List 3 – Long Tail Keywords

These are 4-6 long tail phrases that are easier to win and highly relevant to your business. Typically, you’ll target these phrases specifically on a select few landing pages of your site, which you’ll use to funnel visitors to your main page. You should use your long tail list to inform your site content so that people looking for those specific terms will find you.

Once you’ve got your three lists, you can refine them further in several ways. For instance, if your business serves multiple neighborhoods, towns, or regions, you can create a separate list with keywords for each. You can also divide your lists according to industry niche (foreclosures, rentals) or property type (apartments, homes).

Finally, you can create a separate set of lists for your content marketing strategy, with keywords that point searchers to your blog posts, guides, and video marketing content.

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