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Top Apps for Real Estate Agents: 2024

Top Apps for Real Estate Agents: 2024

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Top Apps for Real Estate Agents: 2024

The explosion of mobile devices into our reality can't be overstated, especially for real estate agents. Thirty or even twenty years ago, it might not have been easy to believe that you could conduct almost all of your business through a hand-held mechanism, but that's precisely what many agents do daily.

And what enables agents to work on deals from anywhere in the world? Apps, of course (or applications, for the uninitiated) — the platforms powered by your mobile device that allow you to do everything from managing open house visitors to creating video messages.

What are real estate apps?

Real estate apps are applications for mobile devices (an iPhone or an Android, most typically) that real estate agents can use to boost their productivity, become ultra-efficient, and manage their businesses and deals more effectively.

Most real estate apps for consumers (buyers and sellers) focus on either helping the user find a house (buyers) or helping a user understand how much a house is worth (sellers). And there are plenty of general-purpose apps that agents find extremely useful, but they aren't real estate apps.

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Ten best real estate apps for Agents in 2024

What apps should you have on your phone right now? These are the best ones for agents who want to meet (or exceed) their goals, manage their time better, and more.

RPR Mobile (Apple, Android)

For property information, including tax and mortgage history, school data, market conditions, and more, RPR Mobile is a favorite among real estate agents. You can create branded reports, email the listing agent directly from the app, and more. It also offers mobile-to-desktop integration.

Zillow Premier Agent (Apple, Android)

Use Zillow for leads? Then you'll want to use the Premier Agent app, which helps you manage all of your leads, assign them, follow up (especially useful for teams), and more, including managing your listings on Zillow.

Homesnap (Apple, Android)

With Homesnap, you can see the homes your clients are searching for online, leave notes and send suggestions for new listings to them, and more. 

Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center App (Apple, Android)

The LCA Marketing Center App provides many of the same features that Canva does, but specific for real estate agents and their needs. You can use it to create social media ads and other images and assets to help promote your business.

BombBomb (Apple, Android)

Video emails can be a godsend for some agents:

  • They allow you to save time by speaking your message directly to your clients instead of typing it out.
  • They promote clarity by providing a (sort of) face-to-face experience.
  • They're just plain fun.

BombBomb has been agents' go-to video email platform for some time, and its mobile app lets you take it anywhere.

BrokerAssist (Apple, Android)

Need someone to cover your open house? Have a showing emergency that you can't get out of? With BrokerAssist, you can send out a plea for assistance from a broker (or agent) in your area and be in two (or more) places simultaneously.

Dotloop (Apple, Android)

If you use Dotloop for transaction management, you're already aware of how easy and seamless it is. The mobile app gives you the same experience but from the palm of your hand.

Open Home Pro (Apple, Android)

An open house sign-in app that will help you market your open house, manage seamless tracking of all potential buyers, send follow-up emails, and more.

PalmAgent ONE (Apple, Android)

This location-specific app helps you estimate closing costs (including taxes) for both buyers and sellers. It's not active in every county, but agents in counties where it does operate swear by its ease and ability to give good answers to hard financial questions.

Curb Hero (Apple, Android)

Curb Hero is another open house sign-in and marketing app that can help you keep track of the leads you encounter during an open house.

Apps that agents love (beyond real estate)

Agents use many more apps daily to help them do their jobs, but that might be something other than real estate-specific. Here are a few top picks agents turn to for solving everyday problems.

Buffer (Apple, Android)

Buffer allows you to schedule and post across multiple social media platforms simultaneously, then track engagement and more using analytics.

Canva (Apple, Android)

Speaking of social media: Where are you getting the images and ads that you're running on social media? Canva is a free design platform that can help agents create beautifully designed assets without requiring a degree or a course to use the software.

Waze (Apple, Android)

When you need to get from one place to the next, and you're driving yourself, Waze is a must. It navigates your route and alerts you if there are any accidents (or speed traps) lurking along the way.

Bubble Level (Apple, Android)

Is it level? The Bubble Level app will help you determine whether a window, door, floor or anything at all is level without requiring you to bring an actual bubble level with you.

DocuSign (Apple, Android)

One of the first e-signature platforms out there, if you're already using DocuSign, you'll find the mobile app a must-add to your arsenal to get documents out for signature from anywhere.

Calendly (Apple, Android)

This meeting scheduling app accesses your calendar (or calendars) and allows you to create "book a meeting" links that will enable users to select a time that works for both of you.

1Password (Apple, Android)

When you have multiple passwords and accounts to juggle (that's most of us), and you've resorted to using variations on the same password to try to remember, you're setting yourself up for disaster. 1Password allows you to save password info in a safe, encrypted way and only remember, well, one password.

Zoom (Apple, Android)

FaceTime works excellently, of course—but we've all learned to love Zoom over the past couple of years for its device flexibility, ability to host large meetings and more.

How we chose the best real estate apps

To put together this list, we focused specifically on apps for real estate agents. We didn't include CRM-specific apps—although you most definitely should be using a real estate CRM, and you should absolutely ask your vendor if they offer a mobile app for remote access to your CRM.

To select the top ten real estate apps, we looked at both Apple App Store and Google Play App Store app reviews, and then we hand-picked the apps with the highest ratings and reviews that we could find.

To find the best "other" apps that agents used, we combed through social media and other lists to examine which apps are most valuable to real estate agents, then included them in our list.

When you want to become more productive and make your time more efficient, there's almost no quicker fix than downloading an app. Hopefully, you found one in our list that you hadn't yet discovered — and it's now helping you save time and make more money!

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