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6 Advanced Tools for Keyword Research

By Colin Ryan


take your keyword research to the next level with tools for competitive researchKeyword analysis shouldn’t end with Google: there are lots of other great tools and programs out there to help you discover new keywords and research your competitors. Here’s a partial list of our favorites.


Powered by SEMRush’s data, Wordtracker makes the data easier to understand. With the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI), for instance, you’ll get an up-front appraisal of each keyword’s potential based on volume and competition. You can also create keyword maps to help you structure your website in a keyword-rich way. Wordtracker offers a 7-day free trial, then moves to $69 a month.

HubSpot Keyword SEO Tool

Part of a comprehensive package of inbound marketing software tools, Hubspot’s Keyword SEO Tool lets you analyze keywords, increase rankings, and calculate search ROI. When you find words that are too difficult, HubSpot will also suggest long-tail variations.


Just type in a competing site’s URL, and SEMRush will show you their organic search positions for the keywords they’re tracking. SEMRush can also tell you the commercial value of your existing keywords by comparing the organic traffic generated by a keyword to the cost of buying the same amount of traffic through ads. It also allows you to examine your competitors. SEMRush is a paid tool, but offers a free trial with limited data points.

Keyword Spy

Another paid option for gaining insight on other sites’ keyword efforts, Keyword Spy also offers a lifetime free trial with some great features. With the “domain spy” tool, for instance, you can get reasonably accurate data on how much a site is spending in paid search, what keywords they spend the most money on, and who their competitors are. You can also export this information to a Google or Excel spreadsheet.


While it’s one of the more expensive tools on this list at $79 a month, SpyFu is also one of the best, with several different tools in one. SpyFu SmartSearch, for instance, offers keyword suggestions and discovery, while SpyFu Classic works much the same as SEMRush, offering data on budget and keywords for whatever domain you type in. The real money, however, is in SpyFu Kombat, which allows you to view common and site-specific keywords for up to 3 websites, displaying results in overlapping Venn diagram-style circles.

Market Samurai

An all-in-one SEO solution, Market Samurai offers several different modules for topics like keyword discovery, competitive analysis, search ranking, and domain research. It also offers a content module that suggests content marketing ideas based on your target keywords. Instead of a monthly subscription, Market Samurai offers its full software for a one-time fee ($149).

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