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9 Essential Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

By Colin Ryan


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While the potential rewards of content marketing are crystal clear, the path to those rewards is not. One of the biggest challenges that real estate professionals face in developing an effective content strategy is how to create content about topics that their customers are interested in. With that in mind, here are nine tried-and-true content ideas your visitors are sure to appreciate.

Answers to Customer Questions

Your customers have questions. Provide them with answers based on your real estate expertise, and you’ll gain their trust. Start by making a list of every question you’ve been asked by customers. Once you’ve got a sizable list, offer your professional opinion on each and every question in its own blog post.

How-To Tips

It’s been said that if you can’t teach a subject or idea, you don’t know it well enough. Real estate agents have a wealth of practical knowledge on everything from home decor to personal finances. By sharing this knowledge in educational step-by-step guides, you’ll provide instant value and show customers you’re someone they should work with. Be sure to include the phrase “How To” in your post titles!

Market Updates

The “real estate market” is a slippery subject, and consumers are looking for a real estate agent who understands the current state of the business. Write about changes, trends, and breaking news in the real estate market. Offer growth statistics and break them down into analysis your customers can understand. Stay up to date and offer your opinion.

Client Stories

Everyone loves a good success story. By offering consumers real-life accounts of the homebuying and selling process, you demonstrate that you understand their perspective and the challenges they face. Client stories also give you the opportunity to show potential customers how you’ll use your experience to overcome these challenges and deliver on your promises.


Public data and maps can only offer so much insight. When moving to a new and unfamiliar area, real estate consumers want the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live there. Reviews of local restaurants, businesses, parks, and culture demonstrate that you’re a local expert and active in your community.


In addition to offering your own insight, you can give consumers a more intimate view of your community by interviewing other local experts and influencers. Check local publications to see who’s making news. Talk to school principals, city officials, successful business owners, local celebrities. Ask them what they think is so special about their community.

Neighborhood Overviews

Write an overview for each neighborhood or area you serve. What are the residents like (age, income, demographics, etc.)? What parks, businesses, and attractions are there? What are the schools like? What types of architecture are prominent? Cover the three basic questions of “who,” “what,” and “where,” highlighting features most likely to pique readers’ interest.

Video Tours

Buyers often have a hard time envisioning themselves in a neighborhood or home. Video is a great tool for offering potential buyers an intimate and vivid experience of day-to-day life in one of your listings. Grab your camera and start shooting. Try to capture everyday moments and places that reveal the character of your community and listings: a Sunday drive down Main Street, perhaps, or afternoon light shining through the bedroom windows at one of your homes.

Buyer/Seller Guides

Offering something to your potential buyers, for free, that they can hold in their hands and refer to when looking for a house works wonders. Provide downloadable guides with in-depth advice for buying/selling homes, explaining the process from start to finish. Put these guides behind lead capture forms so folks have to provide you with contact information to download.

Did we forget something? Tell us your essential real estate content ideas in the comments!

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