NAR Midyear Wrap-Up: Placester’s Experience in Washington, D.C.

By Matt Barba

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Each year, the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) hosts its midyear Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington, D.C. This year, Placester was fortunate enough to attend the event, where thousands of industry members congregate to discuss housing and mortgage policy and meet and greet with like minded professionals and brands.

The main focus of the NAR Midyear conference is for the leaders of the national real estate community to convene, talk about the most important issues facing the industry, and chat about the latest and greatest sales, marketing, and tech trends. This year’s iteration included an array of useful events for Realtors of all experience levels, including:

  • Meetings with local congresspeople from districts covering the entire United States, during which Realtors can discuss issues related to their markets
  • More than 100 exhibitors showcasing back office solutions, emerging technologies, and products and services from the most recognized industry brands
  • Sessions aimed at educating not just agents and brokers, but also executives of the largest firms nationwide and Realtor association members

All in all, the event provides an optimal platform for industry brands and professionals from all 50 states (and even several countries) to show off their products and services, meet their audience in person, and share their expertise among one another — something the Placester team was all too happy to participate in.

Placester National Association of REALTORS Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo

“Washington, D.C. itself was the perfect city to hold the event in, partly because a focus of the conference was deciding on policy, but also because the city itself was buzzing with an energy that mirrored what we saw at the conference,” said Placester Account Manager Phil O’Connell. “D.C. is a city that feels like a place for leaders, which made it fitting for the group of Realtors and association members that had assembled at the conference.”

Placester Account Manager A.J. Ostdiek mimicked this sentiment, noting NAR Midyear proved to be a premier time to talk with notable industry members from all over, as well as our own customers who relayed their satisfaction with their Placester websites and leads who are interested in signing up ones themselves.

“The conference was a great opportunity to see clients who are currently using the Placester platform and also meet with ones looking to make a change,” said Ostdiek. “Moreover, anytime you have that many industry professionals in one place, it will undoubtedly be an excellent chance to see what’s going on at agencies, brokerages, Realtor associations, and MLSs across the nation.”

Rich McGlynn, who works with the many brokers using Placester’s brokerage solution, noted the conference provided the optimal time and place to break down the ins and outs of our new solution for those in attendance.

“Since we announced our brokerage platform after NAR Annual, the Midyear conference was the perfect opportunity to walkthrough that solution with top brokers in the industry,” said McGlynn. “Placester’s broker team was excited to demonstrate how powerful, elegant, and easy to use the offering is for brokers and their teams.”

Didn’t get the chance to attend NAR Midyear? You can still learn all about the Placester platform here and contact our team at or 800-728-8391 to discover everything about our agent, broker, and publisher solutions.


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