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The most important integration of the Q2 2022 - Placester + Cloze

The most important integration of the Q2 2022 - Placester + Cloze

Placester has integrated with Cloze real estate CRM, so you better understand what customers want and who they are so that you can act accordingly!

Cloze CRM is a relationship management platform to track customers, clients, prospects, and leads without the hassle of CRM. It helps to acquire customers and improve internal communications.

Cloze + Placester Benefts

The Placester website can be integrated with many CRM systems via Zapier. Besides that, we have decided to integrate natively with Cloze CRM because it is a modern tool that performs its primary function - i.e., customer relationship management - better than others. Thanks to that, both products work together in tasks related to converting a potential real estate buyer or seller.

Native integration - It’s when a pair of applications provide a direct means of integrating via application programming interfaces (APIs). Once integrated, data can flow between the apps and become more readily available to your employees.

Each website lead has a follow-up plan

All form submissions on a Placester website are automatically captured in Cloze. That means you'll never miss a lead again! And if you're not available to follow up right away, no problem - you can set up automated campaigns in Cloze so that your leads get immediate attention. Plus, Cloze tracks the entire journey from lead to close in one place; you can build solid relationships for the long term.

User website activities are automatically synced to Cloze

As your clients and prospects browse properties on your Placester website and submit a tour or other requests, their activity is automatically synced to Cloze. A new Cloze contact is created (or an existing connection updated), and the Cloze timeline is updated automatically with the Placester activity:

- Tour requests
- Home evaluation requests
- Contact forms
- Resource download
- Any form submission, also from pop-ups! 

Here are some essential links to check out:

- marketing dedicated page with more features

- support article on how to connect both accounts