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Present Your Listings Dynamically with the New Map Search

Present Your Listings Dynamically with the New Map Search

We're excited to announce our enhanced Map Search feature that will change how your website visitors interact with the listed properties. This heavily requested function lets you visually explore properties using an intuitive map interface instead of just text-based listing results. With map search, you can provide an immersive, user-friendly experience that displays homes in relation to surrounding amenities and neighborhoods. Read on to learn more.

The new maps are now available on all Codeless websites. If you’re currently using our Classic Builder - you can update to Codeless for free whenever you’re ready.

What has changed with our Map Search? 

PLACESTER's new map search tool offers several powerful features to help you better market your listings. The entire map search experience has a fresh, sleek, visually appealing design that aligns seamlessly with your branding. The colors of the pins dynamically adapt to your website's primary color for a cohesive, integrated look and feel. But of course, there is more, so let's go through the biggest items on the list. 

Price tag on showcased properties: One of the most valuable upgrades is displaying price tags right on the general map view. This allows homebuyers to easily browse specific areas and instantly see the price range of properties before clicking through to the listing details.

Open House tag:  The new maps also prominently showcase "Open House" tags on relevant pins, enticing visitors to quickly view the event information for upcoming open house events in their areas of interest. For many Agents, this is a huge advantage in bringing traffic to the most focused listings. If you use the Open House module on your PLACESTER website, you can immediately spark interest in your potential clients. 

3D Tour tag: For listings that offer 3D virtual tours, you'll find those clearly marked with "3D Tour" tags on the property pins, giving buyers a clear path to immerse themselves in those interactive experiences.

Since the release, we've received a lot feedback about the feature. Most customers say that they like how the map search makes it easy to better present properties based on search criteria.

If you are a user who already has Map Search included on your website, don't worry. We've updated the maps for you.

How to activate Map Search on your webiste?

Getting started with PLACESTER's interactive map search is simple. To have this feature display on your real estate website, just follow these steps:

  1. From customizer, go to the Listings and click on the Search Result Page. Switch to design tab.
  2. Choose the layout that includes the Map Display and you'll see a preview of how it will look.
  3. With this layout selected, you'll see listing pins populated on the map view. These pins will display key details like listing prices, open house markers, and links to virtual 3D tours when available. Color of the pin is related to the primary color of your website. 
  4. To further explore, you can use the map controls to zoom in/out or click and drag across the map to view listings in specific geographic areas you want to focus on. 
  5. Once you've previewed and configured the map display to your liking, be sure to save your changes.

That's it! With just a few clicks, your website visitors can now intuitively search listings in a visually engaging map-based format aligned with your branding. C

Try new Map Search on your website! 

The interactive map search was one of our most highly requested features from agents looking to provide a more immersive, visually-oriented experience for their website visitors. We can't wait to see how inventive agents take advantage of this feature to better market their listings and local areas of expertise.

If you're already a PLACESTER customer, LOG IN now and follow the simple steps to enable map search on your site. If you're not yet using our platform, we invite you to sign up for a FREE TRIAL to explore map search and the many other powerful real estate web tools we offer. Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your online presence and provide the visually-oriented search experience today's buyers are looking for.