Role Based Access Feature in Agent Manager - Authorize or Revoke Admin Access for Your Staff or Outsourced Contractors

With the release of the Placester Agent Manager feature, we want to give you a complete overview of what's happening with your agent's websites. Allowing your team members to administrate agents' websites without changing accounts saves your team time and effort. Learn more about how you can invite admins to manage your account, what they can do and why it is crucial for growing brokerages. Watch the full episode!

Invite or Revoke Admins

You can easily invite new admins to manage your Placester account. Admins have access to all available features. They can manage agents' sites, their profile information, and assign websites to new agents whenever necessary. The only exception is admins don't have access to your payments tab and personal settings, so your account is always safe. 

Admins from your team or your business partners

A person invited as an admin doesn't have to be a Placester user and there are no costs attached to adding or changing admins. You can invite someone from your operations team or even an outside marketing agency that is helping you with various tasks, you put who you want in control. 

Office Admins Tab

The ability to invite admins is available across all paid plans available on the Placester platform. Users with a subscription to the Office Builder Plan have access to an Office Admins Tab that is found on the User Roles Page. 

Agents that are Placester Users within your org can offer administrative access to outside sources for their accounts as well. They will then also become visible in the office admins tab. 

In a scenario where one of your agents invites an outside marketing agency to manage their account. For you as the broker this connection will be visible. 

That's it for today. Stay tuned for upcoming Agent Manager update videos!