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Active Agent Pricing in Agent Manager - anything you need to know

Active Agent Pricing in Agent Manager - anything you need to know

Most of the real estate software available on the market is designed to charge you per agent regardless of how many agents in your organization are actively using the software. We are breaking this pattern, which means you only pay for agents who launch a website. Watch our short video to learn more about Active Agent Pricing and how it works.

Launching a website for your agents

At Placester, you only get billed for agents who launch a website, so you don’t pay for the ones who aren’t using Placester. And if someone you already paid for becomes inactive, we’ll automatically stop billing your account for that agent. It’s only fair. In Placester we are all for clarity over billing and your plan. This way you always have full control, and you can scale your organization with ease. 

Prorated fee

You can add as many agents as you want to your roster, give each one of them a beautifully designed website without any cost. The only moment when you are billed is when you launch a website for your agent and the cost of that is - in the DIY plan, $10 per month / per active agent website; in DIFM Website & Online Presence plans, $25 per month / per active agent website. Any changes to the number of active, paid agents in your account will be reflected in your billing statement. Promoting users to admins is free of charge. 

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