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Super Admin Access in Agent Manager - Seamlessly Manage your Agent Roster and All Their Website Activities

Super Admin Access in Agent Manager - Seamlessly Manage your Agent Roster and All Their Website Activities

Growing and maintaining a digital brand is not an easy task for any brokerage. Hundreds of agents mean hundreds of websites that need constant management. This is a daunting task for even your most talented admins. With Agent Manager, you have the ability to update and keep track of all your agent websites and make changes on the spot - in one hub. One could say - one tool to rule them all. Watch the short video made by our team member Luke and find out how Super Admin Access gives you an edge in managing your agents. 

Getting rid of the Hassle

It's a frustrating task for even the most well organized admin or operations manager to keep track of hundreds of agent's websites, especially when you need to keep track of login information for every single agent. Making simple changes to a website such as changing their bio or headshot photo is a tedious task.  What if I tell you there is an easier way? With Agent Manager you, as a broker have Super Admin Access which means you can edit every profile and make edits to agent's sites with just a few simple clicks.

Updating an Agent’s Profile

Consistency in your brokerage is a big key to your success. Agent Manager works as a source of truth which means that every edit in the agent's profile will be reflected across every site that is assigned to that particular agent. In the video, we show an example of how easily you can change a phone number and a headshot photo and how effortlessly it is mirrored on the agent's website. 

Making edits on Agent's website

Sometimes you need to tweak a couple of details on the agent's website. Agent Manager allows you to edit every website without the need to log out and switch accounts. We eliminate the mistakes that can happen going back and forth between one site and another. In the video, see how easily we change the hero section from a slideshow to a video. We also upload a new bio which is essential for every agent. All done with just a few quick few clicks. 

That's it for today. Stay tuned for upcoming Agent Manager update videos!