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Promote Your Agents On Your Website - Media Library, Agents Feature Module, Accordion Section

Promote Your Agents On Your Website - Media Library, Agents Feature Module, Accordion Section

In the recent update, we've added a lot of quality of life improvements to the Placester platform. In today's episode, we go deeper into a new set of tools that can help you present and promote agents on your website, and new ways to improve onboarding with a shared media library. 

Besides our monthly What's New video content, you can also find a lot of knowledge packed into the amazing Empowering Agents Live Podcast that you can find on our Youtube channel. Feel free to subscribe! 

Shared Media Library - easy access to important files for your agents

The bigger your brokerage the more documents and files are in constant circulation between you and your team. Now with the shared media library feature, you as a broker can share your branded materials, and everyone who was invited to your brokerage in Placester can see and download those files. You can upload a variety of files (pdf, svg, jpg, png, gif) so in summary, the most common files such as a Playbook or Logo files can be easily shared between you and your team. 

You don't have to rely on third-party apps or hosting services. You can provide your agents with everything they need in their everyday job in one place - the Placester Platform. 

Featured Agents Module - a better way to present and promote your agents

Successful brokers understand how important it is to present and promote their agents. After all, the foundation of every organization are it’s people, and in real estate those people deserve recognition. Hence the Featured Agents Module. 

This new module type allows you to showcase your agents or team members on your website in an eye-catching manner that can make a huge impact on your brand and boost agent retention. 

There are plenty of design options to choose from and fully customize the way your agents are presented on your website. The module siphons all the agent's information straight from the Agent Manager. So if you need to make any adjustments to the roster - those adjustments will be reflected on your website automatically. 

With this feature, we want to give you a tool to really show your outstanding team. You can place this module on your website or a subpage and customize it the way you see fit. 

Accordion section - pack more of your content

An accordion section is something that you are probably familiar with from various websites. In simple terms - it's a module type that is typical for various FAQs. Now you can utilize this module and pack more content in one section without overwhelming the end-user with a block of text. 

Create dropdown lists, pick a design from the long selection of options and customize it to suit your brand. You have full control over the way this section looks as well as any animations that are included. 

That's it for today. Stay tuned for upcoming product update videos!