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Get more leads with advanced Popup features!

Get more leads with advanced Popup features!

Every real estate website is meant to capture leads. In the recent update, we've buffed our popup builder so realtors can use popups in more creative ways. Check what's new with Placester!

One of the biggest changes is that now you can create multiple pop ups - each one of them with a different goal to fulfill. In the past users of Placester platform were limited to use only one universal pop up per website. That is not the case anymore. If you are on the DIFM Plan - reach out to us via chat and we can build a pop up for you in no time.

In the recent update, we added the option to create multiple popups for a real estate website. Now you can create and customize a popup and duplicate it. In addition to that, we've added the option to set different display rules, allowing you to target a specific landing page or subpage. This way you can target a specific audience that resonates with your content. Along with new display rules come new triggers. We distinguish three types.

The number of views - where you can set the specific number of site or page visits.

- Scroll depth allows you to present the popup depending on how deep a viewer scrolled the page.

- Exit intent gives you one last shot to get the lead when your visitor wants to leave the website.

- You can manage all leads in our CRM or send them to the CRM you use.

Try it out yourself and if you are on the DIFM plan, reach out to our outstanding Creative Assistants and we will build a popup for your website.

Stay tuned for more news from Placester!