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Elevate Your Marketing With New Autoresponder, Property Detail Page, And Notification System!

Elevate Your Marketing With New Autoresponder, Property Detail Page, And Notification System!

In this update our goal is to help you maximize your marketing efforts. Those improvements to the Placester platform are based on the feedback we received from our users. If you want to share your ideas regarding the Placester solution, you can do that here.

Keep track of all events in the platform

Managing dozens or hundred of your agents' websites is a difficult task. To help you speed up this process we've implemented a new notification tool that is available after you log in to your Placester platform. Now you will be notified after any event occurs such as an agent website having been created or an IDX approval. 

In the notification tab, you will also find information about the status of your services requests. We are sure this will speed up your daily task management workflows by a large margin.

New autoresponder setting

The second big update is a new autoresponder setting. For a long time, users were limited to using only one autoresponder for a given site. So if you wanted to use multiple forms on your website and additional landing pages, you had to choose which one is connected to an autoresponder. 

We are happy to tell you that this is a thing of the past. Now in the autoresponder settings, you can select a specific form and plan your next steps accordingly. This feature opens new venues to scale automation in your marketing actions. 

Customize your Property Detail Page

One of the most important pages on your website is the Property Detail Page. Those pages can generate over 95% of all traffic so you should pay extra attention that they are properly laid out. 

With the recent update, we've added advanced settings for Property Detail Pages that allow you to fully customize the layout the way you see fit. You can display every bit of information provided by your MLS to better highlight your property values. 

That's it for today. Stay tuned for upcoming product update videos!