Release Notes – February 14, 2014


By Matt Williams


It was another busy week here at Placester, killing bugs, solving issues. Whew. The following changes were made to the Hosted Network (sites hosted on These changes will be deployed to the site in the future. If you are a partner and are self-hosting the premium themes and the below changes solve a problem you are experiencing, contact the partner team to get an updated set of themes.

Hosted Network Infrastructure

Updated 3rd-party Plugins – When new customers set up their site on the Placester platform, they are often transitioning from another blog somewhere online. To do this they use the WordPress Importer. This has been updated to the latest version. Also there are a few 3rd party plugins that are either unnecessary or have been causing problems for some time. These plugins include WP Touch, Wibiya, SeedProd Coming Soon Pro, and Slideshow and all have been removed from the system.

Placester Plugin

Default Styling Applied to Dialog Boxes – (WP–239) – Several shortcodes have been added to improve favoriting functionality. These shortcodes include [pl_login_block] to add a login logout block, [favorite_listings] to show a list of listings the user has favorited, [pl_user_profile] to show/edit the user’s profile. When you click on any of the links that launches a dialog, the dialog is unstyled. This has been resolved though it mostly affects non-Placester themes.

Cross Themes

Property Details FB Like Button Is Now a Share Button – (WP–299) – When you navigate down to the property details page, there are a series of social share buttons. Before, the FB button would like the FB page that had been added to the site in Theme Options. This is now sharing the actual listing on Facebook.

Commenting on Blog Posts Can Now Be Disabled – (WP–301) – When you blog on websites, it is customary to allow commenting to engage the community. But some users want to disable comments. A new option has been added to Theme Options > Social & Share to Enable (or disable) Comments on Blog Posts.

Franklin Theme

Social Links Widget Now Hides Disabled Links – (WP–211) – At the top of the Franklin theme is a series of social sharing buttons. The idea is to enter your pages for LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others in Theme Options, and the buttons on the theme will link to those places. But if you left a field blank, the image for the button would still be there. We have now set it to only show the button if there is a value in the option for that button.

Email-enabled Feedburner URL Can Now Subscribe Users – (WP–367) – If you have a email-enabled Feedburner feed and add the Feedburner Subscription widget to the Contact page, then try to subscribe you would get an error message: The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled. This now works. This was also occuring on Fremont.

Fremont Theme

Custom CSS Precedence (WP–142) – When adding Custom CSS, the base CSS that is part of the theme should be loaded first with the custom CSS last. This wasn’t the case before but has been resolved now.

Quick Listings Search Widget Description Fixed – (WP–170) – In the Widgets area under Appearance, you can find a number of widgets you can add to sidebars. The description has been edited to more accurately reflect what is possible.

Mortgage Calculator – (WP–197) – The mortgage calculator is one of the widgets available, but if you enter a price of home with a comma, the comma was interpreted as a decimal point. This has been resolved.

Prices Are Formatted Correctly on the City/Neighborhood Map – (WP–207) – When you look at a city/neighborhood page in Fremont, a map of listings will appear. When you click on any of the properties, a little marker appears showing some basic info about the property. But the price of the home was not formatted with commas for the thousands separator. This has been resolved.

Property Details Page Images Always Displayed Consistently – (WP–249) – The property details page shows a gallery of images including a single large image. If the image from the MLS has a low resolution, then it was displayed inconsistently. This has been resolved to always show images at a consistent size.

Neighborhood Page Social Links Border Removed When Using Custom Color – (WP–257) – All of our themes offer some control of colors displayed. When you choose a different background color, the social links section on the neighborhood page had a wierd border. This has been resolved.

Testimonials Widget Links To Full Testimonials – (WP–258) – Testimonials are always great to have. Unfortunately our testimonials were small excerpts and not being linked to the full testimonial. This has been resolved.

Feedburner URL is not subscribing users – (WP–367) – If you have a email-enabled Feedburner feed and try to subscribe at the footer of the home page you would get an error message: The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled. This now works. This was also occuring on Franklin.

Phoenix Theme

Deactivate Blog Posts – (WP–173) – We have some customers who prefer to not have a blog section, but there was no way to turn off the blog section. Now you can under Theme Options > Home > Enable Blog Posts Section.

Plymouth Theme

Primary Button Color (WP–33) – Under Theme Options > Color & Styles, there are options to change button colors, but when you make the changes, the border aound the button wouldn’t change. This has been resolved.

Recent Blog Posts Widget Displays Featured Images – (WP–280) – When recent blog posts have a featured image and you add a Recent Blog Posts widget, the featured images didn’t appear next to the posts. This has been resolved.

Searching by Max Price When Purchase Type Selected Fixed – (WP–288) – On Plymouth it was possible to set Purchase Type and Max Price for a search and max price wouldn’t be respected in the search. This issue has now been resolved.

Site Title No Longer Overlaps Logo on Mobile – (WP–309) – When viewing the site on a mobile device, the text of the title would overlap the logo image. This was the case for any browser thinner than 680 pixels. This issue has been resolved.

Sedona Theme

Home Slideshow Captions – (WP–186) – The Sedona Theme was designed to have a captionless slideshow. But under Theme Options, there are textboxes for captions on the slideshow. These textboxes have been removed.

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