Release Notes – October 25, 2013


By Matt Williams


This week we made lots of fixes to our hosted platform, our plugin, and a few of our themes. Here is what we fixed:

On some mobile devices, slideshow images weren’t resizing correctly. We have improved this to work better on more devices, but this work is still ongoing.

When using the Agent Widget on a page other than the home page, it wasn’t possible to change the email address of the agent to something other than the default email address. This has been resolved.

Yoast allows you to change the description text in a Google Search. Yoast is installed on our hosted platform, but this feature wasn’t working. It has been resolved.

When you use Global Filters on a site, perhaps limiting Property Type to Single Family, a search form would still allow you to choose other property types. This has been resolved so that search forms only allow for options included in global filters.

If a Widget Area defined that widgets should be laid out horizontally, certain widgets would still be laid out vertically. This is fixed.

In some circumstances the address shown in a list of listings is different that what is shown in the property details page. This has been resolved.

Some MLS listings for a particular MLS were showing the wrong image first. This has been resolved.

An updated Ventura theme was finally updated on This has been an issue for a long time and we are very excited to see a working Ventura up there. Now for the other two.

Fixes on the Sedona Theme

The Sedona slideshow would randomly pick different images from various properties. This has been resolved to always take the first photo.

Fixes on the Fremont Theme

If you change the text of the Market Snapshot Widget’s button, the new text was not displayed. This has been resolved.

The neighborhood widget was displaying raw PHP instead of neighborhoods for a short time. This was resolved.

Fixes on the Toronto Theme

It is possible to set a Max Price on searches. The Quick Search Widget was displaying the Rental’s Max Price instead of the Sales Max Price value. This was resolved.

When adding widgets to a widget area on a single property page, the widgets weren’t displaying. This was resolved.

Fixes on the Phoenix Theme

LinkedIn and Facebook widgets got reversed.

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