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By Matt Barba

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With the Placester IDX solution, you can transform any WordPress website into a beautiful, user-friendly real estate site that delivers industry-leading MLS search functionality. Our solution is compatible with third-party themes (such as the Agency and AgentPress themes by StudioPress) and allows you to easily add IDX search to any post or page.

There are two main features that make our IDX solution stand out from the crowd: It’s responsive and it’s completely customizable.


When we talk about responsive design here at Placester, we don’t just mean slapping a traditional IDX on top of a responsive theme. With Placester’s IDX, the listing data and images automatically adapt to different screen sizes, regardless of the device a visitor is using. So whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, folks will always have a great experience when visiting a real estate website that’s powered by the Placester IDX.

placester responsive IDX


The most important point that I want you to take away is that Placester’s IDX is fully customizable. You can customize which fields users can search with, as well as what listing information appears in search results and on property detail pages. For example, if you have a client in Colorado who wants to include proximity to ski areas in their search form, you can do that with Placester’s IDX. The same goes for any number of market-or niche-specific search criteria.

Placester's customizable IDX

If you have a client who has a great idea on how they’re going to set themselves apart in their market, you’ll know that when you’re using Placester’s IDX, you’ll have a platform that’s always going to allow you to say “yes.”

Our philosophy is that you shouldn’t be selling the same tired IDX. Instead, you should be selling your IDX: and IDX that’s backed up by all of the knowledge and expertise that makes you and your business so valuable to real estate professionals.

To learn more about Placester’s IDX, send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-728-8391.

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