Placester Release Notes – August 23, 2013


By Matt Williams


This post is the first of a weekly series of release notes. These is a comprehensive list of the new features and updates made to the Placester platform. Each week on Friday by the end of the day we will post another Release Note.


This week was largely focused on some major platform compatibility updates, as well as improvements to the Shortcode functionality.

Support for PHP 5.4 – When PHP 5.4 was released there were certain enforced requirements around function declarations. Over the last few weeks a few partners and customers had transitioned to 5.4 and experienced various conflicts. These are now resolved.

Shortcode Updates
Search Form Shortcode Non-Ajax Redirect – The Search Form shortcode has two primary modes: Ajax and non-ajax. Non-ajax redirects to a second page for the listing results. At some point in the previous week this broke for some customers. This is now resolved.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 4.23.47 PMSearch Form Shortcode Configuration Screen – The configuration for the search form shortcode was also updated. The confusing checkbox was removed leaving just a text box for a URL for the listings page. When you fill this in, that page will be used instead of relying on a search listings shortcode on the same page. Also, “Widget Class” changed to “CSS Class” to more accurately describe what the field means.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 4.25.31 PMSearch Form Shortcode Template Submit Button – The basic template did not include a search button. This is fine when the listings are on the same page because of AJAX, but when on different pages, the submit button is very important. This is now resolved.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 4.26.37 PMSlideshow Shortcode Animation options – Changed the wording for the transition/animation settings.

Placester Backend Updates – Several updates were made to the backend that supports the Placester platform to prepare for some changes coming next week.

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