Fighting Social Media Redundancy, Part 3: LinkedIn


By Colin Ryan

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How to tailor your content marketing efforts for LinkedInContent Marketing for Pros

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we discussed how you can avoid repetition and boost the appeal of your blog and marketing content by taking advantage of the unique features of Facebook and Twitter. Today, we’ll change gears as we consider how to present blog posts, videos, and other materials on LinkedIn.

Provide value, not entertainment.

Facebook and Twitter have plenty of important differences when it comes to overall structure, etiquette, and user habits. In general, though, the underlying principle is the same: to pass the time in a casual, enjoyable way.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a professional social network, and its members are there not to kill time, but to invest it. LinkedIn users are seeking new contacts, business opportunities, and strategies for growth, not puppy videos and witty observations. If Twitter is the place to be provocative, LinkedIn is the place to be informative, and the content you post here, as well as the caption promoting it, should emphasize that quality.

Since they come with concrete goals in mind, LinkedIn users tend to be less active on the site. While Facebook and Twitter users spend an average of 405 and 89 minutes per month respectively on their newsfeeds, LinkedIn users log only 21 minutes a month.

This may seem paltry, but don’t forget that less time means less content, and less content means less competition and more exposure for you. It also means you can get the same boost in exposure on LinkedIn posting once a week that you’d get posting twice a day on Twitter.

Join relevant groups to engage people interested in your contentJoin the club.

LinkedIn Groups are a valuable but often overlooked resource for content marketers. Joining a LinkedIn group allows you to make direct contact with people who would otherwise be out of your network. It also puts your content in front of people you know are interested in what you have to say.

One of the challenges of using groups is finding one that suits your needs. Some groups don’t allow you to include links to your content at all; others seem to be devoted exclusively to self-promoting posts at the expense of any real sharing. The key is to find a highly active group with lots of members you can actually sell to. If you’re a real estate broker in Florida, posting your content in Southern California Realtor Network won’t do you much good.

Once you’ve found your ideal audience, you’ll have to earn their clicks by participating meaningfully in discussions. As for the links themselves, don’t post them without comment. Instead, relate them to an existing discussion or pair them with a question likely to get a response. You can even use the conversations you have in your groups to generate topics for future content pieces.

Generate authority for your businessFind questions, offer answers.

Like groups, LinkedIn Answers also affords you the opportunity to directly engage people who are interested in your content. Try browsing questions people have posted to see if you’ve answered any already on your blog. You can refine your search according to category and industry. You can also limit your results to questions that haven’t been answered yet.

As with your participation in groups, you’ll need to earn the right to link. That means more than simply posting one your articles that’s somewhat relevant to the question. Instead, provide a highly informative answer that shows off your expertise. Then, offer up your content as a resource for additional information on the subject.

As a bonus, your answers will show up in your profile and on your connections’ feeds, generating authority for your company and making people more likely to check out your content.

That’s it for LinkedIn, but stay tuned for more in this series as we examine how you can replace canned social media posts with tailored content and captions that will boost your marketing efforts.

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