5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need The New iPad 3


By Seth Price

Industry News

I’m all for the latest and greatest shiny new gadget debut. But the speed at which devices show up as the new “must have” of the moment is, frankly, mind numbing. I’m a little nostalgic for the days when it was perfectly acceptable to have the same computer or laptop for 2 to 3 years.

Despite the fact that the average smartphone could have powered the Apollo space missions of my childhood, I’m not sure all these digital breakthroughs are going to deliver nirvana for you, and Apple’s new offering is no exception. Here are five reasons you can do without The New iPad (or, for that matter, every other hot new device for the next year).

It’s not really a game-changer.

So it has a higher resolution and better battery life. Unless it’s going to make me more money, write my emails, answer my calls and get me day off, I’m not sure how much The New iPad is going to change my life any more than the iPad 2. In fact, I sold my iPad 2 a while ago when I realized I was one of those guys carrying around a laptop, iPhone and iPad. That’s enough computing power to run a small agency, and completely unnecessary for one human being.

The time it takes to switch to a new device is costly.

In business, we call it “opportunity cost.” In our day to day, we call it “life.” No matter what you call it, there are many hours involved in learning how to use a new device as technologically advanced as The New iPad. Sure, it seems simple in the commercial. Just power it on and your emails and photos magically appear. Make movies like DeNiro and take photos like Avedon. But no one talks about the time you’ll spend dealing with AT&T or Verizon, switching over your data plan, or the time lost when you realize that Microsoft products don’t love the iPad as much as they should. Genius Bar or not, you still have to drag yourself to an Apple Store location to get help.

You suck at multitasking.

I’ve heard all of the arguments about how efficient you can be with your New iPad. “The 10 Best Apps for Business,” “The 5 best Apps for Productivity,” “How to Run Your Business With an iPad and an iPhone,” etc. That stuff is all marketing. Unless you’re a drug dealer, I’m not convinced you need iTools to make your deals. What you need are clear goals, focus and hard work. In reality, using the iPad is often the opposite of being productive. It feels a bit like littering the path to my son’s school with gummy bears: he’s never going to make it to class if there’s gummies to pick up. Plus, unless you’re of superhuman stock, focusing on one task for an extended time period on a device that has 200,000 apps to choose from is next to impossible.

You can’t possibly consume all that content in a lifetime.

We have become a society that collects content, but seldom consumes it. Be honest: how many articles do you actually read? How many books? How much of your music library do you really listen to? When is the last time you made a movie? If you’re like most consumers with smart devices, you spend most of your time collecting content to read or watch later, and a small portion of your time actually reading or watching. While it can be immensely pleasurable to have a music library larger than most radio stations of yesteryear, collecting is not the end goal: experiencing life is.

Your privacy is non-existent.

iPads are great for connecting every social media and sharing channel imaginable. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Youtube, Posterous, the list is endless. But what you are also sharing is every microscopic piece of information about your digital life, geo-located for future reference. While I do occasionally reminisce over photos of me as a kid, I’m quite happy that the less than flattering details about my teen years are not digitally archived for the world to explore. Embarrassing photos aside, Apple is just one of thousands of companies that are capitalizing on your personal information, and every time you buy a new shiny gadget and agree to the terms and conditions of the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement), you are giving away your privacy.

So go ahead and revel in the spectacle of The New iPad. Just think before you go out and spend money on one.

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