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10 of the Top Real Estate Minds to Follow on Twitter

By Matthew Bushery


Top Real Estate Minds TwitterIf you’re a real estate agent who regularly uses Twitter, you know it can take quite a bit of time and energy to identify the best people to follow. Your feed is only as good as the people you follow, and if you’re hoping to be in-the-know about your industry, or perhaps tweet some great info to your followers, then it’s important you’re following the best folks on Twitter for real estate. Sure, you may follow some singers, movie stars, and other celebs, but it’s a little more difficult to pinpoint the who’s who of real estate on Twitter.

To help you avoid falling into the trap of following too many people and not knowing how to prioritize the information in your timeline, we’ve identified some great Twitter accounts that can keep you informed and up-to-date with all of the major happenings in the world of real estate.

1)  Chris Smith (@Chris_Smth)Chris Smith Curaytor Twitter account

Who he is: The charismatic co-founder of Curaytor has quite the following on Twitter at around 25,000 followers. In addition to his other business ventures, like the apartment listing site RentMatch, Chris has also written a book on running a business in the modern age and holds a regular webshow about the latest in tech and marketing.

What he tweets: If you’re a real estate agent partaking in Chris’s popular #WaterCooler discussions via Hangouts, you’ll want to follow along with the hashtag on Twitter — others in the industry regularly discuss their thoughts on his sessions. (And you may end up getting a retweet from Chris.) You’ll also find plenty of tweets from him about the newest real estate data to hit the newswires and some promotion of fellow industry sites and blogs with his interesting take on the news.

2)  Amy Chorew (@amychorew)

Amy Chorew Better Homes and Gardens Twitter account

Who she is: As the VP of Platform Development for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Amy makes new and innovative agent and broker tools available to real estate pros in its network. She’s also heavily involved with the National Association of Realtors, as she serves on the Women’s Council of Realtors and NAR’s Professional Development Committee.

What she tweets: Amy does a fantastic job of tweeting useful real estate statistics, trends, and news. And whenever anyone at the company is speaking at a conference (including herself), you can be sure Amy is sharing her observations and opinions and those of her colleagues.

3)  Nobu Hata (@nobuhata)Nobu Hata National Association of Realtors Twitter account

Who he is: After serving as a dedicated Realtor® for several years, Nobu now serves as the Director of Digital Engagement for NAR, where he spreads the good word about the organization and reaches out to industry groups and members via social and other online methods.

What he tweets: The best way to describe Nobu’s approach to Twitter is well-rounded. He posts his own original views, shares those of his colleagues and other agents, and keeps up with the most recent trends and data — including those from NAR, for which he provides plenty of commentary and insights.

4)  Kelly Mitchell (@KellyMitchell)Kelly Mitchell Agent Caffeine Twitter account

Who she is: Running the weekly (and quite entertaining) Agent Caffeine broadcast, Kelly makes it her mission to inform agents, brokers, and other business professionals about the need-to-know news and info on new tech trends, social media opportunities, and anything else that can improve their bottom lines. What she tweets: Kelly’s vibrant personality certainly shines through in her account. When she’s not giving updates on the latest places she’s ventured off to, Kelly’s looking to connect with real estate and other pros to share thoughts on the newest in tech, marketing, and social media.

5)  Paul Morris (@paulmarkmorris)Paul Morris Forward Management Twitter account

Who he is: The Regional Director for Central and Southern California for the brokerage Forward Management is widely respected for his business acumen and real estate skills. His brokerage is one of the top in the nation, thanks in big part to his leadership.

What he tweets: Anything and everything that can transform you into a better real estate professional. The mostly curated content he retweets can definitely serve agents well, as can his posts featuring motivational quotes and distinct insights into the best ways to build wealth and grow a business.

6)  Lani Rosales (@laniar)Lani Rosales AGbeat Twitter account

Who she is: Lani is the chief operating officer of the popular tech, marketing, and real estate blogs AGBeat and Realuso. She gets real estate agents and brokers engaged in the conversations regarding pertinent matters happening in the housing and mortgage markets.

What she tweets: If she’s not telling it like it is, Lani is finding resources across the internet that certainly do. Her very straightforward tweets on the best business practices and the worst ones real estate agents need to avoid make for an always-entertaining read (as does her quirky and fun personality).

7)  Seth Williams (@retipsterseth)Seth Williams REtipster Twitter account

Who he is: Another great real estate tweeter is Seth Williams, who founded the informative blog While the site is geared mostly toward real estate investors, he still features a great deal of content that agents and brokers everywhere will find interesting and insightful.

What he tweets: Seth knows other good real estate resources when he sees them, and he’s certainly not shy about sharing their content with the world along with his own expert musings. Consider his Twitter account to be a “Learn the Who’s Who of Real Estate 101” course that teaches visitors how to find most valuable the real estate info online.

8)  Laura Monroe (@LauraMonroe)Laura Monroe Inman News Twitter account

Who she is: When you think of online real estate marketing resources, Inman is likely top of mind … as it should be, with someone like Laura running the ship. She serves as the publication’s director of industry engagement and social media. Despite her busy day-to-day, she also finds time to publish unique and informative content to the site regularly.

What she tweets: If it’s not tweets about one of Inman’s numerous conferences held nationwide throughout the year, Laura’s stream consists of ongoing conversations with the best and brightest in the industry and shoutouts to great real estate services, tools, apps, and software that agents and brokers need to know about.

9)  Rob Hahn (@robhahn)Rob Hahn 7Ds Associates Twitter account

Who he is: For those who don’t know, Rob happens to run one of the most intriguing real estate blogs out there (and one we’ve featured on our Academy before). His expertise in all things real estate, including the marketing side of things, make him a definite go-to guide for agents.

What he tweets: Just as he covers in his blog, Rob delves into real estate topics ranging from industry regulations updates to new online tools and features, all of which he has very sharp and astute opinions on. In addition to tweeting his blog posts, he’ll spark the conversation a bit more by calling out commenters on his site and posing questions to followers about the matters on his mind, including regulatory news and the latest movements, updates, and changes from industry organizations.

10)  Candace Taylor (@CandaceETaylor)Candace Taylor Wall Street Journal Twitter account

Who she is: Reporting on residential real estate news for The Wall Street Journal, Candace has a knack for finding truly unique angles for her stories, which range from the latest in luxury homes and celebrity transactions to little-known historic properties and trends in markets nationwide.

What she tweets: Candace tweets what she writes for the WSJ — and that’s a great thing for those who want a comprehensive view of the nation’s residential market and housing landscape. She also features equally interesting real estate stories from the likes of Curbed and The New York Times (along with her own commentary).


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What your favorite real estate Twitter accounts? Let us know in the comments below!

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