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The 4 Essential Elements of Modern Real Estate Marketing [Ebook]

The 4 Essential Elements of Modern Real Estate Marketing [Ebook]

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The 4 Essential Elements of Modern Real Estate Marketing [Ebook]

Modern real estate marketing means operating in real time — generating, nurturing, and managing leads as fast as they are interacting with your brand. Leveraging technology to keep tabs on leads and clients and interact with them constantly is now a crucial element of success for your business. Without a real-time marketing plan, you won’t be able to keep up with the constant changes taking place within your marketing funnel.

In order to compete, you need to consistently share content that works on various platforms and devices, reply to leads as soon as possible, and manage clients from anywhere. What this all adds up to is a modern marketing plan — which we explain how to craft in our special guide for agents.

Download our “Modernize Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy” ebook today to learn how you can implement a real-time marketing approach that helps you generate, nurture, and manage leads wherever and whenever.

Continue reading to learn the essential elements needed to assemble this strategy for your agency today.

1) Create (and perfect) your online marketing foundation before you focus on managing your marketing on the go.

You won’t need to worry about managing your various leads while out of the office if you don’t generate enough to grow your business. Thus, it’s important to develop a strong digital marketing foundation for your brand — one that attracts your core audience, helps you get found atop search engine results pages, earns you site clicks from those prospects, and turns those visitors into brand new leads.

Start with the obvious: You need a modern, responsive IDX real estate website you can optimize with ease (e.g. add new pages and blog posts without the need for an expensive, third-party developer). Once this is in place, it’s all about scaling your content creation (area pages, buyer and seller resources, blog posts, videos, etc.). From there you can build a system for promotions and advertisements to get your message to the right leads.

2) Nurture leads with personalized communications, conveniently.

Emails to your leads and clients need to be carefully crafted … but that doesn’t mean you need to labor over your desktop or laptop to do so. Automated and manual emails can be sent right from your phone (as long as you have the right apps and tools in place).

If your mobile CRM sends you notifications that a lead is interested in a particular piece of content or property, you can start nurturing them right away. Add your newest leads to automated drip emails using modern email marketing software, and send manual, personalized emails to the “hottest” prospects. You can also put in notes and set reminders to reach back out to leads. The best part is that you’ll be reaching them at their highest level of interest, which is key in modern marketing.

3) Conduct real-time marketing activities, right from your mobile devices.

This is where your marketing gets fun. While typical office work is inevitable, it’s the real-time, on-the-go element of your promotional activities that can be most enjoyable … when you know the right tactics to employ, of course.

Real-time marketing means mobile content creation, like videos. You can shoot clips of your open houses, conversations with clients, tours around town, and other aspects of your local market, all with the device that’s in your hand throughout the day. So, plan out some scripted recording sessions in which you offer home buying and selling advice, cast a video of you at an intriguing event in your area (anything from business conferences to town festivals), or even just an Instagram video when you grab a bite to eat at a great restaurant — something to educate your leads about the local area.

4) Find the right real estate lead management app for your phone so you can manage leads and clients everywhere.

Sending emails to your prospects on the go is great, but in order to keep tabs on each and every one in your database, you need a mobile app that allows you to easily track new leads, adjust their profiles in your CRM, track their activity on your real estate website, and set tasks and reminders for your lead nurturing.

The best real estate lead management app for agents and brokers is one that provides industry pros the ability to see every detail, request, and preference associated with their prospects, and makes it simple to organize, prioritize, and nurture the “best” ones. Research the market to find the right solution that can do this for your business, especially when you’re out of the office.

Get your online efforts started with our Launch Your Real Estate Marketing Mix guide, then download our Modernize Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy ebook to take your digital plan to the next level.


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