Placester’s Real Estate Marketing Tools Now Available for Your Phone

By Matt Barba

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At Placester, we understand real estate professionals are working out in the field all the time — not sitting at their office, but instead, working with existing clients and meeting with prospective leads. The problem many of these pros face is most modern marketing and sales tools are built solely for desktop.

Since you’re not always near your computer to upload new leads and handle other essential daily business tasks, it’s vital to have a tool that simplifies your core real estate activities when out of the office and allows you to build your business on the go.

Enter Placester Mobile, our brand new real estate CRM app for the iPhone, now available to real estate pros nationwide.

Placester Mobile iPhone app for real estate professionals

Placester Mobile iPhone App for Real Estate Professionals

Placester Mobile is the perfect, modern real estate lead management tool for agents and brokers today, as the sleek, easy-to-use app lets you work smarter with your clients while you’re on the go:

Leads — Placester Mobile organizes all lead and client details for real estate pros, making it simple to connect with customers and prospects via the app. Push notifications can also be sent when someone submits a contact request or creates an account on the user’s website, improving the lead management process significantly for on-the-go industry pros.

Tasks — Our new app also helps agents and brokers track their to-do list and create follow-up notes, tasks, or reminders while out on the job. Tasks can be assigned to contacts, so you’ll know exactly where you stand with customers and leads.

Updates — Stay in-the-know with how to make best use of Placester Mobile thanks to our regular updates for users. You’ll get news and insights that can help you take your real estate marketing and sales efforts to even greater heights.

“Real estate professionals need to constantly think about closing deals, securing more leads and staying in touch with their clients. Being tied to an office often gets in the way of being successful,” said Placester CEO Matt Barba.

“Placester constantly thinks of the working professional’s day-to-day life, and is committed to delivering solutions that seamlessly enable them to do business in the field. Placester Mobile is a huge step forward, designed as an easy-to-use CRM for real estate professionals on the go.”

Want to experience Placester Mobile? Head to the App Store to download the app today, and use the lead management features to start enhancing your on-the-go marketing today!

Upgrade to Mobile CRM for $20/month to access advanced features, including enhanced lead activity notifications, reminders for upcoming tasks, and continuous syncing between mobile and web applications.


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