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Marketing Genius Podcast Recap: Acing Video, Finding Your Motivation, and More

Marketing Genius Podcast Recap: Acing Video, Finding Your Motivation, and More

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Marketing Genius Podcast Recap: Acing Video, Finding Your Motivation, and More

One of the best things about our weekly Marketing Genius Podcast is that we not only get to pick the brains of top real estate marketers — agents, brokers, techies, and executives — but we also get to cover a wide range of topics within the world of marketing.

Take the experts featured in this Placester podcast recap. In these episodes, we discuss making engaging real estate videos, crafting a cohesive company culture, brand-building tips for brokers and team leaders, what motivates agents to succeed today, and more.

Dive right into our roundup of episodes from March 2016, and let us know in the comments what you think of the real estate marketing advice and insights expertise shared in each one.

Acing Real Estate Video with Marguerite Giguere & Anne Jones

This Washington-state-based duo have been real estate marketing stars since the turn of the decade. Their secrets to success are many, but one facet of their online marketing campaigns that has helped catapult their careers is video. By creating relevant, relatable, and personable real estate videos (here’s a perfect example from the pair), Giguere and Jones have built an audience that knows, trusts, and wants to work with them.

In addition to sharing their strategy for creating videos that resonate with their target demographic, Giguere and Jones also relay their overall branding philosophy — how they attract lots of attention from the right people. That means creating blog posts, infographics, and other content that connects with those who are actually likely to buy or sell in their area — something many agents would do well to remember with their own content creation efforts.

This episode is chock-full of useful information agents can implement in their day-to-day marketing strategies, as well as ideas they can use to generate and nurture leads for the long haul.

Placester Marketing Genius Podcast Anne Jones Marguerite Giguere


Culture First with Sarah Jones & Zach Schabot

“Don’t look at what other real estate companies are doing. Figure out, ‘Who are my ideal clients?’” This piece of advice comes from Bamboo Realty’s Zach Schabot, who, along with Bamboo co-founder Sarah Jones, joined Seth on the podcast to explain what it takes to build a company culture that’s unique and distinct.

Establishing a culture takes hard work and dedication, Schabot and Jones explain. It doesn’t simply come down to hiring great people or devising a winning sales strategy. Rather, it takes a more granular approach of determing the personalities you want working at your business, finding those people, and getting them involved in developing and improving the culture over time.

In this episode, the duo elaborate on their culture-building expertise, including why agency-runners need to “lighten up” to make an impact with their teams, leads, and clients, as well as the keys to creating a distinct brand identity that distinguishes you from competitors.

Placester Marketing Genius Podcast Zach Schabot Sarah Jones


The Power of Indie Brokerages with Pam O’Connor

Many brokers spend so much time ensuring their agents’ real estate marketing is on target they forget to focus on the bigger picture — that is, brokerage marketing. This, according to Leading Real Estate Companies of the World President and CEO Pam O’Connor, is one of the biggest mistakes brokerages of all kinds make today.

In our interview with O’Connor, she reveals her thoughts on what brokers must do differently in today’s real estate landscape compared to years past. In particular, O’Connor states that the modern broker must not only add value for their agents and clients, but also ensure their entire market knows the value they bring to the table and what makes them the best brokerage around.

Having overseen some of the most successful independent brokerages in the world at LeadingRE, O’Connor clearly understands how brokers should communicte their value propositions and leverage that messaging to grow their businesses. Hear more of O’Connor’s broker suggestions, including her thoughts on making the most of referrals, in this episode of the Marketing genius Podcast.

Placester Marketing Genius Podcast Pam O'Connor


Finding Your Motivation with Jared James

For agents working solo, or at firms where there simply isn’t much guidance or training available, the next best option is to hire a real estate coach — a certified real estate trainer, like Jared James Enterprises CEO and Founder Jared James, who can help agents develop a blueprint for success and ensure they stick to that blueprint.

Still, James notes on the podcast that agents shouldn’t simply approach a coach for help and assume all will be well. Instead, he said, they must have the drive to become a successful real estate agent and take calculated risks that could pay off for their businesses. Failing to do so will lead to stagnant business growth.

Listen to James explain what every agent should focus on with their real estate marketing and sales efforts to enhance their bottom lines, why some agents simply don’t work hard enough, and how having an online presence can help even the most prosperous agents improve in this episode of the Marketing Genius Podcast.

Placester Marketing Genius Podcast Jared James

Learn about the real estate marketing subjects discussed in the February 2016 episodes of the Marketing Genius Podcast here, and be sure to catch up on our first batch of episodes from January 2016.

What do you think of these episodes? Learn any new and valuable insights for your real estate business? Share your thoughts with us below!


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