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Acing Real Estate Video with Marguerite Giguere & Anne Jones

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It’s no secret that video is an incredibly powerful medium for marketers in just about every industry. Today’s consumers spend nearly two hours with digital video each day, compared to 1:44 on social networks. By 2017, it’s predicted that video will make up nearly 70 percent of all web traffic. In real estate, 85 percent of buyers and sellers say they want to work with an agent who uses video. Clearly, the benefits of video are hard to ignore.

So much of the training around our business is how to get strangers to like you. And if strangers already like you, your job just gets really easy.

— Marguerite Giguere

Still, many real estate professionals are hesitant to make the leap from dreaming about video to actually doing it. How do I get started? What equipment do I need? How much work will it take, and when will I see results? Many agents are afraid to fail. To be fair, a bad video can have consequences: 62 percent of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor quality video.

Nevertheless, the potential of video far outweighs the risks. Just ask Marguerite Giguere and Anne Jones from Windermere Professional Partners in Tacoma, WA. Marguerite and Anne have leveraged video to market their real estate business and engage their community, and the result has been not just more sales, but also better, more engaged leads. “It’s a game changer,” Anne told us. “Never before have we been able to go right to our clients before they were clients, and educate them ourselves into our own philosophy of doing business.”

Marguerite and Anne aren’t just experts in real estate video: they’re also experts in creating a personal brand that resonates with consumers. An avid blogger and podcaster, Marguerite Marguerite turned one of her favorite hobbies, skydiving, into a hallmark that encapsulates her fun, informal approach to her business. Anne, meanwhile, has over 2,600 followers on Instagram, where her artful mix of personal and professional life has netted her new listings and new clients. Together, they’re a powerhouse real estate team in their market with tons of satisfied clients.

In this interview, we sat down with Marguerite and Anne to talk about the value of giving away your real estate expertise, and how a great video can help you win new clients before they even meet you.

- Matt & Seth
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