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Top 5 Posts on Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

By Seth Price



A lot has been written on the topic of social media marketing over the past few years. As a result, finding relevant, well-written online resources about social media can be a challenge. To help you cut through the noise, we’ve put together this list of the best posts on social media marketing for the real estate industry. In no particular order…

1) Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Industry

by Nathan Mendenhall (via Social Media Today)

This post offers a unique perspective on social media for real estate. Written by a social media professional who has experience working with real estate companies (but isn’t an agent or broker himself), “Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Industry” offers general advice for how you can leverage social media to create trust and add value. Quote: “Real estate is one industry that seems to be dipping their toes into social media, but has yet to dive in.”

2) How to Master Social Media: The Do’s and Don’ts for Real Estate

by Geneva Ives (via RISMedia)

At a loss as to what you should – or shouldn’t – be doing on your business’s social channels? This three-page post from real estate industry news site RISMedia offers some guidance as well as a few stats that explain why agents use social media. Quote: “Interaction is key to creating social media personality that attracts connections and referrals. If someone tweets you, reply promptly. if you like a post, let the author know by taking the time to share it or leave a thoughtful comment.”

3) 4 Ways to Create Your Social Media Strategy and Wipe Out 80 Percent of Your Competition

by Laura Monroe (via Inman News)

Yes, it’s a bold title. But Laura Monroe (Social Media Director at Inman News) admits this readily in the opening line of her post: “OK, the title is a little dramatic.” The rest of Monroe’s post is filled with great information and insight, including data from the 2013 Social Media Industry Report. A major bonus to this post is the sometimes heated (and sometimes humorous) discussion in the comments section. We’ll let you dive in on your own, but for now, here’s a quote from the actual post: “Facebook is the TOOL, not the strategy. Know the difference.”

4) Social Media for Real Estate

by Ashlie Mauldin (via Katie Wagner Social Media)

If you’re looking for some specific “to-dos” for your social media marketing strategy, this post has got you covered. Instead of offering a standard, paragraph-driven post, social media specialist Ashlie Mauldin breaks things down into several numbered lists. The topics of these lists include “How to build relationships,” “How to network on social media,” and “How to be a real estate resource on social media.” Quote: “Think of your Social Media channels as the houses you show to potential buyers – you want them to be clean, presentable, and full of resources to enrich the lives of others!”

5) 3 Tips to Position Yourself as the Local Expert in Social Media for Real Estate

by Katie Lance (via Real Estate Marketing Academy)

This guest post by social media consultant Katie Lance offers insight into how you can use social media to position yourself as a real estate expert in the area (or areas) you serve. Instead of focusing on the “big three” social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), Lance dives into how you can leverage Foursquare, Instagram, and Google+ for boosting your local presence. Quote: “Typically, agents who focus on their core community where they live, love and breathe – this is where they find true success.”

Know of a great social media marketing for real estate post that we didn’t include? Share it in the comments section below!

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