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2018 Real Estate Marketing Survey: Top Takeaways from Placester’s Report

2018 Real Estate Marketing Survey: Top Takeaways from Placester’s Report

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2018 Real Estate Marketing Survey: Top Takeaways from Placester’s Report

Real estate professionals are ready to boost their bottom lines by supercharging their marketing in 2018. Placester’s latest survey of their real estate marketing plans reveals an industry ready to invest more time, money and energy toward online marketing and generating more leads.

Do you know which digital marketing strategies are becoming industry norms?

Or how your own real estate marketing efforts compare to your peers?

Take a look at some of insights below to determine if you’re positioned for a 2018 of real estate marketing success.

Real Estate Marketing Objectives for 2018

Any successful business owner will tell you that goals are extremely important for achieving long-term growth.

For a large portion of surveyed real estate professionals, lead generation is their top focus.

marketing success - 2018 real estate marketing survey

Regardless of experience, skill level or niche, real estate professionals remain focused on attracting valuable clients.

If real estate lead generation is your goal for 2018, make sure you have a lead management system in place. Without it you won’t be able to keep track of your prospects, or determine which leads are worthy of  continued nurturing, today or in the near future.

Real Estate Professionals Identify Their Marketing Challenges

While many agents have a clear goal in mind when it comes to managing their real estate marketing efforts, that doesn’t mean there won’t be obstacles in their way.

marketing challenges- 2018 real estate marketing survey

While lead generation is a top priority for many, it is also a major challenge. Nearly half of surveyed real estate professionals said they anticipate difficulties generating leads, while nearly a quarter said they worry about converting those leads into new business.

Another top concern among real estate agents? Measuring their marketing performance. Ironically, many people also said that finding the right marketing software was a challenge. They’re right to consider this an important task, as all the difficulties mentioned above can be addressed by all-in-one real estate marketing software.

Where Real Estate Pros Will Focus Their Marketing Efforts

There are many routes that real estate professionals can take to ultimately reach their marketing goals. While the best path is different for each realtor, several marketing strategies are beginning to emerge as the most popular tactics for greater exposure in 2018.

Real Estate Pros Venture Into Video

video marketing- 2018 real estate marketing survey

Agents are embracing the power of video marketing. Almost half of those surveyed said it will be a major focal point of their real estate marketing efforts, while a smaller portion said that they will be including some video in their marketing efforts.

Incorporating video into your marketing doesn’t require a professional camera, lighting, or a production studio. Your smartphone or tablet can be just as effective for your video marketing needs.

Real Estate Pros Set Their Sights on Social Media

social media- 2018 real estate marketing survey

Social media is undeniably a great channel for generating real estate leads. However, not every social platform holds the same value for real estate professionals.

Facebook’s large user base makes it the go-to social network for real estate agents looking to promote their services. However, they’re also exploring other options, such as mainly mobile, visual-based sites like Instagram or the connection-driven, informal communication of Twitter.

Whichever social media channel you choose to prioritize in 2018, make sure you have a clear idea of how you can incorporate it into your overarching real estate marketing goals.

Real Estate Websites Get Optimized for Lead Generation

optimized site- 2018 real estate marketing survey

While there are many digital platforms where agents can boost their online presence, a real estate website should always be the strongest focal point. After all, that’s where leads will go when they want to browse available properties, learn more about the agency, and get in touch.

It’s no surprise that an optimized website is a crucial keystone of your digital lead generation pipeline. Many survey responders are building community pages to make their website a valuable source of information for interested homebuyers who are researching new locations to move. Others are working to make their site more visual by incorporating more photos and videos.

Get a glimpse of other REALTORS’ digital efforts in our 2018 Real Estate Marketing Strategy Survey Report:

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