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The Value of All-in-One Real Estate Marketing Software: An ROI Analysis for Agents

By Matthew Bushery

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Placester real estate marketing softwareThe median age of full-time REALTORS® nationwide continues to drop, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. That’s hardly surprising to some of the over 1 million real estate professionals who work in the U.S. today, but it’s still an interesting data point, nonetheless.

The primary reason this statistic stands out to many in the industry is that it indicates a continuing trend among the agent and broker community: It’s no longer a field devoid of young sales reps (and even brokers), as numerous Millennials have made — and continue to make — significant headway with their real estate businesses.

The growing number of young agents each year has brought about another growing trend: the desire for better real estate technology — all-in-one solutions that streamline their online marketing and sales strategies and, in turn, puts more money in their pockets.

Now, this is hardly a preference strictly among 35-and-under agents and brokers. In fact, as data continues to prove, it’s an increasing need among practically all full-time real estate professionals, and it’s easy to see why.

The main reason you need all-in-one real estate software?You’re more efficient with one system than with many.

In 2014, just half of all marketers used a single marketing software solution to run and track online campaigns, per a VentureBeat report. That means the other half used multiple systems to organize all of their marketing and sales efforts — something that undoubtedly caused many a migraine for the brand promotion teams charged with using these separate platforms.

While some cloud software applications offer a variety of integrations with other systems these days, you’d be hard-pressed to find an agent who’s completely satisfied with using several solutions on a daily basis to conduct and monitor their digital marketing strategy. It can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

Find an all-in-one tech solution that simplifies your routine marketing and sales tasks.

Roughly five in six full-time marketing pros say ease of use is their primary concern when it comes to identifying the right tech to use as the main marketing software. Moreover, the average marketer spends nearly four hours per week collecting and analyzing audience data and setting up drip email campaigns.

Add these two sets of data together, and it becomes increasingly clear why anyone marketing their business needs a unified software option to handle their core marketing endeavors.

You may not consider yourself a savvy or dedicated marketer like the ones surveyed for the aforementioned studies, but marketing is integral to your business, whether you’re operating alone or with a team. That means working smart to execute your real estate marketing plan, including content creation and promotion, IDX website optimization, and activity tracking for your leads and visitors.

Find an all-in-one solution that simplifies the day-to-day tasks associated with marketing and managing your business: from a CRM that makes lead and client management a cinch to a content management system that makes writing, editing, and publishing website content easy, too.

One real estate marketing software solution for lead gen and nurturing means more money and less effort.

So, you now know the importance of having a single solution for practically all of your business activities. Now, it’s time to find the right real estate technology for your business — and we do mean real estate technology and not automation software that applies to just any type of company or organization.

According to an Inman News Special Report, having all-inclusive real estate CRM software is one of the most desired types of technology agents and brokers want today, behind just smartphones and access to one’s local MLS. That right there tells you all you need to know about how top producers nationwide view this kind of tech for their overall brand success.

You might be saying to yourself, “I just don’t see the issue with having multiple software to run my online marketing.” And we can’t fault you if you’ve developed a comfort zone with making the most of these distinct programs. Having said that, just know the amount of time, energy, and money you could save by using all-in-one real estate software.

Before we delve into comprehensive real estate agent software options, though, let’s note the exceptions to this “all-in-one” software rule.

There are certainly solutions on the market that you just won’t be able to sync into any real estate-oriented software you secure, nor would you really need to. For instance, you can use helpful social media automation tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Edgar, and the like that simplify your social sharing, earn you more fans and followers, and drive more traffic back to your Realtor website.

As it pertains to the chief functions of your real estate marketing strategy, however, you absolutely need to get a system in place that affords you the chance to handle these regularly conducted activities through a single, centralized dashboard — one in which you can view all of your website, email, lead, and client data in one place.

Countless reports and polls of B2B and B2C brands alike show the use of marketing automation software not only streamlines routine activities, but also enhances these companies’ bottom lines and allows them to focus on other essential areas of their businesses:

marketing automation software statistics

Having the right real estate tech in place is important — but so, too, is having a plan for making the most of it.

As with any software you secure for your real estate business, you’ll want to learn the ins and outs of it so you can maximize how you use it.

In addition to allocating an hour here and there to test all of the tools and widgets that come along with your system (like, say, lead capture forms you can implement on your website or a lead source integration feature), you should also determine how your new platform fits in the grand scheme of your overall marketing plan.

The best real estate technology helps you stay on top of all of your must-handle digital duties.

Just like an editorial calendar helps you map out your content plan, a system that makes sure you stay on top of your must-handle digital duties (page updates, lead segmentation, new drip email creation, etc.) can help you gradually boost your ROI from using software.

The “too-long-didn’t-read” moral of the story is this: Yes, you must allot time to get to know your real estate software … but you also must have a plan in place to get the maximum value from said software.

Start by listing out all of the functionality your new system offers. As noted, most all-in-one cloud real estate solutions offer a hybrid of both contact and content management systems, along with other agent- and broker-geared tools, like lead assignment and IDX integration.

Once you know everything your software is capable of, you’ll be on your way to utilizing every aspect of it for your business and — over time — improving your daily and weekly Realtor marketing processes.

Don’t neglect other real estate tech! There are still additional solutions you ought to use too.

It can be quite easy to get caught up with solely using an all-in-one platform given the typically myriad useful components that often come pre-loaded with them (not to mention the steady product updates most software providers make to their systems over time, which also help immensely).

It can be easy to forget there are other kinds of software tools and apps that don’t (and may never) sync with your principal system, but are still worth considering.

Take RealSatisfied, for instance. The real estate ratings and reviews software is a premier solution for agents and brokers who want to show just how successful they are in closing deals for their beloved clients. It may not gel seamlessly with your particular real estate software, but it still merits inclusion in your brand promotion blueprint.

This is just one example, of course. There are many other real estate tech tools Realtors should incorporate into their online efforts to generate more website traffic and augment their behind-the-scenes business tasks, among other things.

The trick is finding the balance between conducting your essential marketing responsibilities using your main software system and then turning your attention to the supporting techniques you can implement with these kinds of gizmos.

Once you achieve this balance — and learn to use your software to more easily attract, capture, and nurture leads — your ROI will only go up over time.

Watch our webinar to discover the many benefits of all-in-one real estate CRM software for your business!

Placester webinar real estate CRM software

Do you use one or more real estate tech tools for your brand? Share your marketing software approach below!

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