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8 Breathtaking Real Estate Listing Videos from 2014

8 Breathtaking Real Estate Listing Videos from 2014

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8 Breathtaking Real Estate Listing Videos from 2014

Listing videos have evolved a lot in recent years. The advances in high-definition cameras have allowed real estate agents to show off homes in intricate detail, and the number of companies that offer video services to agents has increased significantly. In short, you now have plenty of tools and resources to help you create attractive, informative, and affordable real estate listing videos.

While we previously highlighted some of the best YouTube videos for real estate, we haven’t showcased the best of the best when it comes to videos for real estate listings. To get some inspiration for your listing videos, we suggest taking a look at eight of the most beautifully breathtaking videos we’ve seen this year and read what made each one so appealing and unique.

1)  Ruhm Destination Marketing/The Boutique Real Estate Group

Arguably one of the best luxury real estate listing videos we’ve ever seen, the production values of this particular property recording are outstanding. The home for sale has an entire website dedicated to it, and deservedly so, given the stunning interior, splendid exterior, and premier location.

The guide displaying the property’s features in the video is pleasant and inviting as well, making viewers feel as if they’re in the house taking a personal tour. And yet, the most impressive component of the video may very well be the attention to detail — for example, the lit candle and filled wine glasses on the back porch during sunset. The scene is picture perfect, and appropriate for the demographic the real estate group representing the property is targeting.

2)  Madison Realty

Though we recently detailed why using drones in real estate marketing may not be the best idea for agents (yet, at least), this listing video uses just such an unmanned aerial device excellently. Given the property’s location along the gorgeous coastline, it was definitely a good idea to get plenty of footage of the water, beach, and weather the property’s future owner will get to experience. Another notable feature of the video is the use of upbeat music, which prevents the listing video from becoming boring and supports the imagery.

The text overlay describing each aspect of the home being shown also helps provide more information potential buyers would need to make an informed decision. Overall, money was well spent on this video.

3)  Windermere Real Estate

Because of the soundtrack, camera angles, and production values, this 3-minute listing video feels like a short film — and an award-worthy one at that. Again, a drone made the footage here possible, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that every appealing feature of this property, including the lake and deep woods surrounding it, is displayed so intimately. The company behind the video is a top-tier storyteller, as it easily transitions from highlighting the home to showing what the homeowner’s lifestyle will entail once they move in: local parks, a school right around the corner, a boating dock along the water. It’s quite the mini-cinematic feat.

4)  The Corcoran Group

It’s not difficult to imagine that major real estate agencies and brokerages spend a decent amount of money to showcase the luxurious properties they represent, especially those in New York City, where extravagant luxury apartments abound.

Here, The Corcoran Group does an amazing job of focusing on one unique aspect — a wine cellar — that makes this listing a glamorous and distinctive one. Since the real estate company knows its audience so well, it’s keenly aware that honing in on one upscale, prestigious feature like this is enough to pique the target buyers’ interest and get them to inquire about the unit.

The branding at the bottom-right corner of the screen also keeps the firm’s name atop viewers’ minds, while the call to action at the end provides plenty of ways for viewers to reach out to the business. The video is a case study in grabbing attention and brand strengthening.

5)  Real Estate MLS TV/Horizons by the Sea, Inc.

The soothing voice used while the camera pans over the scenic views of this piece of Florida real estate is certainly an exceptional way to grab viewers’ attention right off the bat. The fact that the narrator describes the area and property in question in vivid detail — without including any hyperbolic descriptions or sounding fake — is another big plus (you’d be amazed how many videos exist with both of those unfortunate traits). The detailed call to action at the end of the video for the agent representing the sellers is a nice touch — after all, prospective buyers need to know who to contact if enticed by the home for sale shown.

6)  Faith Wilson Realty Group

Similar to the previous video, this listing clip keeps viewers informed from beginning to end, due to the lengthy narration. Since they’re not actually touring the property in question, viewers need to somehow get the inside scoop on all major aspects of the home, and writing a detailed script that conveys all of the particulars of the residence makes a big difference for prospective buyers. Also, the commentary regarding all of the property’s features makes it appealing for all kinds of buyers; from couples without kids who want something luxurious to growing families who would take advantage of the vast space. Too much detail in these videos can rarely be a bad thing, so providing viewers with an incentive to watch from start to finish by offering an exhaustive look around the home is ideal.

7)  The BREL Real Estate Team

You don’t need a flying machine to show off the great aspects of a home for sale — and it’s not just the home you want to show off. For example, the folks at BREL Real Estate Team make sure to display what the local area around the property includes, like retail businesses and public transportation, so buyers get the full picture as to what the neighborhood and community have to offer. As for the video of the residence itself, revealing every corner of the home and paying close attention to the curb appeal out front and the appealing backyard likely paid off for the firm.

8)  Stockworth Realty

Selling multimillion-dollar residential properties is an artform. One would think that posting a YouTube listing video for such a home may not be the wisest tactic, but don’t tell the Stockworth Realty team that. Their videos get a lot of traction. This recent addition has received nearly 60,000 views so far. While the background music and cinematography are top-notch, it’s the attention paid to staging the home that stands out here. It takes a great deal of time and effort to set up large properties like this for videos, so hats off to Stockworth for putting in the energy to make this a successful creation.

BONUS: Ryan Serhant/Nest Seekers International

Granted, this video from the “Million Dollar Listing New York” star doesn’t really show off much of the Manhattan unit it’s advertising, but the sheer amount of time, energy, and, most certainly, money spent on this video warranted its inclusion in this list. Ryan did show off one noteworthy feature of the home (after a night time helicopter tour of NYC, of course).

The “Sky Vault,” as it’s branded, allows the homeowner to park their car in their unit, thanks to a nifty elevator that brings their ride all the way to the high-up floor on which the apartment resides. This definitely gives agents around the country an idea of the lengths some real estate pros will go to make a name for themselves and close a deal (not to mention how much money Mr. Serhant is pulling in as a Big Apple broker).

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