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The 20 Best Real Estate Listing Presentation Tools


By Matthew Bushery


Real estate agent listing presentation tools apps softwareAttractive, professional listing presentations win over clients, so we’ve identified 20 great tools to make your presentations stand out. With these handy resources, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to get beautiful results.

Graphics are obviously important to the visual appeal of your listing presentation, but there are other elements you may not have considered, like stylish fonts, informative charts, and presentation software (there’s more to life than PowerPoint). We’ve touched on all the bases so you can create a listing presentation that looks great on every level.

1)  Canva

Price: Free

Arguably the most popular tool in this post, Canva makes graphic design easy — even if you consider yourself a not-so-tech-savvy real estate agent. The platform offers numerous design formats that fit all of your real estate marketing needs, including listing presentations. You can upload images, add text overlays and icons, create photo collages, and beautify your listing presentation in countless ways using Canva.

Top Features

  • Easy drag-and-drop interface for adding text and visuals to your presentations.
  • A seemingly endless library of images, templates, fonts, and icons to choose from.
  • Detailed but straightforward photo-editing tools to adjust your designs accordingly.
  • A new iPad app that makes designing on the go simple and convenient.

2)  Piktochart

Price: $29/month

Real estate listing presentations usually entail a fair amount of data. Blow them away with easy-to-read stats and figures related to your real estate sales history and local market (like home values) in the form of beautiful infographics featuring graphs and charts created with Piktochart. If you’re concerned about starting from scratch and organizing your data, don’t worry: Pre-made templates (several of them) are at your disposal when designing this intuitive tool, while you can also import Google Spreadsheets and similar data files to develop comprehensive number-based visuals.

Top Features

  • Simple dashboard interface, which makes it simple to identify the right editing tools to use.
  • Tons of pre-loaded images and icons that can make your charts and graphs more attractive.
  • An interactive map feature to showcase a variety of details about your area.
  • Integration with Evernote and SlideShare (should you want to publish your graphics online).

3)  Google Slides

Price: Free

This is the first of three Google listing presentation tools listed in this post. Ease of use is the main selling point of Slides, as you can access it on just about any device (desktop or mobile), share your work with others, and edit and comment on your work in mere seconds. It has the feel of PowerPoint but with much more capabilities and design offerings to make your real estate listing presentation look as professional as possible (though if you’re an avid PowerPoint user, you can also upload your PPT listing presentation into Slides).

Top Features

  • No internet connection? No problem: Work on your listing presentation offline with Slides.
  • Auto-saves all of your work, so you don’t have to fear losing design updates and alterations.
  • Embed videos and select from thousands of images and icons in Google’s extensive database.
  • Available on iOS and Android devices, so you can fine-tune your presentations on the fly.

4)  Prezi

Price: Public plan is free; Enjoy plan is $59/year; Pro plan is $159/year

One of the more popular listing presentation software options among real estate agents and firms is Prezi — and it’s very easy to see why. The platform makes it a cinch to present your listings, company history, and sales pitch to your real estate leads in style. Think of the tool as the anti-slideshow presentation software, thanks to its simple design functions, smooth transition features, and modern-looking effects capabilities.

Top Features

  • Fade-in animation that brings new text, icons, and images onto the screen in a stylish manner.
  • Plain-English navigation setup, meaning you won’t spontaneously combust using the platform.
  • An array of tutorial articles and videos on the Prezi website that help with every possible usage scenario.
  • Handy timing feature that allows you to keep your listing presentation moving along at the right pace.

5)  TouchCMA

Price: Monthly plan is $25/month; Annual plan is $15/month

TouchCMA is one of the best listing presentation software solutions out there today, and that’s the case for several reasons — chief of which is you don’t have to spend a lot of time or energy compiling data, imagery, and resources for your presentation. Rather, the iPad app automates all of that work for you by providing up-to-date listing data for your area. Use the area-mapping tool to highlight specific neighborhoods and communities where sellers reside to give them a glimpse of niche market conditions. To add your own personal flare to your listing presentation, real estate data and videos can be added into the software.

Top Features

  • Directly connects to your MLS, giving you real-time data to share with potential clients.
  • Comb over listing after listing — including their pricing details, images, and other key info — in minutes.
  • Compare homes for sale side by side to give your leads a snapshot of local property values and other key info.
  • Add all of your branding collateral to TouchCMA to prove you’re a reputable professional.

6)  Pixlr

Price: Essentials plan is free; Pro feature is $6.99/year

Adobe’s Creative Suite is a pretty fantastic investment for agencies and brokerages who can afford these resourceful programs. For solo agents, though, it can be costly and, thus, not worth it. Pixlr offers a suitable alternative. The photo-editing software is essentially a simplified version of Photoshop that offers the same image adjustment tools but in a more comprehensible manner that befits those who aren’t design experts. For your listing presentation, use Pixlr to bolster your branding and make your real estate business look trustworthy and reputable — something practically all buyers and sellers take into account when selecting representation.

Top Features

  • Text masking allows for text overlay additions to your photos that can be stylized with flashy designs.
  • Simple image-layering capabilities so you can make your presentation look like a pro created it.
  • Cropping, blending, and adding effects to photos and images is a painless task for Pixlr users.
  • The Pixlr Express mobile app means you can snap shots of your listings and effectively edit them seconds later.

7)  Bunkr

Price: Basic plan is free; Pro plan is $5/month

Deemed “the PowerPoint killer we’ve all been waiting for” by TechCrunch, Bunkr is one of the more fashionable listing presentation software options for agents. The French company has grown a solid reputation as the go-to presentation solution for big brands (a look at the Bunkr site shows Evian, Foursquare, and LinkedIn have all utilized the service). Where it distinguishes itself from PowerPoint (though the UI functions quite similarly) is its content-collecting features: Find anything you want online and save it with ease to your Bunkr folders. No matter what you’re working on, you can access this content bank and add images and video to enliven your presentation.

Top Features

  • Install Bunkr’s bookmarklet to easily save relevant, interesting content you come across online for later use.
  • The “Lists” feature acts as both a note-taking system and as reminders to incorporate certain points and content in your presentation.
  • Broad selection of fonts, backgrounds, borders, colors, and type-editing features to make presentation creation simple.
  • Mobile-ready, meaning your presentations look top-notch and function well on tablets and smartphones.

8)  Haiku Deck

Price: Free

Who said creating real estate listing presentations can’t be fun? Haiku Deck is a premier presentation service that truly makes working on projects an enjoyable (and stress-free) experience. Whether you work on desktop or use the iOS app, Haiku Deck offers an array of elegant-looking imagery and text options to make your presentation look like a professional designer spent hours polishing it up. When you’re done completing your masterpiece, you can use your iPhone as a remote to meticulously guide your real estate leads through your pitch.

Top Features

  • A limited navigation bar that includes only the essentials (for text, image, and formatting) needed to create a compelling listing presentation.
  • Exhibit your real estate business and market data in easy-to-create charts and graphs that come with relevant icons.
  • An image search feature that navigates Flickr’s Creative Commons database, so you don’t have to spend hours finding the right photos for your presentation.
  • Plenty of interesting presentation themes are available along with budget-friendly theme packs to enhance your design work.

9)  PicMonkey

Price: Basic plan is free; Royale plan is $4.99/month

Edit and touch up photos and other images, create various types of collages, and design your own presentation slides from the ground up (or with the help of pre-loaded themes) using PicMonkey, an alternative to Canva that’s just as easy and enjoyable to learn and use. Unique icons and other visuals at your disposal mean your presentation can be jazzed up in seemingly innumerable ways. Given you can use the service for your real estate website (landing pages, blogs — any web page, really), this is a can’t-miss platform.

Top Features

  • The PicMonkey blog and Features page offer insightful articles and tutorials to help you craft amazing presentations and edit images with ease.
  • The Royale plan offers several more fonts, layouts, and pre-set designs to choose from to set your presentation apart from the competition.
  • Crop, sharpen, rotate, resize, and add exposure to any and all images and photos you add to your PicMonkey account.
  • Want to add a holiday or other niche theme to your presentation? PicMonkey has many unique ones to choose from.

10)  Office Timeline

Price: Basic edition is free; Business Plus edition is $49/year

Here’s a common listing presentation scenario: Your prospective clients want to know more about your background and history as an agent. You don’t want to forget to include a visual representation of your past. To avoid this, use listing presentation software like Office Timelines, which makes showing important dates a cinch. Simply set the parameters for how long of a period you want to display in your presentation and then add notes to each notable date: when you became an agent, when you earned specific certifications, when you opened up your firm — any date that can inform your leads and help you tell your story.

Top Features

  • Selecting a timeline format, adding your milestones, denoting the dates, and customizing timelines with various colors and fonts is simple.
  • Several timeline chart styles to choose from, allowing you to expertly show off your business and personal background.
  • Another platform that integrates with PowerPoint, so you can enhance your PPT listing presentation slides even more.
  • The Timeline Wizard feature allows you to create your own timeline from scratch, if you don’t feel like using one of the templates.

11)  Recite This

Price: Free

You won’t find an easier site to use on this list than Recite This, a service that allows users to enter copy (quotes, tips, whatever) into a text box and select a design theme to create their own designs featuring the excerpts. If you want to use a different background with your copy, simply select the “Try Another Template” button. Once you’re done, you can download the image and use it for your presentation. If you have testimonials from happy clients, use them in Recite This to create eye-catching text designs that can grab the attention of your prospective clients. All in all, this is a minor tool to assist your presentation development, but one that can save you lots of time crafting your own text-based design.

Top Features:

  • As long as you have specific copy in mind at the ready, you can create a Recite This quote design in seconds.
  • You can preview how your copy will look using each design option as you enter in your text.
  • There are several background templates to choose from, so you can easily find ones that fit your stylistic preferences.
  • Share your text-based designs, like client testimonials, on social media — in addition to using them for your presentation.

12)  Placeit

Price: Comp plan is $12/month; several other pricing packages, depending on use

Showing off your responsive real estate website is a surefire way to impress leads. Placeit’s main service is to provide a canvas for websites to be shown on mobile devices. Use the platform to upload images of your website onto the template slides that feature blank iPhone, iPad, and other mobile screens so your leads can see what it’s like to navigate your site on different devices. Show buyers and sellers your ability to understand technology and how to aptly use it to help them purchase and sell their homes.

Top Features

  • Got a mobile-friendly real estate website? Take screenshots of it and add them to the nifty slides Placeit offers.
  • Match a device with one or more appealing backgrounds depicting different kinds of scenery, like offices and homes.
  • It’s not just for website screenshots: Upload video to show off on mobile devices as well, like listing video snippets.
  • There are plenty of different pricing packages to choose from, so analyze which one works best for your budget.

13)  Google Hangouts

Price: Free

Sometimes, you have real estate leads you simply can’t meet with in person, like those who live several hours away or even across the country. That’s where platforms like Hangouts come into play. Simply log in to your Google account (or create one, if you don’t have one) and invite your leads to a Hangout. As long as you both have a strong Internet connection, you can conduct your presentation as normal (and sharing your screen — whether it’s a website, slideshow, or video — is a cakewalk).

Top Features

  • It’s available on practically all major mobile devices, so if you must present on the go, you can.
  • Need to present one party of buyers or sellers instead of individual ones? With Hangouts, you can invite up to 10 people.
  • You can record your Hangouts — meaning you can learn from past listing presentations via the platform.
  • Perform other tasks on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone (like pulling up important files) mid-conversation.

14)  PowToon

Price: Basic plan is free; Pro plan is $57/month; Business plan is $127/month

Explaining your value proposition to buyers and sellers with data is an effective presentation method. Sometimes, though, presenting charts and graphs can … well … bore them. Prevent yawns by sprucing up your sales pitch with a unique visual element. PowToon is a viable option, as users can create animated videos of their products and services — or, in the case of real estate agents, videos to show sales history, local market details, and other interesting tidbits. Just take a look at some notable real estate companies and professionals who’ve used PowToon to bolster their presentations.

Top Features

  • Add music and voiceovers to your animated listing presentation videos to make them more informative and appealing.
  • Share your work on your real estate YouTube page (just be sure to promote it on other social media channels).
  • PowToon’s dashboard is more than manageable, as it includes all of the icons and editing tools you need to craft amazing videos.
  • Countless icons, characters, backgrounds, and other visual aids to choose from.

15)  Infogram

Price: Basic plan is free; Pro plan is $18/month; White label plan is $50/month

The best listing presentation is the one that both educates and enthralls buyers and sellers. With Infogram, you’ll accomplish both. Just choose a template, input your data, add some explanatory copy for your figures, and you have a beautiful, informative graphic that can wow your audience. What’s more is you can add numerous icons, along with images and videos, to your presentation, meaning you don’t have to stumble over countless slides during your meeting with leads. Instead, you’ll have one single infographic that incorporates all of the info you need.

Top Features

  • Connect your data software with Infogram so your graphics can automatically populate new data.
  • A lustrous look on all devices, thanks to the infographic tool’s responsive design setup.
  • Create bar and line graphs, fill out area charts, and utilize the map feature to power your presentation.
  • The new video infographic creator means your data will look alive during your presentations.

16)  emaze

Price: Basic plan is free; Pro plan is $4.90/month; Emazing plan is $9.90/month

Plentiful listing presentation templates that can be edited with a plug-and-play design in minutes: That sums up what you get when using the intuitive presentation software emaze. The HTML5 platform is a cut above the competition due to its template options, ability to add sound effects, and distinct transition elements. And if you don’t want to start over from scratch using emaze, import your PowerPoint listing presentation copy and images in seconds.

Top Features

  • Many attractive 2D and 3D presentation templates at your disposal.
  • Pre-loaded placeholder images and text make it easier to input copy and graphics.
  • The ability to embed YouTube videos in your presentation.
  • Access your work anywhere, anytime thanks to the tool’s cloud storage.


Price: Basic plan is $3.95/month; Pro plan is $17.95/month

For listing presentations done remotely from clients, offers an intriguing structure: Viewers of the video presentation platform can see you on one side of the screen and your presentation on the other half. This means no more having to explain your presentation to buyers and sellers over the phone. Use and your leads can watch your presentation whenever they have free time. Though you’ll definitely need to follow up with your leads to ensure they understand everything you can offer them, this is a helpful tool for those times when you simply can’t be there in person to pitch them.

Top Features

  • Edit and trim your videos so that your voice recording aligns with your presentation’s visuals.
  • Your PowerPoints, PDFs, and Google Docs can be integrated with
  • The service offers a handful of plugins to make it easy to share presentations on your real estate website.
  • If you don’t want to post presentations on your site, email presentations or create a subdomain to host them.

18)  Google Fonts

Price: Free

It may seem like a small component of your real estate listing presentation, but using the right font can make all the difference. Comic Sans won’t cut it if you’re trying to impress prospective clients. Instead, comb through Google Fonts to find one (or more) suitable typefaces to use. For instance, if you create a Keynote or PowerPoint slideshow, you can use one font for slide titles and another for the body copy. If you want to know the best of the best Google Fonts (and how to actually use the font service), check out this informative post from BootstrapBay.

Top Features

  • There are more than 650 font families you can choose from for your presentation.
  • Every single one of those 650 font families? Oh, yeah: They’re 100% free.
  • Once you select a font, you can instantly use it in your presentation.
  • Google lets you know the page load times for each font (in case you want to use them on your website).

19)  SlideDog

Price: Basic plan is free; Pro plan is $8.33/month

Many agents transition from clicking through slideshows during their presentations to showing videos and guiding leads through their real estate website. That means having to switch from screen to screen, which can make presentations drag and, more importantly, seem disjointed and unorganized. SlideDog provides a solution to this dilemma. Drag and drop multiple screens at the bottom of your SlideDog dashboard to create a playlist. Then, adjust the screens for sites and other files (like PowerPoint and Prezi presentations) in the order in which you want to present them. This listing presentation software tool is as straightforward as they come.

Top Features

  • Simply click on any of your uploaded screens for websites, videos, and other files to make them populate the screen.
  • Use any mobile device connected to SlideDog as your remote control for your presentation.
  • Your audience can view your presentation on their own devices as well, thanks to the platform’s Live Sharing feature.
  • Use the dual screen function to present your listings on a larger format, like a TV or projection screen.


Price: Free

A big problem with most graphic design services that claim to be easy to use is … well … they’re not. The learning curve is bigger than stated. The user experience isn’t as uncomplicated as promised. That’s not the case with, which is a time- and headache-saving tool that offers an intuitive drag-and-drop design tool that’s as accessible as any infographic platform out there. It has just enough templates and resources so as not to overwhelm novice designers. Use to showcase your value proposition, notable deals you’ve closed, or your plan for selling a prospective client’s home.

Top Features

  • You can create a fully detailed infographic in mere minutes with the template, icon, and text overlay features.
  • Too many tools and widgets can frustrate graphic design beginners — offers just enough to make each graphic distinct and gorgeous.
  • Your final product can be saved and exported in a variety of files types, like PNG and JPG, as well as downloaded as a PDF.
  • A clean, sleek canvas is all you see when working on your presentation graphic.

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