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The 10 Most Incredible Real Estate Apps and Tech Tools of 2014


By Matthew Bushery


Real estate agent tech tools appsReal estate agents have access to incredible new real estate software solutions, services, and apps to boost their marketing. From tech that maximizes sales efforts at open houses to services that simplify the closing process, there are a variety of intriguing real estate agent tools out there. Knowing which is worth your time, energy, and money, though, is the hard part.

There are popular apps, like Dropbox and DocuSign, that most agents know and use daily, along with the usual gadgets: iPhone, iPad, or Android. But there are many more technologies to explore. We combed over some of the latest and greatest tools and apps that can help transform agents’ real estate websites, marketing efforts, and sales strategies. We identified 10 great options — perfect for everyone from beginner real estate agents to high-end brokers.

(Note: This most definitely isn’t a complete list of every amazing tool and real estate app that emerged in 2014 — simply some of the top ones. If you know any not mentioned below, share them in the comments. We’re always interested in hearing about the best real estate apps and tools that can help you become a more successful real estate agent.)

The Free and Affordable Real Estate Tools

1)  Matterport’s 3D Showcase

Video plays a big role in many real estate marketing strategies. New 3D camera technologies can help agents and their brokerages stand out from the pack in a big way. Real estate solutions like Matterport’s 3D Showcase give a Google Mapsesque experience to home searchers online. This tool maps out the inside of homes for sale and allows for quick navigation across an entire residence. Additional features of the tool include the ability to create digital floor plans and include home dimensions.

2)  SpeakingPhoto

As we’ve noted previously, there are quite a few top-tier video recording apps for real estate agents. This real estate app is slightly different, but still an effective multimedia tool — particularly for listing presentations. SpeakingPhoto is as simple as Vine in its functionality: Take photos of anything you want (like, say, your listings). Once you’re done, you can touch the screen to start recording audio, allowing you to provide commentary on your photos as they appear in a slideshow, which you can edit according to your preferences. It’s a simple option for agents who want a quick way to show off their homes for sale and provide key info buyers need to know.

3)  Balcony

Balcony real estate referral app

Though often competitors, real estate agents also rely on each other to improve their businesses and gain new leads. Balcony makes connecting with fellow agents easy. The real estate app is currently accepting reservations from agents who want to partake in a social referral network, which will launch in fall of this year. Once verified as an active agent by the site, you can connect with thousands of other agents to suggest business opportunities to your peers — recommendations that could lead to bonus revenue. While the site has yet to go live, its value proposition is one that will be attractive to many agents.

4)  NuOffer

Ever lost a deal at the 11th hour because you couldn’t complete the paperwork on time, allowing another buyer to beat yours to the punch? Don’t risk losing commissions simply because of slowness. Use the real estate app NuOffer to ensure your buyers don’t miss out on the homes of their dreams. Specifically, this real estate technology helps create, sign, and send offers to sellers in minutes. No piles of documents to comb over — just streamlined communication with seller’s agents.

On top of quicker home offers, the real estate tool grants you access to local MLS data and title companies. It also provides the ability for buyers to create their own profiles, which allows them to search home listings and sign offers you develop.

5)  Storehouse

Storytelling has been a growing trend in the world of content marketing in recent years. Many agents take to their real estate websites to share tales of their experience and success. Visuals accompanying these stories can really amplify their impact. With Storehouse, you can create gorgeous microsites that feature photos and videos, like your listings, former clients, colleagues, or local market, in a stylish layout.

Pages created on Storehouse generally have small amounts of copy (check out examples here), but you can still market your business and properties for sale uniquely using the site. For instance, share testimonials from thrilled clients. Show them in and around the homes you helped them purchase and scatter quotes and insights from them in between the multimedia you include on your page. Or you could use the app to create a bio page that shows off your background: where you’ve closed deals, who you work with, and why you love being an agent. An alternative real estate marketing tool, for sure, but one that could help you better tell your story to your audience.

6)  CO Everywhere

CO Everywhere community app

It can be difficult for real estate agents to stay up to speed on everything going on in their local communities. Keep up with your surroundings by downloading CO Everywhere, an app that lets you draw areas on a map of your town or city and, within seconds, discover all of the interesting conversations and hot spots there. The app syncs with users’ Twitter and Instagram accounts, including both consumers and businesses, and provides info on that area’s events, business deals, and updates. So, if you want to know the best new food truck, concert venue, or retail store to recommend to real estate leads, CO Everywhere can help.

The High-End Real Estate Technology

7)  Homesnap Pro

Real estate agent contact information, showing instructions for local listings, instantaneous comparative market analysis reports, and MLS information — these are just some of the features of Homesnap Pro, a real estate app that provides all of the key info you need to make the most of your local market. The real estate tool also includes its users in a weekly email blast to help broaden their exposure. And when you use the real estate tool to snap photos of homes, MLS information for the residence (including the list price and seller’s agent) populate on the app, making it simple for buyer’s agents to get comprehensive details on potential properties for their clients.

8)  Google Glass

The much vaunted device from the search conglomerate is for sale to the public in beta, meaning a better version is bound to hit the market soon. Whichever version you consider, just know Glass makes for a great real estate video marketing tool. Simply tell Glass to start recording and you can provide a video tour in minutes without the muss and fuss of setting up a traditional camera.

Take a look at the home showing video above to get a glimpse of how easy it is to use for real estate video marketing. The device also has some other cool uses, like the ability to share your Glass-produced photos and videos to social media in seconds and to conduct audio Google searches, which bring up results right to the Glass screen. To put it simply: Believe the hype about Glass and put it atop your list of real estate tools to try.

9)  Curb Call

Curb Call real estate agent open house listing
With the on-demand expectations buyers have these days, it’s wonderful to have an app like Curb Call. Buyers use the app to locate homes for sale that interest them. Once they identify these listings, they take to Curb Call to set up a showing on the spot. No phone or email tag, no trying to convince buyers to check out a listing — instead, qualified, ready-to-buy real estate leads come to you.

10)  Doorsteps

Ask many first-time home buyers what they want to know about the home buying process and they’ll tell you, “Everything.” An ideal way to build trust and, ultimately, relationships with early-stage home searchers is to provide them with need-to-know information on purchasing properties.

With Doorsteps, owned and operated by, agents can educate these future homeowners so they make the right choices in their home buying quest. The service gives agents open lines of communication with buyers, and allows agents to build buyer profiles — meaning you can keep tabs on prospects — and assist buyers with their home research by providing them with tips and tricks. Consider Doorsteps a nice bonus to your regular real estate lead generation efforts that you can use in your spare time.

Always on the go? Check out these 10 helpful apps to keep tabs on your real estate marketing tasks.

What real estate apps and tech tools helps your business? Share which real estate tools you use below!

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