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Monthly Real Estate Marketing Review: Free Realtor Websites, Inbound Data, and More

Monthly Real Estate Marketing Review: Free Realtor Websites, Inbound Data, and More

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Monthly Real Estate Marketing Review: Free Realtor Websites, Inbound Data, and More

Our June 2017 edition of our Monthly Real Estate Marketing Review features insights from three of the year’s biggest online marketing reports, two pretty big real estate tech industry reveals (including one we especially think you ought to know about), and one sizable feature update from a social media giant.

We want our Academy series to be your go-to resource for all news and updates in the digital marketing space and real estate industry. So, to keep you current on all of the latest goings-on in the world of internet promotion and the residential sector, we cover the biggest movers and shakers around, along with the headlines they create.

Now that you’ve made it this far, why not spend 5 more minutes to discover the most recent and interesting developments that could give you inspiration and ideas for your own Realtor marketing?

Check out our findings below — and be sure to review our roundups for May, April, and March for additional news and check out this bonus marketing video for even more tips and tricks:

Placester announces free websites for REALTORS®.

As you may have already heard, all REALTORS across the U.S. can now secure their free real estate websites from Placester. Previously, we offered all REALTORS nationwide $5 per month. Now, members don’t have to pay a dime (not bad, right?).

The move allows many of the country’s 1.2 million REALTORS who have yet to secure an IDX website with Placester to do so at no charge and, in turn, save money they can spend elsewhere on their real estate marketing strategies (perhaps to get an advanced Placester subscription? Just an idea.).

We know: If you’re a REALTOR, you probably have some questions about exactly what this deal means for you. If that’s the case, simply click here to learn all about the free Placester website program and how you can get set up with yours today.

The State of Inbound remains strong, per report.

Every year, inbound marketing software firm HubSpot releases its annual “State of Inbound” report … and every year, it appears companies and professionals worldwide are reaping the numerous benefits of the online approach: generating more leads, nurturing prospects to close, and finalizing more sales.

70% of inbound marketers say the online approach is very effective for their brands.

This year proved no different, as the brand’s in-depth research unearthed plenty of intriguing tidbits about how small businesses and enterprises alike have continued to gear their marketing efforts using the inbound methodology in the past year — that is, letting the customer come to you by creating impeccable website content, alluring email copy, engaging social shares, and high-quality digital campaigns.

Case in point: Nearly seven in 10 professionals who have adopted inbound marketing for their organizations say their strategies are effective — meaning they help with things like website traffic, lead generation, and client conversion. That’s quite a sizable group of individuals who recognize the appreciable value of the inbound funnel.

Social media continues to aid brands’ marketing too.

As noted, a big part of modern inbound marketing is social media — and as the 2017 Social Media Marketing Industry Report from Social Media Examiner points out, the upper-tier social networks (you know who we’re talkin’ about) continue to reign supreme … and aid countless brands’ digital efforts.

Per the annual report, Facebook remained the most important social channel for marketers throughout the land, with a surprising second-place finisher: LinkedIn. That runner-up spot is likely to change soon, though, as the study also found Instagram’s growth continues to skyrocket: 54% of companies use the platform, but 63% of all organizations surveyed said they plan on increasing their use of the social outlet.

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook ads also remained the top option for the pros polled, as 93% of survey respondents said they regularly launch ad campaigns on the network to generate more leads and business — something you ought to consider for your real estate advertising efforts, if you haven’t tried Facebook for Business yet.

Monthly Placester Marketing Review

Interactive content fuels engagement, CMI study finds.

You can not only benefit from developing a wide-ranging presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like, but you can also thrive online by crafting unique website content. This doesn’t just mean area pages and blog posts, but also next-level assets too, a Content Marketing Institute study finds.

Quizzes, polls, infographics, checklists, and assessments and other interactive media can elevate your branding, the CMI report indicates. This, in turn, can provide a reason (or multiple reasons) for your website visitors — you know: potential leads! — to stick around to consume said content and, if your site is structured accordingly, learn more about your brand.

Of course, interactive media is just one of many outside-the-box real estate marketing tactics you can put into action on your IDX site. But given the wealth of data the CMI study provides, it’s evident there should be a place for more sleek content in your digital promotion.

Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put certain collateral behind a lead capture form on your site (like helpful guides and market analysis reports for your niche audience). It does mean, however, you could greatly enhance your visitors’ (and leads’) user experience and possibly better convince them to sign on with your agency now or in the future by using this type of content.

Facebook unveils “Live With” streaming update.

It’s no secret live streams are the latest “it” marketing technique for just about every business throughout the nation these days (89% of marketers say they plan to use it soon). That’ll change in the near future, for sure … but for now, the likes of Periscope and Facebook Live are succeeding — and the latter continues to update its streaming offering.

Facebook Live With means opportunities to enhance your video marketing efforts even further.

Facebook released an update to its massively popular Facebook Live feature: “Live With” for iOS users (sorry, Android crowd — this may change soon, after all). This modification changes something many of the tool’s users have had issue with: the inability to have multiple users run a live stream together. Now, that seeming problem is a problem no more.

This is phenomenal news for real estate pros such as yourself, as this means you can now mix up the variety of live-streaming events you can conduct in the office, at listings, and around town. For instance, you could host a Q&A with a colleague, influencer, or client. Heck, you could even use two iPhones to conduct a walkthrough of your listing; one camera on you, the other on the home in question.

The bottom line is you have several different ways you can leverage live-streaming apps for real estate like Facebook Live, and use said tech options to broaden awareness of your brand — and in your listings. At the end of the day, it’s tools like these — you know, interactive media (get it?) — that can distinguish you in a big, positive way from other agents near you.

Zillow tests new “Instant Offers” seller feature.

As Inman News aptly points out, there have been many companies who aim to disrupt the real estate industry for the better by offering new products and services intended to better the experience for both sides of the transaction: the agent and broker side, and the buyer and seller side. One of these companies, unsurprisingly, is Zillow.

With the release of its beta Instant Offers tool — offered only in Las Vegas and Orlando, as of mid-2017 — Zillow has made it known it wants to test out new initiatives to simplify the process for consumers. How this pilot program will impact real estate professionals remains to be seen, but it could put a dent in some seller’s agents bottom lines, to say the least.

Whether its Instant Offers or another offering from a real estate tech firm of some variety, it’s clear this type of disruption will continue for some time to come, as both consumers and agents are constantly on the lookout for that Next Big Thing that will simultaneously make their lives easier and pad their pockets via more favorable deals.

Regardless of what the future may hold, there’s one universal truth when it comes to real estate: It’s a human business … meaning artificial intelligence or a new widget can’t replace the value agents bring to the table for their clients.

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What marketing or real estate industry news featured in our review did you find most interesting? Share your thoughts with us below!


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