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How to Spot a Responsive Design Website

By Colin Ryan


Web designers everywhere are extolling the virtues of responsive design for building websites that provide a great browsing experience on both your desktop and mobile devices. But what exactly does a responsive design website look like? Here are a couple examples that should help you spot one in the wild.

First, let’s look at a traditional website,, on three different devices.

MacBook Pro:


Galaxy SIII:

While the middle section of the page is slightly narrower on the iPad and Galaxy, everything else is pretty much identical. Notice that text is difficult to read and links are nearly impossible to click without zooming in. Because it maintains all the sidebars and widgets on a smaller screen, the page feels cluttered and confusing.

Now let’s look at a responsive design website:

MacBook Pro:

an example of a responsive website


example of a responsive design website

Galaxy SIII:

example of a responsive design website

Before we even get to the iPad and Galaxy, it’s clear that this site is more mobile-ready than the first. It’s smaller, simpler, and cleaner than There’s less clutter, less text, and more white space.

Now, looking at the smaller screens, you can see that this site is not static: the layout and elements actually change to accommodate each device. Text wraps and grows or shrinks depending on screen size. Photos are cropped, resized, and rearranged. Sidebars and buttons relocate or disappear. The navigation menu and search bar at the top collapse to a click-to-expand format.

Unlike traditional sites like, which shrink to fit everything onscreen, responsive sites like make minor adjustments to maximize the amount of content that’s “above the fold” (i.e., viewable without scrolling or zooming out) without compromising usability. This makes for a site that’s just as easy to consume on your smartphone as it is on your laptop.

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