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How to Create a 2014 Real Estate Buyers Guide to Give to Your Customers

How to Create a 2014 Real Estate Buyers Guide to Give to Your Customers

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How to Create a 2014 Real Estate Buyers Guide to Give to Your Customers

Have you used ebooks in your content marketing yet? We’ve found them to be exceptionally useful tools that provide lots of value to our audience and help us grow our mailing list. As a content marketing tactic, eBooks are perfect for businesses that need to communicate complex information in a beautiful, easily consumable way.

When we created a real estate sellers guide a few months ago, it quickly became one of our most downloaded ebooks. What we learned is that we should have gotten more feedback from you. Help us create the Ultimate Real Estate Buyers Guide by providing your ideas and feedback below. – Seth

UPDATE: We’ve completed the 2014 Buyers Guide

Download the Marketer’s Guide to Buying a Home eBook

Compared to many other content marketing tactics, eBooks represent a longer form of content that can educate potential customers about the things important to them. It’s also a great way to showcase your expertise. PDF ebooks a fairly straight forward to create using readily available desktop software. Keynote on a Mac or PowerPoint on a PC are great places to start. The key is to make sure you articulate your message in a way that is compelling to your audience that they will actually find useful. You’re not trying to close a sale here, the goal should be to build like-ability, familiarity and trust. When thinking about how to create a 2014 real estate buyers guide, we realized that we have lots of great ideas which are illustrated below, but that you probably now best what will work in your market. If you provide your feedback in the comments below, we will take that information and create a professionally designed 2014 Real Estate Buyers guide that you can use any way you like. We’ll even save it in Keynote & PowerPoint format so you can add your own branding. Leave your ideas below! What other content should be included? Should there be more charts and graphics? How would you like to be able to customize it? We’ll make the final ebook available for you before the end of the month. Here’s what we have so far:






















Remember to leave your comment and ideas below. We’ll use your feedback to make this an ebook that you can use to give away to your customers.

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