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eBook Marketing: The Content Wrangler’s Guide [Infographic]

eBook Marketing: The Content Wrangler’s Guide [Infographic]

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eBook Marketing: The Content Wrangler’s Guide [Infographic]

The first step in any effective content marketing strategy involves shifting from blogging every once in a while to generating a consistent stream of relevant, quality content. But consistency isn’t the only key to success: You also have to consider which content format your audience craves, then lean into it.

When we first started thinking about The Content Wrangler’s Guide to eBook Marketing, we’d already created several 30- to 70-page eBooks on everything from keyword research and SEO to responsive design and starting out in real estate. We’ve also created templates like the Real Estate Buyers’ Guide for agents to quickly build their own eBooks.

Why have we devoted so much energy to these eBooks? It’s not because they look good. Rather, it’s because eBooks are a repeatable marketing activity that drives revenue to the bottom line. When done correctly, eBooks present content marketers with infinite possibilities for repurposing content into SlideShares, webinars, blog posts, and infographics like the one below.

As my friend and world class content marketer, Barry Feldman, puts it, eBooks are “the stud in your content market stable.” Don’t take my word for it. Read the infographic and see for yourself.

Have you found any successes with eBooks? Let us know in the comments below!

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