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Content for Real Estate Agents - Comparison

Content for Real Estate Agents - Comparison

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Content for Real Estate Agents - Comparison

Comparison: Agent Fire - Luxury Presence - Placester - Agent Image

Imagine you have your dream real estate website where you present all your top listings, display great testimonials from your former clients, have a great and compelling about me section that will definitely convince visitors to want to work with you. One thing that is missing on your website is... traffic. Perhaps you don't have time, budget or knowledge to squander on Google Ads and suddenly, despite having that perfect website, your online presence is stuck. How to break the deadlock, attract traffic and secure conversions? The answer is simple - content and social media marketing!

Content real estate marketing is a surefire way to attract users from search engines and social media straight to your website. The more valuable information you share, the more web traffic you'll get. As a real estate agent, having an active content marketing and social media strategy will be a key to build trust, position yourself as an expert in the field of real estate and, finally, generate leads and get more clients through your website.

How does content attract site visitors?

Creating attractive, engaging and informative content on your website and social media platforms positively influences your website traffic. How exactly?

Most site visitors don’t type the site’s URL in the address bar. Instead, they type in specific words and phrases in Google and click on the link that seems to have the answer to their query. They might be looking for houses for sale, tips on buying and selling a property, mortgage calculators, free CMA/home valuation forms or information about an area they are considering moving to. This is why copywriting plays such a great role in capturing the interest of users who are searching for information on real estate topics.

Website traffic can be acquired through social media as well. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are great platforms for sharing your content with a large audience provided that you do it on a regular basis, building your follower base step-by-step. Social media sites have features that allow users to easily share your content with their own followers, increasing organic reach of your posts and enhancing your profile’s visibility in the feed without using paid advertising. 

There are several ways of driving traffic to your website through popular social media platforms: you can put a link in your bio section, add call to action buttons to your Facebook posts, insert links in the post texts or your Instagram stories. If using social media tools doesn't appeal to you - don't worry! There are plenty of social media marketing companies that will be happy to help you out, but given the specificity of the real estate business, it will be best to cooperate with a company that specializes in building real estate agents' online presence via various platforms. To make this choice easier for you, we've put together a summary of popular real estate websites providers who also offer content and social media services for real estate. Curious about what you can get? Read on!

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Real Estate Social Media / Content Packages

Creating a content marketing strategy for the real estate business can be very time consuming: it requires planning content for several distribution channels according to their specifications - what works great for site’s visibility in Google will probably have no effects on Instagram or Facebook, where, apart from a short and catchy text, you will also (or above all) need appealing visuals, high quality photos or even engaging videos. Informative content can do wonders for your real estate business, but it is not an overnight process: time and dedication put into creating a personal relationship with site visitors / social media followers are inevitable. 

Many real estate website providers offer content / social media marketing packages to their clients to relieve them from the pains of creating original content and scheduling social media posts. 

What Is a Social Media / Content Package?

A social media package or a content package is a service provided by real estate marketing specialists to real estate professionals. It typically includes copywriting and graphic design for the purposes of various channels of content distribution: social media, websites, landing pages or downloadables.

Types of content

There are several types of content that are used in digital marketing. All of them fit different target audiences when it comes to demographics as well as visitors’ intents.


Content for social media channels has to be properly formatted depending on the platform: they all have different specs and requirements when it comes to the character limit and image dimensions. Different social media platforms have different user demographics, too. For example, the largest group of Facebook (the largest social media platform) users (20,9%) are people between 25-34 years old, while Instagram’s largest group of users (31,2%) are people between the ages of 18-24 years old. LinkedIn’s largest group of users, similarly to Facebook, consist of users aged between 25 and 34 years old but their usage of the platform is completely different. 


Articles are a great way of sharing information with website visitors in a longer and more detailed form. It is also the crucial way of implementing SEO strategies to your real estate marketing. By writing high-quality articles, you can improve your website's search engine ranking and attract more visitors.

Blog posts

Blog posts are usually short pieces of writing on a specific topic that are published on websites or blogs. They can be used to share opinions, local news stories, and information about current events with readers.

Gated PDFs

Gated PDFs are digital brochures that can be accessed or downloaded after leaving contact information for real estate marketing purposes. It is one of the most effective ways of capturing new leads provided that the content included in the PDF is demanded by users (for example community / are guides, buyers/sellers guides, an overview of latest interior design trends etc.)

Agent Image

Agent Image is one of several real estate website providers that additionally offer several solutions for content marketing for social media platforms: Social Media Packages, Blogging Packages, SEO Packages, and Content Development

Social Media Packages

Agent Image’s clients can choose between two social media packages: Social Media Presence and Social Media Reach.

Social Media Presence

This package is designed to amplify brand awareness through social media (Facebook and Twitter only). It includes profiles’ optimization, 5x branded posts monthly, 2x personalized hashtags per post, 2x commercial listing videos, branded blog and more.

Social Media Reach

This package is designed to reach the target market and build a community of engaged followers on four platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. It includes, among others, profile setups, competitor analysis report, ad strategy and management, optimized bio content, an article blog and a monthly performance and ad report.

Content Development

This is a 6 month subscription to a real estate copywriting service that includes 1 long-form piece of content per month, keyword research, image sourcing, content competitor research, SEO meta - tag implementation and more.

Luxury Presence

Luxury Presence offers two separate packages for content creation: one dedicated to social media management and the other to content marketing.

Social Media Management

Luxury Presence offers social media (Facebook & Instagram) management based on Instagram stories & posts feed, geo-targeting, viral posts and monthly reports prepared by a Dedicated Success Team.

Content Marketing

In their Content Marketing Package, Luxury Presence offer content strategy based on an editorial calendar with SEO Optimization, website copy, blog posts written by an in-house team of real estate writers.


Other than Luxury Presence, Agent Image or Agent Fire, Placester has developed a multifaceted subscription plan DIFM Content Pro that brings together providing a custom real estate website equipped with lead-gathering tools and content creation for website/blog, social media (Facebook and Instagram), landing pages or gated PDFs.  This all-in-one approach allows subscribers to enjoy consistent branded content throughout various channels of distribution.

The plan consists of:

  • custom real estate website
  • Facebook page and Instagram profile setup
  • 12 social media posts per month
  • 4 pieces of website content per month (quality posts, blog articles, client testimonials)
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Monthly report
  • Landing pages

Agent Fire

Agent Fire has two content writing services in their marketplace: Page Content Writing and Blog Assist Pro.

Page Content Writing

You can either choose real estate content "A La Carte" for $29 per page (up to 500 words) written by a professional copywriter - a service that is dedicated to real estate professionals who only need a small amount of content. For those who need a larger or several pieces of content, a service of 10 pages for $199 is available.

Blog Assist Pro

Blog Assistant Pro is a monthly subscription plan that includes four blog articles monthly that can be automatically shared on your social media networks. This add-on costs $20 a month.

Real Estate Social Media Management

The number of social media users worldwide has reached 4,74 billion in 2022 - it means that almost 60% of the global population use social media platforms. Studies have shown that Millenials - who were the first generation that grew up using social media networks, base their consumer behaviors on what they have seen or Facebook or Instagram. Once college students and teenagers, today are in their 30s and 40s growing families, careers and buying houses.  

It is true that anyone can successfully run their own social media channels - after all, social media were invented for individuals with no intent of buying or selling who just wanted to build a personal connection with one another - a strategy later incorporated by businesses joining social platforms. However, when you're running a business, there are aspects to consider which do influence the way that you should approach social media. For example, your marketing strategy may be reliant on generating awareness and interest from new real estate buyers and sellers. In this case, you will need to post content regularly based on a posting schedule and, most importantly, share valuable and catchy information that prospect clients want, with regard to the platform’s specificity and culture. Taking advantage of social media also means that one needs to be up-to-date with the latest trends and features that are favored by their algorithms.

Several real estate website providers offer social media management or social media content creation services for their clients. You will find plans for social media marketing that include high quality posts at Placester, Luxury Presence and Agent Image.

Real Estate Copywriting Services

There’s no doubt that the power of a well written real estate article is visible by its ability to drive more sales and leads. When you are looking for quality results i.e. well-researched and well-structured pieces of content that answers trending inquiries and enhances your website’s visibility, it’s time to get in touch with an experienced agency that provides professional copywriting services for realtors. Companies such as Agent Image, Luxury Presence, Agent Fire and Placester offer real estate copywriting services.

Real Estate SEO Services

If you want your real estate website to get a top spot in search results, you need to improve your website’s SEO. Companies like Agent Fire and Agent Image offer additional SEO services, while Placester’s websites are SEO-compliant by default. 

Real Estate Ad Services

Paid Ads on Social Media Platforms

As a real estate agent, you can advertise your content on social media through paid campaigns and divert traffic straight to your website or landing page where you can convert potential leads into customers. Setting up ads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads requires up-to-date knowledge on the ever changing rules and regulations, social media advertising tools as well as your target audience behavior. If you feel at home creating your own content, posting property photos with catchy descriptions or testimonials from past clients and only need help with paid targeting, you can cooperate with any social media management company that will set up and run Meta Ads Manager for your real estate business. However, if your goal is to build brand awareness, frequent listing advertising and have your social media strategy aligned with your profession, then you should definitely  cooperate with a company that specializes in the real estate business and knows how to reach potential clients in a specific area as well as how to build engagement and grow follower base. Companies such as Agent Image, Luxury Presence and Placester offer social media services to real estate agents and brokerages.

Google Ads for Real Estate Marketing

Running Google PPC campaigns requires professional knowledge on using Google marketing tools as well as a significantly larger budget. Google campaigns such as: Search, Display, Shopping, Video or Smart are typically set and monitored by certified specialists whom you can find online, for example Agent Image or other which are not real estate - related.

To sum up...

Real estate marketing requires building trust and personal connection with your site visitors and social media followers. The world of the internet changes every day with new tools and trends emerging, that's why, in order to avoid counter-productivity of your efforts, it is best to have specialists help you out in your way to become an online real estate star.

However, if you are still not sure whether social media management is where you want to invest your money and want to prove yourself as a content creator, see our tips on how to write a compelling real estate bio for your website and social media. Happy creating! 


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