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Brokers listing homes provide a unique advantage

As the broker-owner, Bonneau Ansley runs a full team and still lists homes. “A lot of companies are like, ‘He’s competing with you,’” to the Ansley agents, laughs McCormack. 

She doesn’t give much credence to that argument because she thinks this is part of what sets Ansley apart. “In reality, it’s worked in our favor,” she explains. “Many companies have managing brokers who have not set foot in a buyer’s car or in a listing in ten-plus years. And while they think they can still relate to the agents, there are some differences there. Two of our managing brokers still list and sell. They don’t take leads from the company. But the agents appreciate that they can see their manager, in real life, going through what they’re dealing with.”

The relatively “flat” leadership structure also helps with promotion and delegation. No one is hung up on titles, says McCormack. It’s not unusual for people to jump in and help with tasks that are technically outside of their areas of expertise. 

“We all have a specific hat to wear, but we’re all easily able to wear multiple hats to support each other.”