The Boutique Broker's Guide to Delighting Agents and Winning Star Talent

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The Boutique Broker's Guide to Delighting Agents and Winning Star Talent

In this guide, you’ll learn what leading boutique brokerages are doing to attract and retain the top agent talent in their markets, including:

  • Training and onboarding
  • Business planning
  • Networking and leads
  • Marketing materials
  • Transaction management support
  • Compliance and supervision
  • Coaching and accountability
  • Culture and facilities
  • … And more, including how those brokerages hire and staff to execute these plans

Who is this for?

You are:

  • A broker who is striving to improve and wants to understand how your competition is operating. You know there’s a way to meet agent’s needs and promote agent happiness without following someone else’s playbook, and you believe that supporting agents to provide top-notch service to buyers and sellers is the key to long-term success in real estate.
  • A real estate agent who’s curious about the types of support you might want from your brokerage. You like the idea of working for a company that’s agent focused instead of purely commission focused, but you aren’t sure how its provisions will measure up.
  • A team leader who’s aspiring to take your business to the next level. You know a thing or two about hiring and staffing, and about what new agents and seasoned agents are looking for in their next career step, but you aren’t sure what pieces of the puzzle you’re missing, or how you’d fill them in if you knew what they were

You want:

  • To get a sense for what resources and services boutique minded brokerages are providing their agents.
  • To understand exactly how brokerages are providing those resources and services, from finding vendors to hiring full-time support staff.
  • To determine how brokerages are supplementing in-person, one-on-one hand-holding with technology services and concierge support.
  • To learn how brokerages maintain brand and marketing consistency within the company while also giving agents room to express themselves and customize their marketing.
  • To better plan for agent training and onboarding so that agents are set up to start off strong from the very beginning.

After reading this guide, you will:

  • Have a deep sense of what makes top-producing real estate agents happy at boutique brokerages, and how those brokerages deliberately cultivate agent happiness.
  • Know how service minded brokerages think about their business strategies and which agents they want to recruit and retain.
  • Understand why training and onboarding is so critical, including how to create an onboarding checklist and use it to shape your agents’ total experience.
  • Learn about how training and onboarding support can work cohesively with ongoing technology training and resources at your brokerage.
  • Get a sense for how brokerages think about technology tools and how to make them actually  useful and relevant for agents.
  • Determine how a handful of top brokerages think about generating leads for their agents and provide those leads (or coach agents to self-serve from their own markets).
  • Dig into the marketing tactics that set these brokerages apart in their markets and keep clients (and agents) heavily involved and engaged.
  • Scale those marketing tactics by providing consistent, quality services to agents via full-time or part-time in-house talent, third-party contractors, or a hybrid mix of roles and responsibilities.
  • Know what options for transaction management support are available and what would make the most sense for your brokerage, including ongoing compliance training.
  • Develop ongoing coaching and accountability systems to keep agents growing and learning in a healthy and constructive way.
  • Learn about how strategic partnerships with different companies can give your agents an edge in the market.
  • Understand more about how top brokerages think about ways to continually support and cheer on their agents.…

And more

Ready to learn all about how to make your agents love you so much that they’re essentially un-recruitable? Let’s dig into it.

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